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    here is first a general list of my fanfics. It has beena while since I last posted in thsi series and I apologize. So muich has been going on and my writing
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2001
      here is first a general list of my fanfics. It has beena while since
      I last posted in thsi series and I apologize. So muich has been going
      on and my writing process is a bit slow but I willd o my best to
      carry on and bring more stories in my series to any of you out there
      at actuallyr ead my stuff....anyway here is my fanfic list.
      Fan fic list:

      Seasons Change series:
      The accident
      The thief
      Friday night
      How to be a leader by Scott Summers
      Something to be thankful for
      Gift of giving
      Another new year, another resolution
      The last semester
      A piece of the puzzle
      Be my valentine
      My snow angel
      Black leather
      The discovery
      Driving me crazy
      Guy talk
      Just like Frankenstein
      Living nightmare
      The waiting game
      Time to heal
      Mind Games
      Champaign and french fries
      Stirring of the heart
      The storm
      In the Garden
      The letter
      The Great Outdoors ********new fic**********
      Logan's adventure (needs to be written)
      Wedding Bells (needs to be typed in)
      the sabatogue (work in progress, idea stages)

      R/S series:
      New spark in life
      New arms to hold you
      Hand in Hand
      I've found you

      Starlight, Starbright
      Not another number in my arm
      The Journey Home

      okay here is the fic now...so, enjoy...

      Title: The Great Outdoors
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: The kids go camping…and nature wins
      Rating: PG-13
      Genre: comedy, drama, outdoor adventures

      After about a week of summer vacation, everyone was restless to enjoy
      the hot summer days and have some fun outside of school. Xavier
      planned a camping trip up north in Canada. They'd get close to two
      weeks in the great outdoors.

      Storm informed Gambit that this would be the perfect time to start
      his make-up paper. He could do it on natural sciences, nature,
      weather…she was at least trying to give him options and motivation to
      do it early enough. He wasn't sparked with any creativity, except
      for causing trouble.

      Rogue's sunburn finally healed and went away. She was hesitant to
      bring her suit on the trip but her two persistent sidekicks wouldn't
      let her leave it behind.

      Most students had been camping before and everyone was looking
      forward to getting out of the mansion for a while. Marie had gone
      several times with her parents for Fourth of July trips or Memorial
      Day weekend. In fact this would be her first camping trip without
      them. After her graduation letter she wasn't sure she'd write
      another one to them. She knew she'd probably cave eventually and do
      it again, but for now, she was against it.

      Scott was hoping for a quiet romantic trip with Jean with their tent
      off to the side, away from the crowd for some sort of peace. He got
      to lead the trip but he didn't know how easy that would be with the
      big ape-bear going along.

      At least with Logan and Rogue together, he didn't have to worry about
      him with Jean. Oh he trusted her but Logan…he liked the guy but he
      wouldn't admit that to anyone, ever, even if his soon to be wife knew
      it. This would also be a kind of pre wedding relaxation before
      planning and organizing got into high gear. He liked that stuff,
      cake, decorations, reception dj's, photographers. Logan would call
      him wussy for it but Scott didn't care. He wanted it to perfect and
      special for Jean.

      Xavier decided to stay, he kept getting information about Magneto and
      what was going on, in small bits and pieces since the last time they
      fought with him. Now Magneto was silent but a new voice was ringing,
      that of mutant terrorism abroad. Some even within the US.
      It was nerve racking and organized to a certain point. New mutant
      and anti-mutant groups formed and protests were increasing. With
      mass crowds, acts of terrorism also increased. Some with deep
      political messages while others were just random punks trying to show
      Anyway, it was getting dangerous and city officials were worried
      about it happening in the New York City area as well. So far the city
      had been spared.

      Scott didn't want to leave him but Felix was staying and many of the
      younger students, so Xavier wouldn't be alone. Besides, he wanted
      Scott and Jean to get a break themselves. Felix was working on a
      project of his own. He was seeing if it was feasible to get enough
      forward intelligence on activities from police and FBI databases to
      help in prevention of the terrorist efforts, stop them before they
      even occurred.

      Logan was going too and for the camping trip, he didn't need much.
      He lived off the wilderness for long enough to know what to do and
      survive with the bare minimum. He laughed at everyone else's
      packing, bags upon bags

      Storm was also going. Any chance to get back to nature was a blessing
      for her. She was also a light packer with a simple netted backpack,
      carrying everything she'd need.

      Several of the other students were coming such as Simon, who had
      glasses and could move at light speed, Jessie who had frizzed blonde
      hair, liked Goth stuff, had telekinesis and could use create and
      throw electricity. Finally was Jeoff. He could communicate with
      animals and understand them, to a point.

      Bobby, Gambit and John were looking forward to this trip even more
      then anyone else. Camping meant a good load of pranks to throw.
      They made sure they had fire crackers, poppers, glue, toilet paper…
      the works. Who needed clothes…they were going to have fun. Scott
      didn't even check their bags, which was a blessing in disguise for


      The drive there was a long one. They decided to go up to Canada for
      only ten days. It was going to be for two full weeks but with recent
      anti-mutant activity, it was best not to be gone too long. Jean
      brought the cell phone in case they needed to be contacted for

      Rogue sat next to Logan leaning her head on his shoulder. He refused
      to move in case it disturbed her. He kept getting eyed by Jean and
      Scott through the rearview mirror. They woke up early (3 am!) to
      pack the car and get an early start and most of the kids slept on the
      way there.

      St. John spent all his energy talking to Jessie. He kind of liked
      her. She was in some of his classes but just like Jubliee had a few
      more to take before she graduated. She was just as crazy and out
      going as he was. Plus she always laughed at his jokes.

      Katherine noticed St. John and the glances and stares he gave
      Jessie. She thought it was cute and kept the memory to herself.
      She'd have to encourage him if he got cold feet later on to ask her
      out…he needed a woman in his life. Katherine approved of Jessie.

      Finally, five hours later they arrived at the site. Unpacking was
      never fun.

      "Okay everyone bail out!" Scott said. Trudging form the van were
      about a dozen sleeping heads.

      "We still have to walk about a mile to the camp site. It's that
      way." He pointed to a small path over to the right of the van. The
      kids started walking…

      "Hey wait a minute!" Scott shouted. "See this luggage, it doesn't
      have legs you know."
      "Everyone take something!" Jean shouted to the troops finally exiting
      the car herself. Everyone grumbled turned their heads and went to
      pick up items to hike with. The guys got the huge tents and food.
      Katherine and Jubliee laughed along with Rogue.

      "Thinks that funny…well guess who gets the canoe!" St. John smiled
      and the three girls had to lug the oblong bulk object. They kept
      banging their knees on the edges, bruising them. It also was heavy,
      packed on the inside with their stuff and other miscellaneous stuff.
      They stopped laughing real quick and the guys got their revenge.
      Jessie and Jeoff got the fishing poles and some extra gear.

      Finally, the students never thought they'd get there, the group made
      it to the clearing.

      Every group had to put up their own tent. There was two to three per
      tent, guys and girls. Logan was the only person, except Ororo, who
      got their own tent. Katherine wasn't mechanically inclined but with
      Rogue's help the tent was made.

      Gambit couldn't figure out the direction…
      "Directions, who needs directions…" Bobby said playfully. Finally
      when the guys tent was done St. John noticed a few extra poles…
      "Hey what are these for?" He asked Bobby who had put the tent
      After he showed the poles the tent collapsed and Bobby had to start
      all over again.

      Scott came over and handed them the directions, "You know, these may
      help, IF you want to sleep tonight…" he smiled.

      Simon picked up the direction, with his good memory began to assemble
      the tent at lightning speed.

      Jubilee couldn't help making crude comments while Kitty and Rogue put
      up their own tent.
      "Rogue…" she whispered. "I wonder what kind of wild man he can be
      when he comes back to nature." She said eyeing Logan. "I wonder if he
      sleeps in the nude. Now that is something I'd like to see and I'm
      sure he'd like to show you…"
      Rogue and Katherine gave her a dirty look.
      "Get your mind out of the gutter will you!" Marie said. She thought
      about those ideas herself but would never give Jubes the satisfaction
      of admitting it.

      Logan could hear their giggles and whispers but rather not know what
      they were talking about. He thought it was safer.
      Logan made the fire that night since his crude but effective tent
      took no time at all to put up. He knew how to live out in nature and
      survive, he did for many years that he could remember.


      Everything was finally set for dinner the first night there.
      Everyone sat around, huddling together by the fire. Scott and Logan
      decided they could both cook dinner and were civil about the matter.
      Over all they did a good job of not burning what they brought in the

      Everyone was tired and not much went on that first night but Scott
      made sure everyone enjoyed the great outdoors but being up with the
      sun so as not to waste the day…

      7 am was not very popular with the guy's tent or Jubilee for that
      matter who could sleep her life away when she wasn't wired and hyper.
      Rogue thought it was a total 180 from her personality to sleep like a
      hibernating bear.


      Rogue and her friends decided to spend their day hiking. It was a
      slightly mountainous areas and some places were steep. Rogue could
      feel the energy flowing through her. It was so exhilarating and
      refreshing to be out here. Away from the big city, relaxing…

      She remembered to wear sunscreen today since she was out in the sun
      all day. She was covered though but she wasn't taking chances.
      Though another ice treatment and Logan's miracle lotion was tempting
      enough to burn again.

      Bobby walked hand in hand with his girlfriend Katherine who was not a
      very good outdoor kind of person…
      "Ow, my feet hurt. Ah! I hate these stupid bugs. It is so hot out
      here…where are we going?" were comments she made repeatedly. The
      group was willing to throw her over the next cliff. Friend or not…

      Gambit and Jubilee loved the trip. They talked the entire time
      together sharing more and more stories, getting to know each other
      better. Gambit never missed an opportunity to compliment her
      comparing her beauty to nature. Rogue Bobby and Katherine had to
      laugh. He was a natural flirt!
      Simon even mimicked him, brining the rest of the gang into splits of

      Ororo lead the expedition pointing out types of flowers and trees and
      animals. Eyeing Gambit to take notes and know this information for
      his report. Jubilee was nice enough to help him in his assignment.
      They even found a few caves to explore but not too far in. St. John
      was kind enough to light the way for them.

      Katherine couldn't help but scream at anything that squished, was
      slimy or made any sort of noise. Bobby even stopped holding her hand
      and carefully moved away.
      He came over and whispered to Rogue, "I can't believe I'm going out
      with this girl. I didn't know she had this side, I may have to
      reconsider…" he said jokingly.
      Rogue had to laugh. Kitty may hate the outdoors but she was cool
      when she was in civilization…

      As they ventured back for lunch, Katherine saw one thing she fell in
      love with, these purple wild flowers. As everyone kept on walking
      she stopped and picked several of them. Soon she had a bouquet

      Gambit turned to look at her but just laughed…everyone else finally
      stopped and Storm covered her mouth with her hands…

      "Cere…um, I don't know how to put this to you…" Gambit tried
      Bobby was laughing and laughing…
      "Kitty…" Jeoff said.

      Rogue was shocked as well but no one would say anything but watched
      as she picked flowers. Finally she noticed everyone staring at her
      and some laughing…
      "What's so funny Robert Drake! Do I have something on me?!?"
      "Your bare knee deep in poison ivy!" Jubilee finally shouted. A
      scream enough to wake the dead was heard and she ran out of there,
      dropping her flowers.

      "Some one help me!' She finally started to itch and spots showed up
      rather quick but everyone stayed away.
      Storm came up and quieted her down…
      "It's okay Katherine…"
      She was in tears…"Okay!! It itches and hurts…" she kept scratching.
      "Jean will have something to put on that I'm sure of it."
      "Look at me…" she looked like a bad case of the chicken pox and was
      red all over her legs and arms.
      Rogue was surprised it came up rather quickly, Katherine must have
      been highly allergic.
      "Shut up Bobby!" she gave him an evil look and a sharp punch in the
      shoulder. He was still laughing with St. John and Gambit…"You two as
      well." She stormed ahead of the rest, eager to get back quickly.

      "Now we got to put up with her like that the whole trip…It's not fair…
      well good luck Bobby…" and St. John patted Bobby's shoulder and then
      walked up with Rogue.


      Jean was busy relaxing with a good book when a screaming, crying
      Katherine approached. She babbled but it was incoherent to Jean.

      "She got into poison ivy…do you have anything, please…" Storm said
      with desperation. Ororo loved Kitty but she couldn't put up with her
      complaining anymore.

      "Come here Katherine…" Jean pilled through her bag and lotioned her
      "It still itches…"
      "It will take away most of it, the rest you just don't itch!"

      Katherine sat and sat…she couldn't really do anything. The rest went
      for a swim, except Rogue (skin issues) and came back. Rogue got
      depressed just starring at Katherine in her state.

      She went back to the lake. Jubilee and Jessie was getting sun and
      guys were trying to drown each other and show off diving in. Finally
      they were drying off and Rogue told everyone they should spend the
      rest of the day playing cards or something Kitty could do while
      sitting there, and help take her mind of itching. Everyone agreed.
      Katherine thanked them all for coming back and helping her keep her

      That night Logan came back from his own scouting trip with freshly
      caught rabbit…
      "I am not eating Thumper!" Katherine shouted…
      "You don't have to," Logan smiled and gave her a can of beans…
      "What's this?"
      "Your dinner, if you don't want rabbit."
      "I think I'll starve…" She set the can down as if it was poison.
      She was not having a good time here that's for sure…

      After dinner they made s'mores and told round the fire stories, each
      person adding on to it. Rogue picked up a very clear pattern in
      every one. Logan's scenes involved fighting and she could tell he
      thought this was stupid, Jean's romance, Scott, logic, Katherine, a
      heroine, Storms had nature, Gambit's parts were like mystery novels,
      Bobby's was gory, St. Johns was goofy, Simon's boring and Jessie's
      was dark and Jeoff had animals in his section of the story. Jubes
      you couldn't shut her up and Rogue's own were different each time,
      just going with the mood.

      As everyone was saying their good night's the guys came up to Logan.
      Logan felt like he was being ambushed for something…

      "Hey Logan," St. John asked. "You think you could teach us to hunt,
      like how you got that rabbit?"

      Logan thought it a random request but figured showing them how to
      make homemade traps and such might not be a bad idea.

      "Tomorrow kid. I let you all catch dinner…" he left it at that and
      went into his tent.


      "Well go…" Jubes pushed Rogue to go over and spend time with Logan.
      Rogue felt awkward about the moment and just went by to say good

      She couldn't really knock.
      "Come on in…"
      She was nervous but opened the flap and went inside.
      "Nice little place you got here." It was very rustic and not like the
      store bought tents of everyone else's.

      They sat up talking about more of his stories on his trip and her
      Finally she asked a question she wasn't sure he was comfortable
      answering, "Logan?"
      "What…" he replied laying back on his little make shift matress.
      "What was the last thing you remember or I guess first thing?"
      "His eyes flashed over to her and she avert hers. Rogue thought she
      ahd asked a stupid inappropriate question.
      "I'm sorry, I shouldn't of…"
      "No…" he cut her off. "I remember waking up, it was cold, freezing
      out. I couldn't tell you which way was up down, left or right. I
      had nothing, not even clothes on my back." He turned to Rogue and
      carefully took the tags in his fingers and untucked them from their
      nestled location, "except these…"
      We continued on with his story, "I found a cave somehow, hid in there
      till the snow let up. I nearly froze. I found a cabin in the woods
      and took some things and left. I lived in the woods for years. Not
      sure who I was, what I was, where I was. The worst feeling any man
      could have."
      There was a silence that circled the tent. Rogue didn't know what
      else to say.
      "You should go…see if you can find anything."
      He smiled at her, "I don't know anything about my past, but I know my
      present is unbelievable." He hugged her in his arms and she returned
      the gesture with a tear in her eyes. Rogue hadn't felt this loved in
      all her life.

      The conversation lightened and got a bit more serious as Marie talked
      about her worries of the future. He held her and told her he would
      always be there. She held on to him, and her worries melted away
      leaving on his arms.
      Finally she said goodnight and Logan smiled when she left.
      He'd have her on his mind when he drifted off to sleep.


      Jubes wanted all the details but there was nothing to tell. She
      wasn't so sure Rogue was telling the truth, but she was. Finally
      after the girl talk had died down and the guy's blabbering, a silence
      fell over the camp site, engulfing in the sounds of the forest at


      The next day the morning consisted of the guys learning the ins and
      outs of trap making and setting their own to catch dinner. The girls
      relaxed until afternoon fishing trip.

      Logan took them out but spent most of his time with Rogue as the rest
      fished just a few paces down the stream.

      A screech came from Katherine as the worms were applied by the boys
      to the end of the lines. She refused to touch the thing.

      "That is vile!" she screamed as St. John showed her the worm guts and
      she then ran to the bushes and removed her earlier lunch. She cried
      and ran back to the campsite.

      "Oh! What was that for?" St. john got a hard hit to the back of his
      "You're a moron St. John! Go apologize now!" Jessie rambled on.
      Even for her, St. John would suck it up and go say he was sorry.
      Jubes gave him a dirty look and so did Rogue from a far. Marie
      thought that was just a mean thing to do.

      He lowered his head and walked along, following the steps of a
      frustrated Kitty.

      St. John found her crying on a stool mumbling how she hated it here
      and she wanted to go home.

      Guilt set in real quick for St. John.
      "Katherine, look…I'm sorry. I thought it was funny and I didn't
      think about how you'd take it. I'm sorry."
      "It's not your fault. I just can't deal with camping. I hate it!"
      "No you don't." She scootched in beside her placing a friendly arm
      around her shoulder.
      "Come on. Think about it. S'mores, stories, those purple flowers
      minus the poison ivy, fish dinners, annoying yet lovable friends.
      Just a lot of good stuff sprinkled with mother nature. God mixed it
      up just right, just like life back at the mansion. I know you don't
      always like it there either. I promise you, you will have a good
      time this trip and I willr efrain from anymore Johnisms….Are you
      feeling any better?"
      She nodded her head no.
      "Well lay down and get some rest and I'll make sure you have the best
      dinner, without seeing how it was made okay…"
      She smiled and went to lay down.
      He returned to the stream and gave everyone an okay sign with his
      hand, letting them know things were doing fine. He caught a big
      hopper, all for Katherine.


      Logan and Rogue went off a bit, catching fish and setting them free.
      Rogue also went in swimming with the new two piece suit, sunscreen in
      Logan got an eye full seeing her in it. No one else was around so she
      was safe to swim. Logan enjoyed the view. He kept his eyes pealed
      to the boys further down, making sure their eyes didn't wander
      inappropriately down stream.

      When she came out she put on a shirt and Logan held her close,
      kissing her shoulder though the wet t-shirt. She felt his lips and
      his warm tongue on her body. It was a sensation she won't ever
      forget. Rogue thought it was so intimate between them. He always
      kissed her and she wanted to kiss him back. She felt shy and
      uncertain about it. It was weird, she knew just how to make him go
      well beyond the edge thanks to his memories, but a soft kiss made her

      Finally she turned to look him in the eye and kissed his collarbone
      through his shirt, lightly at first but then more passionately. She
      heard his low growl and it made her giggle even during such a serious

      That was it, a moment, one they shared together before the rest of
      the gang came barreling in on them and they headed back to the


      The Girls checked in on Katherine and found her doing well and
      feeling better.
      "Well, John got a big one for ya and he said he'd cook it in
      everything so it will looked delicious. He won't gut it in front of

      "Jubes!" Rogue and Jessie exclaimed as Katherine looked a bit green
      by that statement.

      Gambit was the only lucky one, catching a cute rabbit.
      Then showing it to everyone.
      Katherine didn't even want to see it and refused to eat it.
      Ororo had to follow Katherine on this one. She hadn't seen the last
      one alive and couldn't eat it now that she had.
      "Look at it…it's trapped confined, pleading for freedom."

      Gambit kept it for tomorrow. Since they had enough fish for tonight.

      Scott and Jean finally came back from canoeing all day.

      "How was it? Boy scout didn't tip the boat did he?" Logan asked Jean
      "No, and for your information it was a very romantic." She


      That night the romance continued on.

      Rogue and Logan began talking and then he wrapped a thin spider web
      silk thing over her lips and kissed then hungrily. She couldn't
      contain herself either. She thought the kiss would never end and
      didn't want it to. When he remove his lips she whimpered. "Please
      Logan…" He grinned and kissed her again.
      <Slow and perfect…> was his mantra in his head, wanting Marie to feel
      loved and cared for.

      His hands began roaming just a bit on her legs, up and down. Nothing
      more. Logan thought her legs were perfect, muscular and sleek.

      Rogue was taking in the sensation feeling his warm hands on her body,
      and then other thoughts crawled there way forward.

      They weren't of Logan's hands but Shadows. Suddenly his kiss became
      claustrophobic and choking her. She grew panicked and pushed away
      crawling away from his touch.

      Logan thought he did something wrong.
      "Oh, God! I'm sorry Marie!" He hated himself for pushing beyond a
      simple kiss. He didn't know what was wrong but it had to be
      something he did. <Stupid, stupid, stupid!> he though.

      She was shaking and he slowly went over to her. She accepted his

      "No, I'm sorry. It was wonderful but…things….things came into my
      head, I didn't want them to… they just did." She paused. "He came
      back and please don't take this wrong but your hands became his and I
      knew what was going to happen from him and…and it scared me. I knew
      it was you in my heart and you wouldn't hurt me but my head only felt
      and saw him. I'm sorry." She began to cry a little and he held her.

      "You have nothing to worry about okay. I'm never going to hurt you,
      he's never going to hurt you again. I'm sorry. I went to fast."
      "You barely touched me…"
      "No, listen it's okay. We can take this as slow as you want. I'm
      not going anywhere…"
      She loved him and told him so and he said the same. No more kisses
      that night but she fell asleep in his arms and he felt like the
      luckiest man in the world to have an angel beside him.


      Being in Logan's tent for the night had its advantages. Rogue got
      lucky. That night Bobby, Gambit and St. John rigged the girls tent
      to come pouring down when they tried to open it… St. John wasn't
      sure that was a good idea after the day Katherine had but Bobby
      insisted she'd be fine.

      When the sun rose so did the troops.
      "Hey the zippers stuck!" Jubes shouted and she pulled on it harder
      and harder.
      Katherine came over and tried to rip it open as well, and with their
      pulling the tent collapsed. And the three girls started screaming as
      they couldn't get out. Well Kitty could, she vaporized through it
      and looked at the job the guy had done on the outside. She was
      impressed but mad.

      The guys were out there laughing and the professors were just eyeing
      the situation with curiosity. Jean, Ororo and Logan smiled but Scott
      wasn't that amused.

      Katherine was going to say something but turned when Jubes and Jessie
      screamed for help and saw them in the tent fumbling around like a
      kitten under a blanket who couldn't get out, this lump just jumping
      and squirming and moving about. She started to laugh as well.

      She tried to say `let them out' but it came out with giggles.
      "I hear that Katherine Pryde!" Jubes said from the inside of the
      "St. John!" Jessie screamed.
      "Let them out!" Scott finally ordered the boys to action.
      "Yes sir!" they replied and let the two girls out.
      In turn they repeatedly smacked lightly each of the guys on their
      backs to vent their anger at them.

      Finally the girls spent time alone canoeing that day. Kitty and
      Jubes wanted the scoop on the night with Logan. Jessie was spending
      time elsewhere with St. John.

      "Nothing much, it was romantic. He just held me."
      "You have got to get it on! This sexual tension is killing me!" Jubes
      "Jubilee!" Kitty and Rogue shouted in unison.
      "I have a skin problem if you have forgotten!" Rogue said.
      "Logan is a resourceful guy and I am sure you'll figure it out." She
      smiled and winked at her friend.

      The guys on the other hand spent their day with archery. Scott was a
      bit nervous to give any of these guys a weapon of sort but they
      handled themselves well.

      That night St. John decided he should start the fire, "might as well
      use my resources."
      A slight incident occurred and the only thing anyone saw was an
      explosion of sorts. St. John did a number on his eyebrows and hair.
      Jessica kept him company and poked fun at him all the same. Bandages
      covered his most of his face but he would be just fine.


      The next day Jean wanted to talk with Logan a bit.
      "I know you don't like it when I pry…"
      "You got that right." Logan said with a stern jaw. He knew what was
      "Listen Jeannie…"
      "Please, hear me out. Just, be careful with her. Her mutation is
      powerful and the professor doesn't think she'll ever be able to
      control it. If you take your relationship with her even further,
      just be careful. I don't want her or you to get hurt. Have you
      talked to her about how her mutation works?"

      "Yeah I have. I think it's unfair. She shouldn't have other people
      in her head like that."
      "If you're taking on this role as a protector of her, then be
      careful. Having so many minds, memories, personalities in someone is
      dangerous and even worrisome. Rogue is handling it better then
      anyone else probably could have. I also think that is partially
      because of you. I want to thank you for that, just coming back,
      being a part of her life. It has helped her a lot."

      "I'm not gonna leave. I know she sometimes gets pretty messed up
      especially in nightmares. Bits and pieces come out of other people
      she doesn't even notice or else she just pushes it away but if by my
      being here helps, I'm not leaving, ever."

      The two went on to talk more about Rogue, medically and physically
      how her life has gone and about her and Logan's relationship. Jean
      is just a mother hen watching over her.

      While those two were yapping it up, Scott took Rogue out for a walk
      to chat as well.

      Their conversation was a lot more lighthearted and filled with
      Rogue wasn't really astonished to see Scott so loose and carefree and
      funny. She, besides Jean, was probably the only other person to know
      Scott well. He was always there to help her, through Arron, through
      her slight depression, making her alive. She had him to thank for
      who she was today, and Logan as well. But he got her started living

      They walked in the river a bit. It was a hot day and it was a good
      way to cool the feet and body. Rogue, as usual, wasn't paying
      attention. She slipped and fell. Scott reached out to her and a
      slight touch of skin to skin was made. It was mere seconds and it
      didn't faze Scott at all. Rogue felt a slight pull from the second
      he held on to balance her. It was a quick flare up and a sharp pain
      and then…
      Rogue got one good shot off from her eyes before slamming them shut.
      The bean splintering about five or six trees across the river.

      The two were soaked as Scott pulled rogue from the water as she was
      crying a bit. She refused to open her eyes. The memories she got
      were fleeting, about how Scott was feeling about her at that moment,
      his little sister, someone he would die for and cared about. It made
      her feel special to have someone think of her like that. The tears
      stopped quick as the pain died down in her head.

      "I'm sorry, I am so sorry!" She cried out.
      "Rogue…Rogue….It's okay" He brushed her hair back from her face
      carefully and held her.

      Logan and Jean were the only one's near by at that time and came
      rushing over.
      "What happened?" Jean wanted to know.
      "It's okay." Scott said.
      "Like hell!" Logan was mad. He didn't know why but Marie seemed

      She had stopped crying and let Scott's warm feelings flow through
      her, easing her scaredness.

      "I'm fine…" She said finally regaining control of her mind and body.
      "Can I open them?" she wondered. She didn't know how long it lasted
      but the burning sensation was fading.
      "It burns a little but it's almost gone."
      "Wait till it's gone then open them okay." Scott said.

      She waited while Scott explain that she just slipped and he tried to
      stop her from falling and caught her upper arm, the thin amount that
      wasn't covered.

      Finally Rogue blinked.
      "Sorry to give you all such a scare…"
      "Not your fault Marie." Logan said, "It's no one's fault."

      "How much did you get?" Scott wondered…
      "Don't worry, nothing I could blackmail you with."
      They all got a light hearted laugh and went back to the site where
      everyone wanted to know the scoop. They heard a distant crash and
      wondered what happened.


      That night Simon went out of his tent for a nature calling and upon
      coming back heard a low growl. He was not exactly aware of that kind
      of sound before but to him it indicated that it wasn't good. He
      looked around and couldn't see much. He walked at a rapid pace back
      to the main site and came across a not so nice brown bear, munching
      though the food that they had placed high above in the tree, like one
      should. Apparently it didn't work too well.

      He was a bit panicked and just ran into Logan's tent.
      "Mr. Logan!"
      He whispered shaking the guy awake. He was actually having a
      pleasant dream for once and was not too fond of being woken up from

      "What is your problem Simon…"
      A low growl was heard…
      "That!" he replied nervously and terrified.
      "It's huge Mr. Logan! I don't dare go out there…"
      Logan peaked his head out and saw the bear munching away.
      Not good, the bear wasn't moving and Logan didn't want to risk anyone
      getting hurt. He stalked around him and moved into Simon's tent.
      There he saw Jeof.

      "Jeof!" he whispered.
      "Wha…" the kid slowly woke up.
      "I need a favor."
      "What time is it?"
      "Shhh! Early, late depends…you can talk to animals right…?"
      "Yeah, kind of."
      "Good, tell our neighbor to leave?"
      "What?" he heard a growl and became terrified himself.
      "Well talk to him…" they peaked out the tent.
      "No way! You do it!"
      "I can't talk to animals but you can."
      "No! I've talk to house cats, dogs… not bears!" he hissed softly.
      "Time to see what you can do kid." Logan shoved him out of the tent
      and he followed, had to make sure to protect the kid if this didn't
      work or one-eye would be beyond pissed.

      The bear got angry and saw them. It reared up, standing on its hind
      legs. The growl awoke everyone else in the campground. Jean poked
      her head out and told everyone mentally not to move or make a sound
      and to remain in their tents for now.

      Jeof and the bear had what appeared to be a stare down for about ten
      minutes. Logan and the rest were unsure what the kid was doing…
      Finally the bear backed away and left the camp ground…

      If the fire had been lit, poor Jeof would have been paler then a
      ghost. Finally everything settled down and sleep descended once
      more, after a long while.

      The rest of the trip wasn't that eventful and everyone relaxed and
      enjoyed the time off.

      At home Xavier and Felix were keeping taps on the rise in mutant

      Normality group was born, an anti-mutant groups based in Europe and
      the US. School bombings in Munich killing over a hundred students.
      Xavier feared it was their sister schools but it wasn't. A shooting
      in Paris in a mutant neighborhood area. Funding was being given to
      this groups through businesses and government sources. Other
      shootings, bombings, fires and such under the flag of "Normailty"
      occurred in LA, Miami, Holland, and in Romania.

      It was not looking good and the governments were having a hard time
      containing these groups, some were even supported by high government

      Xavier was scared, scared Erick maybe right. There efforts seemed to
      make no effect. But Xavier kne that if he continued to think that
      way, all hope was lost and without hope, there is nothing. He
      refused to believe that! Things were getting ugly. But Xavier still
      did not like Magneto's approach. The brotherhood was funding it's
      own terrorist like activities. There had been several congressional
      accidents and a governor, all outspoken anti-mutants to fall into
      fatal accidents, Xavier didn't think they were so accidental as the
      media and police claimed them to be.

      New York was still being spared from these disputes but not for
      long. Charles worried over the safety of his students. Some of the
      schools, especially their Munich sister school was begging Xavier to
      take some of the students. Europe was too dangerous right now. Very
      few places left for the safety of mutants.

      Charles agreed and this coming fall the London school and the New
      York school would take several exchange students. Not for education
      but for protection.

      Xavier thought it was getting out of control and he had to find away
      to stop it…before it was too late…
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