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FIC: The Substitute 1/?

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  • Autumn
    Hey ya ll. My name is Autumn and this is my first X-Men fanfic. Be gentel! Feedback is much appreciated! Disclaimer: If I owned them..... Logan and Rogue
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2001
      Hey ya'll. My name is Autumn and this is my first X-Men fanfic. Be
      gentel! Feedback is much appreciated!

      Disclaimer: If I owned them..... Logan and Rogue would be
      together, Storm would have a bigger movie part, and Beast would have
      been in the movie.
      Summary: Can't do it, you must read!

      The Substitute
      By Autumn

      3:00 PM
      Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

      Cyclops' days were numbered. The minute he got over his pneumonia he
      was going to have nine inches of ademantium shoved through his
      chest. It was all his damn fault. The more paranoid side of the
      Wolverine just knew that Summers had gotten sick purposely to make
      Logan face his worst fear: teaching freakin' (no pun intended) high
      schoolers. He dropped his head into his hands and thought about how
      he, the mighty Wolverine had been reduced to this.....

      6:45 AM
      Logan's Bedroom

      Logan had been blissfully sleeping, and in the middle of his
      latest fantasy starring Marie. She had been under him whimpering and
      moaning while he groaned and strained above her. Just as they were
      getting to the REALLY good stuff, he heard <Logan, please come to my
      office immediately. > resonate in his head.

      Logan growled loudly and muttering every curse word he knew
      and then some, threw off the covers and stalked into the bathroom.
      He stepped into the shower to relieve his "little, (er, to be more
      accurate LARGE) problem" that his Marie-fantasizing had caused him.

      20 Minutes later a quite testy Wolverine stocked into the Professor's
      office to be greeted by Jean, Hank, Orono, and Charles. He noticed
      immediately that Scooter was missing. Logan was not a morning
      person by any means, and was gonna make damn sure Charles knew how
      much he loathed the teltpath's early wake-up call. He dropped into
      the chair in front of Chuck's desk, glared, and opened his
      mouth "What the hell's going on."
      The professor was quite accustomed to the burly man's disposition,
      and was not phased at all. "Good morning Logan, I trust you slept
      well?" he inquired with a glint in his eyes. Logan almost panicked,
      and was about to jump on Charles and show him the what-for for
      intruding in his mind. But at the last second he realized that
      anything Charles saw was inadvertent, and so he settled for scowling
      even more.
      "Look Wheeles, I didn't come in here expecting to talk about my
      sleeping habits, so if you have something to ask me, then damn it
      just do it."

      "All right Logan. We need you to feel in for Scott's classes today,
      and perhaps for the rest of the week."

      "You don't actually expect me to teach, do you?" Logan asked with an
      incredulous expression on his face.

      "Logan" Jean broke in, "Scott has come down with a very acute case of
      pneumonia, and he's going to be out for awhile."

      "Do I look like a fuckin' school marm?! Why the hell don't one of
      you do it?" Logan shot back.

      "I assure you, my friend. If one of us educators were available to
      take on Scott's class load, we would happily do it. But alas, all of
      us are unfortunately occupied when his classes are in session" Hank
      gently explained.

      Logan thought it over, how could teaching a few classes be that
      terrible? Besides, he thought to himself, he could have a perfect
      excuse to be with Marie for an extra hour, which made for a lot of
      midnight fun. "All right, fine, I'll do it. When do I have to baby-
      sit for Scooter?"

      Charles pursed his lips before he said, "It's hardly babysitting
      Logan, you'll be working with the oldest class. English IV, and
      Health. Classes start at 8 AM. "

      Logan stormed out of the office, and went straight too Scott's
      classroom. He knew that the anal retentive man would probably have
      all of his lesson plans laid out for the next 17 years, so at least
      he didn't have too come up with anything himself.

      8 AM
      English Lit. Room

      He heard them long before he laid eyes on them. He silently
      wondered if he could still weasel out of this by "accidentally diving
      out of the windows." Her scent stopped his thought train entirely.
      Rogue strode into the room chatting with a girl dressed in entirely
      too much yellow, hips swaying casually, and dressed too kill. He
      took in her tight black pants, and green low cut blouse and nearly
      had a heart attack. He didn't want to openly leer at her in front
      of her classmates so he cleared his through and averted his eyes.
      At hearing the noise Rogue picked her head up and spotted a
      Logan. "Logan, what are you doing in here Shuga?" Her hand clamped
      over her mouth and her face grew pink at the faux pause. Logan let a
      ghost of a smile cross his face at the endearment before turning back
      to badass Wolverine. "I'm filling in for Cyke today, the pansy's in
      bed with a little cold." He replied.
      "This from the man, who's never, had a runny nose?" she said
      in a sassy tone. He was about to reply when he was interrupted from
      a loud bell. Rogue took her seat, and for the first time Logan
      realized he had not a frikkin' clue as to what he was suposed too
      do. He walked around Scooter's immaculate desk "accidentally"
      knocking over the neat little jar of paper clips in the process, and
      picked up the lesson planner.

      By this time the kids had all noticed that instead of the fearless
      leader, the big bad Wolverine was in their presence. Logan noticed
      that little shit Drake staring at*his* Marie, and it pissed him off
      royally. Deciding to show exactly who the bigger man was, Logan
      addressed the kid. "Hey Drake, what the hell are you staring at?"
      Iceman froze (not literally) for a second, then sucked it up "Uh,
      nothing sir" he said, and managed to be fairly convincing. Logan
      didn't buy it. "Well, next time you stare at *nothing, I'm gonna
      personally make sure, that you will never- <Logan, getting in a
      pissing match with a teenager is not helping anyone> Jean chastised
      him. Logan sighed and got back to the task at hand. He picked up
      the assignment book and spoke: "Alright, says here you're sposed' to
      read chapters 7-10, `cept Drake who's to finish the book by
      "What?!" cried an indignant Bobby. Logan put on his best I'm-
      whitnesses look, and addressed the young boy "Do you have a problem
      Drake?" Rogue, nudged Icy-pop, and shot him a if-you-value-your-life-
      you-will-shut-up-now look. Bobby got it, and shut his trap. Rogue
      twisted back around in her seat and threw Logan a playful look. Oh
      shit, he thought. "Logan, shugar, don't ya think yar bein' a bit
      unfair to Bobby here?"
      He had every intention of saying "no, not at all the only reason I'm
      not killing the bastard right now if because you're here." Instead he
      cocked a brow and tilted his head at her, "What do you suggest
      darlin?" Rogue met his gaze steadily and said "Well I agree he
      should be punished, starin' is rude, but I think assignin' the poor
      boy 15 chapters is a little excessive." Logan shook his head and
      laughed to himself, damn he loved it when his girl was sassy. "Fine,
      how about 7 then?" he asked. "Fine." She replied and the matter was
      settled. The class was in awe. Nobody talked to the Wolverine like
      that and got away with it, well nobody except Rogue.
      Logan needed to assert his badass reputation again and growled "Get
      to your damn books already!" The kids snapped out of it, and pulled
      their books out to read. Logan hopped onto Cyke's desk and pulled a
      cigar from his pocket. He was set too light it, but a look from
      Rogue made him shove it back into his pocket. Damn, he was getting
      soft. The bell mercifully rang, and the students practically bolted
      out of the door. Except for Rogue who took her sweet time sauntering
      past. She looked so good to him, and he had to remind himself of why
      he yelled at that little shit earlier.
      "Bye Logan, see ya later." She called before exiting. He chuckled
      and flipped the assignment book open to the neatly tabbed "health"
      section. He froze when he saw the neatly penciled in assignment: Sex
      Education: Lesson One...........................................

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