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Fic: A Harbor in the Tempest: Act V: 6/7 - R - {L/R, R/B}

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    Disclaimers in part 1 *** indicates thoughts *** A Harbor in the Tempest Act V 6. That night... Remy s car pulled up in front of Sam s. On the door was a
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      Disclaimers in part 1


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      A Harbor in the Tempest
      Act V

      That night...

      Remy's car pulled up in front of Sam's. On the door was a large sign
      reading, "Closed By Order of the Governor" in both English and Spanish.
      He got out of the car and frowned at the sign. He had a feeling he was
      missing something.

      Remy walked in to see Logan sitting at a table, reading some papers. He
      shoved the papers into his pocket when the Cajun approached the table.

      "You're late," he snapped.

      "I was informed when Drake was about to leave his hotel, so I knew I'd
      be on time," Remy replied, unruffled by the other man's bad mood.

      "I thought I asked you to tie up your watchdogs."

      "Oh," Remy said airily, "he won't be followed here." He looked around
      the empty bar. "You know, this place won't be the same without you,

      Logan snorted. "Yeah, but I've already spoken with Magneto. You'll still
      get twenty percent of the take from the cage."

      Remy smiled. "Is everything ready?" he asked.

      Logan patted his pocket. "I have everything right here."

      "Tell me, when we searched the place, where were they?"

      Logan grinned genuinely. "Under the refrigerator."

      "Serves me right for not being domestic," Remy muttered.

      Logan's ear perked at the sound of a car pulling up. "They're here.
      You'd better wait in my office."

      Remy slipped into the back room quietly.

      Bobby stopped to pay the cabdriver while Rogue rushed into the bar.
      Logan grabbed her and pulled her close. He could smell the tension
      emanating from her shaking body.

      "Logan, Bobby thinks I’m goin' with him," she murmured. "Didn't you tell

      "No, not yet."

      "But it's all right, isn't it? You were able to arrange everything?"

      "Everything's fine, kid," he reassured her. "We'll tell him at the
      airport. The less time to think, the easier it is for all of us. Trust

      She looked at him, unsure. "I hate when people say that to me," she
      said. "But I will. I do."

      Bobby walked in, then. "Logan, I don't know how to thank you for this."

      "Save it, Frosty. We still got a lot to do."

      Remy slid the door open and watched closely.

      "I brought the money, Logan," Bobby said.

      "Keep it. You'll need it in Canada," Logan said shortly.

      "But we made a deal--"

      Logan cut him off. "Forget about that. You won't have any trouble when
      you get to Vancouver, will you?"

      Bobby shook his head. "It's all arranged."

      "Good. I've got the letters of transit right here." He pulled the
      letters out of his pocket. "All you have to do is sign 'em." He handed
      them to Bobby, who took them gratefully.

      "Robert Drake!" Remy called from the doorway of Logan's office. "You are
      under arrest on the charge of accessory to the murder of the couriers
      from whom these letters were stolen."

      Rogue and Bobby were both caught completely off-guard. They both turned
      toward Logan, bewildered. Rogue looked like a deer caught in the
      headlights. Remy grabbed the letters.

      "Oh, are you surprised by mon ami, Logan?" Remy said. He smiled and
      turned toward Logan, seemingly delighted with the situation. "It's
      really quite simple, non? Amor has triumphed over virtue. Thank --"

      Suddenly, his smiled faded as he found himself facing three nine-inch
      adamantium claws.

      "Not so fast, Romeo. Nobody's going to be arrested, not for a while

      "Are you insane?" Remy demanded.

      "Yeah." He gestured with the claws. "Sit down at that table."

      Remy walked toward him and Logan waggled the claws under his nose.
      "Remy, I don't wanna gut ya, but I will if you take one more step."

      Remy looked at him closely. "Under the circumstances, Remy gonna sit
      down." He walked to the table Logan indicated and sat.

      "Keep your hands on the table," Logan snapped.

      "I suppose you know what you're doing, but I wonder if you realize what
      this means?" Remy asked.

      "Yeah. We got plenty of time to discuss that later, bub."

      "Call off your watchdogs, you said," Remy muttered. "I *knew* I was
      missing something."

      "Just the same, you call the airport and let me hear you tell 'em.
      Remember, these are pointed right at your heart," Logan replied,
      touching the tips of his claws to Remy's chest.

      "That is my least vulnerable spot." He pulled his cell phone out and
      dialed. Logan took the letters back from him. "Hello, is this the
      airport? This is Governor LeBeau. There will be two letters of transit
      for the flight to Vancouver tonight. There's to be no trouble about
      them. Good."


      Cameron Hodge stared at his phone. "Hello? Hello?" He hung up and
      pressed another button on the phone. "This is Cameron Hodge. Have a
      squad of policemen meet me at the airport at once. Do you hear me? At

      He hung up and rushed to his car.




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