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Fic: A Harbor in the Tempest: Act V: 4/7 - R - {L/R, R/B}

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    Disclaimers in part 1 *** indicates thoughts *** A Harbor in the Tempest Act V *** 4. You haven t got any actual proof and you know it! Logan exclaimed,
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      Disclaimers in part 1


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      A Harbor in the Tempest
      Act V


      "You haven't got any actual proof and you know it!" Logan exclaimed,
      pacing up and down in front of Remy's desk the next morning. "This isn't
      the States. We're not under martial law here. All you can do is fine him
      a few thousand pesos and give him thirty days. You might as well let him

      "Wolvie," Remy began. Logan growled at the nickname, and the Cajun
      hastily said, "Logan, I'd advice you not to be too interested in what
      happens to Drake. If by any chance you were to help him escape--"

      "What makes you think I'd stick my neck out for Drake?" he interrupted,
      stopping his pacing to pin the other man with a glare.

      "Because one, you've bet me five thousand dollars that he'd escape. Two,
      you have the letters of transit -- don't even try to deny it. And, well,
      you might do it simply because you don't like Hodge's looks. Mon Dieu,
      Remy don't like him either."

      "Those are all great reasons," Logan admitted.

      "Don't count too much on my friendship, Logan. In this matter, I'm
      powerless. Besides, I might lose five thousand dollars." Remy shrugged.

      "You're not real subtle, Gumbo, but you're effective. I get the point."
      He resumed pacing. "Yeah, I got the letters, but I'm planning on using
      them myself. I'm leaving Tijuana on tonight's plane. The last plane."


      "And I'm taking a friend with me. One you'll appreciate."


      "Rogue." He stopped again, and dropped into a chair. "That oughta put
      your mind at ease about me helping Drake escape. He's the last man I
      wanna see when I get to Canada."

      "You didn't come here to tell me this," Remy said skeptically, trying to
      figure out what Logan was really planning. "You have the letters of
      transit. You can fill in your name and hers and leave at any time you
      like. Why are you so interested in what happens to Bobby?"

      "I'm not. But I am interested in what happens to Rogue and me. We have a
      legal right to go, that's true. But people have been held in Tijuana in
      spite of their legal rights."

      Remy lit up a cigarette to give himself time to think. "What makes you
      think we want to hold you?"

      "Rogue is Bobby's wife. She probably knows things Hodge would love to
      know." Logan stood and leaned on the desk. "Remy, I'll make you a deal.
      Instead of this trumped up charge you have against him, you can get
      something really big -- something that would chuck him in a camp for

      "That'd be quite a feather in your cap, wouldn't it?"

      "It would. Mexico -- America would be very grateful."

      "Then release him. You be at my place half an hour before the plane
      leaves." More pacing from Logan. "I'll arrange to have Drake come there
      to pick up the letters of transit, and that'll give you the criminal
      grounds to make an arrest. You get him, Rogue and I get away. To the
      Americans, she and I are chump change. Drake's a major score."

      Remy was still trying to figure out Logan's angle. "I still don't
      understand. Rogue is gorgeous, sure, but still, she's just a woman. You
      could take Jean with you. You were in love with her all those years

      Logan snorted. "Marie's not just any woman." His eyes locked onto Remy's
      strange red-on-black ones.

      "I see." Remy looked away first. "How do I know you'll keep your end of
      the bargain?"

      "I'll make the arrangements right now with Drake in the visitors' pen."

      Remy laughed delightedly. "Remy gonna miss you, Logan. Apparently,
      you're the only homme in Tijuana with fewer scruples than the Gambit."

      Logan stuck his cigar in his mouth. "Thanks." He got up to leave. When
      he was at the door, he said, "By the way, call off your watchdogs when
      you let him go. I don't want them around this afternoon. I'm takin' no
      chances, Remy. Not even with you."




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