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Fic: A Harbor in the Tempest: Act V: 3/7 - R - {L/R, R/B}

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    Disclaimers in part 1 *** indicates thoughts *** A Harbor in the Tempest Act V *** 3. Jubilee and Bobby made their way through the darkness toward the
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      Disclaimers in part 1


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      A Harbor in the Tempest
      Act V


      Jubilee and Bobby made their way through the darkness toward the service
      entrance to Sam's. They ran inside the entryway to the alley and
      flattened themselves against a wall as a police car sped by.

      "I think we lost them," Jubilee whispered.

      Bobby nodded. "Yeah, but I'm afraid they caught some of the others."

      Jubilee unlocked the door quietly. "Come inside. Come on." They moved
      stealthily into the darkened bar and Jubilee said, "I'll get you some

      Upstairs, Logan paused in the middle of kissing Rogue, senses on alert.

      She moaned in frustration when he stopped and tried to pull his head
      back down to her lips. When he shook his head, she murmured, "What is

      He put a finger to his lips, got up and crept down the stairs silently.

      Opening the door to his office, he said, "Jubes, what happened?" He
      could smell the blood -- Drake's blood.

      The co-conspirators looked at him, startled. "The police broke up our
      meeting, Logan. We escaped at the last moment," she said excitedly.

      "Come over here for a minute," Logan said. She walked over to the door
      with a questioning look on her face. "I want you to turn the light out
      in the rear entrance. It might attract the police."

      "But Ororo always puts that light out."

      "She forgot tonight."

      Jubilee sighed. "Okay."

      She followed Logan up the stairs to the apartment and stopped dead when
      she saw Rogue in the doorway.

      "Take Rogue back to her hotel," he whispered.


      The two women crept out the front door of the apartment while Logan
      walked back downstairs to face Bobby, who was wrapping his hand in a
      small towel.

      "What happened?" Logan asked.

      "It's nothing. Just a little cut. We had to get through a window."

      "Had a close one, eh?"


      Logan moved behind the bar and poured out a drink. "This might come in
      handy, kid," he said, pushing the glass toward the blonde man.

      "Thanks." He downed the shot of whiskey gratefully.

      "Don't you ever wonder if it's worth all this? I mean, what you're
      fighting for?" Logan asked.

      Bobby looked surprised. "We might as well wonder why we breathe, Logan.
      If we stop breathing, we die. If we stop fighting our enemies, the world

      "What of it? Then we'll all be out of our misery." He pulled out a cigar
      and trimmed it.

      "You sound like you're trying to convince yourself of something even you
      don't believe, Logan. Each of us has a destiny in the world, for good or
      for evil."

      "God, you sound like Chuck or Erik," Logan responded. " But I get your
      point " He lit his cigar.

      "I wonder if you do," Bobby said. "I wonder if you know you're trying to
      escape from yourself and that you'll never succeed."

      "You seem to know an awful lot about my destiny, boy."

      "I know a lot more about you than you'd expect. I know you're in love
      with a woman. It's strange that we're both in love with the same woman.
      Since no one is to blame, I demand no explanations. I know what you mean
      to her.

      "I ask only one thing. You won't give me the letters of transit? Fine.
      But I want my wife to be safe. I'm asking you, as a favor, to use the
      letters to take her away from Tijuana."

      "You love her that much?"

      "I'm not *made* of ice, despite what you think, Logan." He looked away
      for a moment, then, "Yes, I love her that much."

      Suddenly, the silence of the night was interrupted by a loud crash, as
      several Mexican police officers rammed in the front door of the bar.

      The leader of the group walked up to Logan and Bobby and said, "Mr.

      "Yes?" Bobby answered.

      "You will come with us. We have a warrant for your arrest."

      "On what charge?" Bobby asked.

      "Governor LeBeau will discuss that with you later, SeƱor."

      "Well, well," Logan murmured. "Destiny takes a hand."

      Bobby looked at him and then, in dignified silence, he walked over to
      the door, followed by the Mexican policemen. Logan watched them,




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