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FIC: "Thoughts on Gloves and Scarves and Other Miscellaneous Things" (PG-13) Rogue POV

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  • Ally
    Title: Thoughts on Gloves and Scarves and Other Miscellaneous Things Author: Ally Email: roguegirl01@yahoo.com Rated: PG-13 for suggestive sex-ish things.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2001
      Title: Thoughts on Gloves and Scarves and Other
      Miscellaneous Things
      Author: Ally
      Email: roguegirl01@...
      Rated: PG-13 for suggestive sex-ish things.
      Summary: Rogue has something to say to everyone.
      Category: Rogue POV, some L/Rishness, otherwise not
      Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, but if you wanted to
      hand over the rights, don't think I'd object. And
      money isn't even the issue here.
      Archive: WRFA, XMFFA, others ask.
      A/N: Okay, I've been wearing my gloves and my new
      black filmy scarf for the past two hours, and during
      this time I've had these thoughts running through my
      head that I'm SURE Rogue has had to have had. They're
      pretty inevitable, if you ask me. This is short and
      meant for amusement and a bit of serious thought.

      If you wear gloves and scarves and are as covered from
      head to toe as you possibly can be, certain thoughts
      pop into your head a lot. It's one of those things
      I've become used to. Some of the thoughts are even
      kind of funny.

      For instance, typing and gloves do not mix. Not
      unless you're a really great typist and you know the
      keyboard so well you don't have to look at it. Which
      isn't me. Or if you use the hunt and peck method.
      Yeah, that's more my style. If you want to be a
      moderate typist and stay that way, I suggest that you
      don't wear gloves.

      Buttoning, zipping, and various other ways to fasten
      clothing on one's body are incredibly difficult
      undertakings. Unbuttoning, unzipping and unfastening
      clothing is just about as bad--no, not just because
      Logan and I like to get it on with just a thin sheet
      between us which means that we have to get *out* of
      our clothes first. I'm talking practicality here.
      I've really taken to clothes I can just slide into
      these days--warm-up pants and shorts, plain tops and
      tee-shirts, sandals, all of these have become a large
      part of my wardrobe. Yes, I have cute clothes, but
      they're really not worth the effort of every day life.

      Do you have any idea how strange it is to have little
      balls of material resting on the tips of your fingers?
      Just think about it. Gloves require two pieces of
      cloth shaped like a hand to be sewn together, which
      means that there are seams. There are places where
      seams just are not comfortable, and the tips of my
      fingers are one of them for several reasons. See
      typing reason above.

      Summer is hot. Summer is a very hot season, even here
      in what is known as the New England area. I don't
      care how cool you think 70 is. You might come from
      Texas where it's 80 degrees in the winter. That
      doesn't matter a bit. 70 degrees is pretty hot when
      you're wearing gloves, a long sleeved shirt, pants,
      socks and a thin scarf that really does keep in more
      heat than you'd think sheer material could.

      Speaking of scarves, they get caught on everything,
      and I do mean *everything*. Going through doorways is
      a hazard 'cause your scarf can get caught on a
      splinter of wood and nearly choke you to death.
      Zippers are things to stay away from when we're
      talking scarves, so that just makes me loathe and
      despise jeans even more. And when I do wear the
      occasional pair of jeans, I'm very careful when using
      the restroom. Oh, and you always have to make sure
      your scarf is *not* long enough in the back to
      actually touch the toilet water. I cannot begin to
      tell you the squickiness that feeling brings up in my
      stomach. No, it only happened once, but still...

      Scarves can be a pain when it comes to other things as
      well. I'll cut it short and go to what pops into my
      mind the most. That'd be making out with Logan. I
      mean, it's all good that they help us get past the
      whole my-skin-can-knock-you-unconscious-for-days
      thing. Sheer, filmy ones aren't even that bad. But,
      really, I'd just love to feel his lips on my skin once
      without my instant mutant whammy kicking in, you know?
      Plus when we kiss I want to be able to look into his
      eyes without a layer of black or white or red or
      purple with white polka dots between us.

      It's really hard to cook without getting the gloves
      dirty. And a cheap pair is about $15 here. I might
      not mind spending the Prof's money--which he's so
      generously offered over the past five or six years--on
      my gloves and scarves and certain other items which
      Logan insists we need to have a fulfilling sex life,
      but I draw the line at going through fourteen pairs of
      gloves just because I want to bake a fucking batch of
      cookies or mix a little stir fry every once in a
      while. Washing these gloves is not an easy process,
      and in many cases its not even an option anyway.

      Another messy part of wearing the gloves and scarves
      is having a pet. Sass is the best cat in the world,
      but she's gray. She sheds. She tends to like sitting
      in my lap and then standing and rubbing all against
      me. I can't stop myself from petting her. This all
      adds up to much fur-coverage for my gloves and
      scarves, and a lint brush doesn't always pick up all
      the hair. I know everyone here who has a cat will be
      saying, "So what? My cat does that so often I'm
      thinking of just telling everyone I've decided to wear
      faux fur over every inch of my body." But didn't I
      just mention the washing issue? I can't afford dry
      cleaning for gloves and scarves every day. No, I
      don't want to get rid of my darling little Sassyums.
      Just making a point here.

      Gloves and scarves and general coverage also have the
      distinct disadvantage of reminding everyone around me
      who knows me exactly what my mutation can do. There
      are times when, yes, I'm sure everyone would be safe
      with me removing one or both of my gloves. Like when
      I'm playing cards and wearing long sleeves so the only
      thing bare would really be my hands. Or when I'm
      cooking with Jean, 'Ro, Jubes and Kitty and it's so
      very tempting to not use the latex gloves Jean has
      always held out to me since the time I threw a
      stainless steel mixing bowl out one of the
      windows--one of the *closed* windows.

      Of course, when I get thoughts like these, it's always
      easy to remember those first days after I came back
      from my little excursion to the Statue of Liberty.
      When I stripped one of my gloves to eat an apple
      without getting the juice all over it and Jubes,
      Kitty, Bobby and St. John all sort of inched away
      until I was done. When I was washing dishes
      barehanded one night and Jean walked up behind me and
      laid a pair of latex gloves on my shoulder. When I
      wore a tank top the first day that I was at the
      mansion and it was over 75 degrees outisde and no one
      came near me until I went back inside and put on a
      sheer long-sleeved shirt.

      But there are short moments in time when those days
      don't bother me at all. Like when Logan looks at me
      and brushes a piece of hair out of my eyes with his
      bare hand while we're watching TV. When I wear my
      little white tank top and matching thong to bed and
      his eyes light up, and I know he's not thinking about
      how deadly my skin is but how much he wants me. When
      Jubes, who's now my best friend, suggests that I model
      a bikini while we're out shopping.

      You asked me what I thought about wearing all this
      shit. I've given you my thoughts. Now I'll sum it
      all up in a few sentences. Wearing gloves and scarves
      and being covered almost all the time can really suck,
      especially when people first meet me. But I can
      tolerate it because the people who love and support me
      are all around, making sure that I can take off the
      gloves once in a while, shed the scarves and the
      suffocating layers, and just be me.


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