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Somewhat Damaged 15/?

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    Car wreaks aside. I m back in school. And of look it s raining. Great. Dedication: To Phil. Babe you rock. And to all the usual suspects-Cord You smack head!-
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2001
      Car wreaks aside. I'm back in school. And of look it's raining. Great.
      Dedication: To Phil. Babe you rock. And to all the usual suspects-Cord

      You smack head!- Phil screaming at the cat


      Rogue turned in slow circles surveying the ravished room, Logan watched on
      sadly as she examined the remains of her home. The fire hadn't destroyed the
      apartment like it was meant too, really only localized to the centre of the
      place, but smoke and heat had ruined most of her belonging. The luming
      figures on her posters were scortched brown and peeling around the edges. The
      small forest of faeries and mushrooms she'd created on the floor, were now
      warped, the pewter bent and the gossamer wings singed away. A good portion of
      the room was displaced. Someone had been looking for something. Informing
      Rogue of as much she weakly nodded and continued her rumaging.

      The cursary ransking of the apartment and the scent confirmation lead to
      Lance and Todd. "Quake and Slimey did this, kid, what were they looking for?"
      Rogue twisted away from the broken lip of her sink basin to face him.

      "Ah don't know." She responded shakily. "Money Ah guess, Lance always smokes
      more than he sells. He'd have to make up the difference somewhere"
      unconvinced but letting it go Logan allowed her to continue her search,
      before she pushed past him and hit her knees reaching under neath the now
      hole ridden cot, pulling out a fire scortched metal lunchbox and sitting on
      the ground to peruse the contents she popped the lid with a resistant grind.
      She smiled apartently the contents remained unscathed.

      "What's in there darlin?" Her smile faultered slightly and she looked up

      "Nuttin' just pictures" She held up a polariod of a her and purple haired boy
      as proof. He nodded and gave a scortched pair of jeans a little kick. Rogue
      slapped the lid shut and tucked it under her arm before walking up to the
      vanity that still stood sturdily.

      Irene's photo was blistered and ash crumbling in soft chunks as they fell
      between her fingers. The rosary was remarkably undamaged, soot wipping away
      under her gloves to reveal the crystal beads underneath. An open tube of lips
      stick had melted leaving a waxy coat in 'Vampire Wine' across the wood.
      Several vials of nail polish, Rogue's personal indulgence, had shattered in
      the search and burned those areas worse than others. A film from the several
      extingishiers used had formed across much of the vanity, blurring her image
      in the mirror. Giving her water drenched clothing that had been pulled out of
      her dresser a disatisfied look. They were burnt beyond reproach. turning t
      Logan she spoke again.

      "Ah think Ah have a load in the laundry room, lemme go get Ah'll meet ya in
      the truck." Nodding Logan allowed Rogue passage and followed her out leaving
      the door open.


      Pulling the last of the now wrinkled clothing into a crack plastic basket,
      Rogue dropped it and stood stiffly at the density change in the cramped
      laundry room. "Logan?" Her voice lulled over the word, readying herself to
      kick. Her neighbors were less than gentlemen.

      "Please tell me you aren't shaked up with that ill bred heathen." Rogue
      twisted around to face the next betrayal after her skin. Raven Darkholme.

      "Get outta mah way, Raven" Darkholme raised a curious brow at the subtle
      disrespect by being addressed in such a casual manner. Momma was a whore,
      didn't mean she couldn't be a lady. Now wasn't the time for prim and proper
      Rogue reminded herself.

      "I heard about the fire, I came to make sure you are alright. I have already
      prepared a guest room in my apartment for you." Already? The preperation
      spoke to afirm Logan's assumptions. Swallowing her disappointment at the
      serrogate mother she spoke, voice losing all traces of moonlight and

      "Ya the one who told them to do it."

      "Nonsence, child why would I do that? I sent them to fetch you. I know Irene
      Adler sent you a letter." Her faded German accent peering through with the
      pronucation of Irene's full name. " She left it with you to give to me."
      Rogue's mind flittered back to the lunchbox on top of the dryer, but refused
      the urge to look at it, instead cocking her hip to the right and arching a
      manacured brow.

      "And why not just send it directly to you?"

      "To let you know she was alive. She has not seen you since the manifestation
      of your gifts." Rogue nearly laughed at it being termed so pleasently. "She
      also knew you would know how to help me interpet them. Irene scant
      understands the things she sees unless it involves her directly. But you know
      this." Rogue's mind briefly recounted events of walking in on the blind woman
      in the middle of a vision. Once while in the bathroom and demanding Rogue
      give the blind woman lipstick to write down what she saw on the floor. Rogue
      didn't use that bathroom after that.

      "Then why drug me?"

      " The medication is for your mind Rogue. We've discussed this. Don't they

      "Quite fuckin around. Ah know what's in them" Mystique's genial guise dropped
      as she face slithered back into her true self. "What do ya want from me?"

      "What every mother wants for their children." Rogue wasn't expecting that
      one. Pulling her defiant posture straight she narrowed near gray eyes at her.


      "You know exactly what I mean."

      Rogue shook her head furiously. "No, mah momma was-"

      "Who? That inspid slut Evangline? Come now child, do you honestly believe one
      who induldged herself so would have given birth to a live child? Especially
      while in a little shack in the middle of a bloody swamp?" Rogue's mind
      stepped back again this time to the memories of her mother's drug
      paraphernalia and two miscariiages at 6 and 11.


      "She had a child yes, but the stupid bastard was dead the minute it's
      deformed head hit the floor." Rogue's clutched at her own stomach at the
      recollection of a blood stain that had soild the carpet of their house. Sepia
      black and smelling slightly. "Believe me I was there, girl" Evangeline never
      let her forget the pain her birth had caused her. Had even tried to inflict
      equal amounts back onto an 8 year old Rogue as penance with a branch. Her
      back still carried faint trace scars.

      "Irene found someone who looked enough like you would, to pass. You'd been a
      premature birth." Raven paused a soft smile played her lips. "2lbs, 3oz. Even
      then you were a strong little thing. By then you were a month old and big
      enough to pass for an average sized baby."

      "Y-you left me with that woman?" Rogue croaked at the tought someone would
      willingly leave her with someone like Evangeline.

      " I did it to hide you from Magneto" She allowed a moment of absorbtion
      before continuing. "When the stupid wench died, I ensured you were placed
      with Irene" Mystique's visage shimmered again. Red hair becoming blonde and
      eyes cajun black.

      "Josette?" Rogue whimpered. The woman who'd come for occasional visits with
      Irene in Rogue's five year stay with her. Everytime insisting she play the
      piano for them and giving an unapproving look when she learned Rogue's
      intrests had turned to the gutair. 'undignified' she had called it. That had
      all been Mystique spying? Too much. Too, too much. "No.." Rogue twisted and
      knocked the lunchbox ontop of the clothes and bolted out the door. Throwing
      the basket in first and climbing up into Logan's pickup.

      Looking over at the shaking girl and catching a whiff. "She's here." Rogue
      choked out. "Drive please, drive" Logan nodded flicking the nub of a cigar
      out the window and doing as she asked.

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