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Fic: " Trapped In Darkness" PG-13 (3/30) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean, Storm, al l X-men]

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    Hi, I wasn`t sure if I should post this here. This story have been out for almost a week now on other lists like; RedShades cyclopsfanfics X-MEN-FAN-FICTION
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      I wasn`t sure if I should post this here. This story have been out for almost a week now on other lists like;

      So, I wasn`t sure if not all had already read it. But then, if you have read it why even read this after the header? *G*
      - Part 3 of a very long series.
      - This part rated PG-13. Note that this series WILL reach a R rating in later parts.
      - Disclaimer, see part 0
      - For earlier parts go to; http://www.100megspop2.com/cyclops/fiction/tid.html
      ( part of my Cyclops page)

      Warnings for this part; Mild Violence

      Feedback: Is loved. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


      Part 3:
      “ What the fuck do you want?” Logan growled and placed himself protectively in front of Rogue and pushed her a little away from the man’s glance. He didn’t like the look of lust in the man’s guards eyes either.
      “ You have no right to hold us here. Release us. Now,” Scott demanded and pained got to his feet as all the X-men able to had. With Bobby’s support Jubilee had also gotten to her feet. Peter eased Kitty behind him and stood in front of her even though he couldn’t take just one bullet for her anymore without going down. Jean went to stand next to Scott who had reached out for Xavier and the older man was now up, one arm around Ororo´s shoulder and other around Scott’s as he stood only by their power and the power of his will and his arms.
      “ I’m sure this was just a misunderstanding and that we’ll be released now, “ Xavier said and eyed the man with a warning look.
      “ In your dreams, mutant,” one of the guards spat but the man who Scott was beginning to call leader in his mind, raised a hand and none said anything else. Normally Scott admired control but never in his opponents. A man one could get a raise out off was also one you could bring to lose his temper and thereby make mistakes.
      “ I’m very pleased that we succeeded in capturing so many of the legendary X-men, the best known mutant terrorist group in America. Who of you is the leader of this little band?” his glance swept over the group, taking in the men’s protective compose and tried to find one who stuck out. The old man who had been in a wheelchair seemed to have some kind of power but it wasn’t…right. His eyes fell on the mutant nearest to the forcefield, growling insults at his guards. Wolverine, the file said he was called. No, too uncontrolled. His eyes settled on the man standing in the middle, trying to not show the pain the wound in his side gave him. A red haired woman was next to him and he eased her behind him as he saw his glance. His compose was straight, in control…looking defiant and maybe even proud as he stood surrounded by his friends. Could be him. Only one way to be sure.
      “ Well? Who is it?” he repeated, looking around for an answer.
      “ We are not telling you anything, bub,” the man nearest him, Wolverine, growled dangerously at him.
      “ You will find us very uncooperative,” the man in the middle said, his voice carrying a final edge of steel. Yes, it defiantly was him. However insolence and defiance could not be tolerated nor go unpunished.
      “ Maybe,” he said as he took out a hand held devise and despite themselves the X-men tried to look at it; curious. “ You didn’t think that those collars were just fashion statements, did you? They are restrains as well as weapons. You see, you aren’t in New York anymore. In fact you aren’t even in the US. You are now on Genosha, a small island in the Pacific where we have our own mutant laws. Here mutants are slaves and that’s what you are now too,” a gasp of shock and disbelief ran through the X-men.
      “ You can’t do this,” several yelled at once.
      “ I’ll kill you all,” Logan said and so wished he had his claws so he could cut them all to pieces.
      “ I’ll kill you before this is over,” Scott vowed calmly, murder in his eyes.
      “ I seriously doubt that. You’re not ready to kill. Yet,” the man stated calmly. He pushed a button on his control and Scott fell to the floor, screaming in agony and taking his hands to his head.
      “ Scott!” Jean yelled and kneeled by his side, trying to calm him down. “ Stop, stop,” she cried, tears coming to her eyes.
      “ Stop this at once,” Xavier demanded.
      “ Release him,” Logan growled.
      “ The first thing you will learn is that I decide everything. You can’t demand anything of me. You aren’t humans. You aren’t even living beings. Here you’re things to be bought and sold. Know now that any rebelling will be severely punished, the leaders tortured to death and all followers punished into obedience,” he had to raise his voice over Scott’s screams to make sure he was heard.
      “ I will ask one more time and it will be the last. Who is your leader?”
      “ I am,” Xavier said and looked him in the eye.
      “ You lead this band into battle? I doubt it,” he pushed a new bottom and Scott stopped his agonising screams and with Jean’s help got up. She lay a hand on his shoulder but Scott wouldn’t allow her to support him more than that. Showing weakness was only something to do if he could gain a advantage from it and it didn’t look that way right now.
      “ What…did you…do…to me?” Scott demanded to know.
      “ All the slaves here wear collars. They are connected to the mutants nervous system. A push on a bottom on this control panel which all owners, sellers and buyers have, will active the collar and generate pain. Really a marvellous invention.”
      “ I sure so why don’t you wear one?” Bobby asked dryly. Luckily for him the man ignored him and turned back to Scott.
      “ You friend here…” he nodded to Xavier “ says he leads the X-men. Is that true?”
      “ I lead the X-men,” Scott said and hoped he didn’t sound as weak as he felt. That damn devise had set his entire nervous system in flames and his head had felt like it should explode.
      “ So, your friend lied to me?” the man asked and Scott didn’t miss the fact that his finger had moved towards the control panel again.
      “ No, he didn’t. I just lead the team in battle,” Scott answered, not wanting Xavier to get hurt or go through what he had.
      “ Good, we cleared that up. Come here,” he gestured for Scott to step towards the force field.
      “ No,” Scott shook his head to amplify his denial.
      “ I sure hope you aren’t all this stubborn for your own sakes,” the man said with a sigh as if that would mean a great deal of work for him which it probably would. His finger moved to the control again and Scott braced himself for the pain as Jean’s scream tore through the room as she fell to the floor.
      “ Jean! Stop this at once,” Scott cried as he kneeled by her, his heart crying for the pain she was in.
      “ You’ll go with me?” the man asked over the noise of Jean’s screams, Logan’s threats, Xavier’s attempts at reason and Kitty’s soft crying against Peter’s chest. Scott nodded.
      “ Yes, now release her,” panic was in his voice and he sounded more pleading than demanding as the man finally did as he asked and Jean’s screams ended. Scott cubed her face.
      “ Oh, love. I’m so sorry,” tears was in his voice but not in his eyes. This wasn’t the time nor place for that.
      “ It’s….alright,” Jean rasped weakly as Peter and Kitty came to her.
      “ We’ll take care of her,” Peter promised and Scott smiled.
      “ Thanks.”
      “ Come here. I will not repeat myself,” the man said and Scott gave Jean a quick kiss.
      “ I love you. Remember that. Always,” he whispered in her ear and she let a weak hand intertwine its fingers with his as he started to walk towards the force field.
      “I….love.. you….too” Jean rasped weakly, hopefully so low that the man didn’t hear. Not that he probably hadn’t figured that out already but still…As Scott walked further away from her their hands fell apart. Scott passed Logan.
      “ Promise me you’ll protect her,” Scott whispered as he passed him, looking the other man in the eye. Logan wasn’t the most tactful or controlled person but after he and Rogue had hooked up their relationship had grown warmer and each man held a deep respect and understanding for the other. In a fight Scott couldn’t think of anyone he’ll rather have to watch his back. Or….protect his loved ones.
      “ I will,” Logan promised as Scott brushed past him, his left arm which he held behind him around Rogue, tightened. They wouldn’t take her away. He’ll rather die. Scott had reached the force field and with a push on a bottom he was pulled through and the field fell into place again. It all happened so fast that no one had time to act. A guard handcuffed Scott and lead him away, disappearing from sight around a corner.
      “ Where are you taking him?” Jean yelled after them, frightened and panicked.
      “ We have a few questions we’ll like to ask him,” the man answered as he too disappeared from sight, leaving a very frustrated band of mutants behind.
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