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Unnatural Obsessions #5: Inevitable, R (Logan, L/R)

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  • Serena Michaels
    Unnatural Obsessions # 5: Inevitable Author: Sineya Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: R (I guess, for the small bit of violence.) Summary: The inevitable
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2001
      Unnatural Obsessions # 5: Inevitable

      Author: Sineya

      Disclaimer: Not mine.

      Rating: R (I guess, for the small bit of violence.)

      Summary: The inevitable happens......

      Author's Notes: It's been weeks since UO #4: Trepidation, and I apologize to everyone who's been waiting for this part. I admit, I'm a procrastinating slacker.


      "If I could break you,

      I could break a tree.

      If I could stir,

      I could break a tree,

      I could break you."

      -H.D., 'Garden'


      //Why do you hate me, Logan?//

      "Wha.....what?!" She thinks I hate her? Hate her? HER? I love her with every breath, with every gasp, every sigh.


      "Baby, I....I....I love you, I could neve.....I mean.....I don't hate you!"

      //You love her more.//

      Who? Who is she talking about? There's noone else. Noone. "Darlin', why....how...there's noone else! There's noone but you!"

      //But you won't stay with me. I have ta leave and you won't come with me.//

      "Leave? Baby, you.....you promised to stay with me forever!"


      //Wreckin' thah library won't help you now, sugah.....//

      ((thwack, bam))

      "YOU PROMISED!" She said it. She promised. She said it. She promised. She....she......PROMISED!

      //Just like ya promised to protect me?//


      It's my fault. I promised her, I said I'd protect her, take care of her. It's my fault, it's all my fault.

      My fault, my fault.

      //It is your fault, Logan.//

      Marie? Why are you doing this baby? Why are you doing this to me? Why, why, why?

      //You betrayed me, sugah.// She's next to me now. Staring up at me with those innocent, chocolate eyes. //Why Logan?//

      I'm grabbing her, holding her, wrenching her against my chest. "Marie, I love you. There's noone now."

      //But you were with her, you wouldn't come to me Logan. You went to her.//

      Oh God she's crying. I made my Marie cry. Again.

      "Darlin', please....I'm so sorry, so sorry." She's shovin away from me, and she's got the look ion her eye.....

      And she's fading.

      This has never happened before.

      She's supposed...to...to leave for a few hours....she...she doesn't...doesn't fade.

      "No Marie, PLEASE!" I can't feel her, she's....she's vanishing. "I'm sorry....I'm sorry.......I'M SORRY!!!"

      //I'm sorry too, sugah.//

      "Baby please!!!" I can't feel my legs. I'm falling. I'm on my knees. "I promise, I'll protect you this time! I LOVE YOU!" Her eye's are dripping, and I can almost feel the salty drops across my cheeks.

      //I loved you.//

      She's disappearing....she's really leaving.....

      //Obviously not enough.//


      She's gone.

      Gone. Gone. Gone.


      What.....why is there blood on my hands?

      Is that...are those my claws?

      Why are they....they're.....lodged in my thighs?

      Why can't I feel them?

      Where.....where am I?

      Why....why is everyone staring at me?

      Who are you?


      Who......who am.....who am I?

      Marie's gone.

      Who am I?


      End Part 5

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