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Somewhat Damaged 12/?

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    Whoa! Sorry this one tooked so long to get out! Please please forgive me! Alright more gettin typed right now!! As usual thank you to my amazingly wonderful
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2001
      Whoa! Sorry this one tooked so long to get out! Please please forgive me!
      Alright more gettin typed right now!! As usual thank you to my amazingly
      wonderful supporters. I would have given up a long time before now with out
      it. Em, Dark Ferret, Susan, Terri (Terrific!) Love you all!! -Cordelia

      Somewhat Damaged

      "The compound is actually derived from the reproductive spores of
      Psiloaybe Semilanceata-"


      "Magic mushrooms, Logan" Ororo spoke before gesturing for the professor to

      "Thank you, now the ingestion of these mushrooms induces a euphoric condition
      which would render someone more pliable to someone else's commands, leading
      them to do things they might otherwise not participate in."

      "Especially if the person is dealing them to you.I found a prescription
      bottle on her counter. Looks like Darkholme's using medication as a cover.
      Rogue's not the kinda person who'd go looking for professional help on her
      own." Logan said looking up from under the brim of an oil skin hat.

      "Indeed, now in addition to the Psiloaybe I found equal amounts of narcotic."

      "If those were mixed together in the same pill, then the narcotic would
      insure continual use."

      "Correct, Ororo. Now if we only had actual samples to test further..." Xavier
      trailed off turning to Logan. He took his cue and rose from his seat
      withdrawing three yellow pills from his pocket and depositing them on he
      desk. Prof shook his head with a small smile at the other man's
      assiduousness. Logan absently wondered if it was a good thing that the
      professor expected him to steal Rogue's medication. Shrugging he resumed his

      "But, Professor, if Rogue has been taking these pills for an extended period
      of time then why now have they shown ill effects?"

      "Good question, now the test conducted on her hair sample shows that she's
      been taking these regularly for at least five months. That would coincide
      with her arrival in New York. And seem to make are assumptions on Ms.
      Darkholme more solid. Now for the cause of Rogue's black out, she does
      participate in recreational drug use particularly LSD and other
      hallucinogens, amung others. Now certain amounts of these chemicals are
      stored in the spinal fluid sometimes for the rest of one's life, causing
      periodic flash backs as it were. Now Logan, when you allowed Rogue access to
      your power, your healing factor moved to cleanse these toxins from her body
      releasing them into the blood stream. Unfortunatly the factor began to fade
      before they could properly filter through her kidneys. It simple shocked her

      "She over dosed?" Logan looked up with a heavy frown the cheroot in his mouth

      "Not exactly and with much luck. She simply shut down in order for her body
      to heal more. She'll be fine, now Logan is the only reason you allowed Rogue
      to absorb you because of the drug the man slipped her?"

      Logan stared him straight in the face. "Yeah, Chuck, she was pretty wobbly."
      Xavier nodded.

      "Alright, now if you'll both excuse me I have some more pressing matters to
      attend to." Ororo and Logan rose leaving the office. Xavier reached across
      the desk and scooped the canary yellow tablets into his hand. "Why drug a
      teenage girl? What are you planning Mystique?"

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