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Fic: Silent Scream (7/?) R

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  • Emy & Tanya
    Ok. This is SO not going the way I had planned. Blame the evil little bunny that attacked me last night in my sleep. I had this all planned out. Only 2
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      Ok. This is SO not going the way I had planned. Blame the evil little bunny that attacked me last night in my sleep. I had this all planned out. Only 2 maybe 3 parts more. But NOOOO!!!! That would be too easy. That would make sense. NOOO better to have the damn little bunny attack me and chew at me until I gave in and wrote this. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! Anyone need an evil plot bunny? You can have mine!! Maybe then I can get some sleep.


      Title: Silent Scream (7/?)
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Rating: R for violence and language
      Summary: On the run from Hunters, a girl seeks help from our heros.
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Never going to be mine.


      The mood on the jet was bleak. They knew that they could all be on a mission that could result in any one of them being hurt or killed. They may also already be too late to save Emily. Her captures could have decided that she was too much of a risk to keep. The four teens steeled themselves to face the possiblity that when they did find Emily that she may already be dead.

      Rogue left her seat and made her way to where Logan sat brooding. Resting a hand on his arm, she noticed that his muscles jumped at the contact. She had surprised him, not an easy task when it was the Wolverine that you are talking about. "Logan, there wasn't anythin' you could've done, sugar." she said softly

      "Dammit, Marie, I should have been more careful. If I hadn't decided to try to attack him, I might of got to her before the dart." Logan growled

      "Logan. Stop this right now! We need ya to stop thinkin' of what ya shoulda done and think about what we're gonna do when we get there." Rogue said, giving him a slight shake.

      A slight smile stretched across Logan's features for a moment. "You sure know how to kick my butt when I need it."

      "Part of the job, Sugar!" Rogue said with a smile before turning to return to her seat.


      Noise was the first thing that filtered into Emily's conciousness. That and pain. Opening her eyes, she found herself surrounded by darkness. Moving her feet slightly, she heard the sounds of chains, a sound she recognised. She was back in shackles. Fighting down the panic that filled her, she concentrated on trying to move. Moving slowly, so as not to rouse their attention, Emily tried to get an idea of her surroundings. After about five feet the chain pulled tight and she couldn't move any further. With hands outstretched, she felt along the chain until she came to the ring that was bolted to the floor. Pulling with all her strength, Emily tried to get the chain or ring to give, even if it was just a little. Her hands slipped, palms tearing on the rough links. Falling to the floor, she gave into her tears.

      Light spilled in through a door that opened. The harsh light blinded her and she raised her hand to cover her eyes. Feeling hands grab at her, she tried to struggle but it was pointless. Her shackle was removed only to be replaced by chains that bound her feet together, only giving her enough movement to shuffle. She was dragged from the room by her arms, the guards uncaring that they were hurting her. Another door was opened and she was shoved in. Before she could turn the door was slammed closed and she once again fell to the floor in dispair.

      "Emily, so glad that you could join us." a disembodied voice echoed in the room. The sound of it made Emily flinch, her mind recognizing it instantly. "What trouble you give us young lady. Really what are we going to do with you? I suppose we are just going to have to remind you of what happens to those that run." No sound warned Emily of the men behind her. Their hands reached out and grabbed at her arms. Lifting her, they carried her over to a tub and dropped her in. Moving quickly, hands pushed on her stomach to keep her from rising. Unable to breath, Emily thrashed, mouth open, trying to get air. As her movements slowed, she was pulled from the water. Coughing and retching up the water that she had breathed in, Emily lay gasping on the floor. "Now, Emily, you know I hate having to punish you. I would really rather not. So tell me. Are we going to have any more problems? Well, answer me young lady."

      Lifting her eyes to where she knew the camera was located, Emily shook her head.

      "Now you know, Emily, we are going to have to work on your behavior. You know the rules. Answer my question. Are we going to have any more problems?"

      Eyes lowered to the floor, a soft voice echoed through the room. "No.....Father."

      See?!!? That was soo not planned! It took even me by surprise!!! ARGH!!! Maybe I should give up now! I got a bad feeling that this is not going to turn out good.


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