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FIC: Night Butterflies 8-9/?

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  • rimmette@earthlink.net
    Title: Night Butterflies 8 & 9/? Authors: Khaki (rimmette@earthlink.net) and Loki (loki2@hotmail.com) Rating: PG13 Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2001
      Title: Night Butterflies 8 & 9/?
      Authors: Khaki (rimmette@...) and Loki (loki2@...)
      Rating: PG13
      Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee and Fox own everthing. We are
      only borrowing these characters for a short time, returning them
      relatively unharmed, if a little worse for wear.
      Summary: This is a movieverse fan fiction that involves Logan,
      Jubilee, and Rogue predominantly. It takes place three years after
      the movie, when Logan returns to the mansion after finding out about
      his past.


      Part 8

      Jubilee decided to return to the Med Lab to see how Rogue was doing.
      Hopefully, by this time, she would have lost a little bit of Logan in
      her head.

      She made her way into the main room where Jean was studying some
      charts and readings. The doctor was obviously very tired, but the
      main expression on her face was definitely worry.

      "Hey, is something wrong?" asked Jubilee as she entered the room. "I
      mean, like, wronger than usual?"

      "I'm not sure, Jubilee." The bipping sound of one of the machines
      hooked to Logan started to accelerate in rhythm. "Hold on." Jean
      rushed to the monitor and examined the readings.

      "Does that mean he's coming around?" asked Jubilee.

      No answer.

      "Hey, doesn't that mean..." Jubes tried again.

      "Dammit!" Jean pushed a few buttons, then rushed to the drawers to
      pick up a syringe, which she filled with medication.

      Jubilee stared in silence at Dr. Summers as she forcibly injected the
      dose directly into Logan's heart. That must have been effective,
      since the bipping returned to a normal rhythm after a few seconds.

      Jean stared at Logan, angry. She addressed him directly, although she
      knew he couldn't hear her. "Dammit, Logan. You try that again, and I

      "Hey, he's ok now, right?" cut in Jubes.

      Only then did Jean seem to notice Jubilee's presence. Sighing, she
      sat heavily on a chair by Logan's bed. "Twice. He's done that twice
      in an hour," she explained.

      "He'll get better. I'm sure..."

      "No, Jubilee. You don't understand," interrupted Jean. "He was
      getting better last night, but now... now he's giving up. It's so
      obvious on the charts. All the vital signs just drop off one by
      one... As if.... I don't know. As if he's fighting his own recovery.
      Something must have happened..."

      "It's not as if he could..." started Jubilee, thinking aloud.

      "Could what, Jubilee?"

      "Well, I was just thinking... but that's probably impossible..."

      "Jubilee," sighed Jean.

      "Switch to private channel here?" asked Jubilee, motioning a finger
      to her temple.

      ~ Now what, Jubilee? What's your point? ~ telepatically asked Jean.

      ~ I was thinking, that if last night he heard the bit about Rogue
      loving another guy... ~

      ~ He already knew it, I guess ~

      ~ Yeah, but does he accept it? ~

      ~ Any suggestion? Because, you know, I doubt I will be able to keep
      him alive much longer, ~ mentally sighed Jean, her exhaustion
      apparently even in her mental voice.

      ~ And Rogue will be stuck with him in her head. Great. I could try to
      talk to him.~ That wasn't a question, but a statement.

      Tired of discussions, even telepathically, Jean unconsciously stroked
      on the young woman's mind to get the whole picture. What she saw in
      Jubilee's mind was probably a good a plan as any.

      Jean slowly stood and nodded to Jubilee. "I'll be right in the other
      room. Call me if anything changes, especially the bips on this
      monitor." She didn't wait for an answer but added telepathically ~
      I'll keep that *private channel* open for safety* ~

      Jubilee nodded and watched Jean exit the room. Then, she sat on the
      same chair the doctor had occupied.


      Jubilee took Logan's hand in hers. She started talking and talking,
      as only the Jubes could.

      "... and there was blood everywhere... And then, I had to go to that
      creepy cemetary... I hated that... Everyone was tellin' me to tell
      them goodbye... and all that crap... All I wanted was..."

      Jubilee tried her best to refrain from crying, but talking about the
      deaths of her parents had never been easy.

      "All I wanted..." she choked on the words. "To... have them back...
      even for.. for a second..." She paused.

      She didn't believe it then, when people had told her that it would
      take a long time to get over it. Years after she had lost them so
      dramatically, she knew it was true. It took time, and she wasn't over
      it yet.

      "But they... they didn't come back.... of course... what's done is
      done, right?" She paused again, wiping her eyes with the bed sheets.

      "Anyway," she continued, always holding Logan's hand. "I made it.
      See, I'm alive and kicking. More kicking sometimes, but hey. You'd
      think the bastards who did it to my parents would get to me, too? No
      sireeeeeeeeee. I am Jubilee!"

      Despite all her bravado, she couldn't stop from crying openly. She
      let her head drop on the side of the bed, and sobbed for a while.

      "I still miss them. I'll always will..." she continued after her
      sobbing had subsided. "There's no going back in time, y'know... I
      have to live without them... even if it still hurts like s***... But
      they taught me how to love... and be loved. I know you don't buy that
      loving crap. Maybe cuz you never let anyone love you."

      "Y'know, sometimes I envy you. Hey, no memories! I mean... of lost
      loved ones. As for the bad memories, we've probably both got more
      than our share, no problemo. The past can be such a bugger! I know
      what being trapped in it is like. I often dream of them, y'know."

      She gently rubbed the back of his hand. "It's hard to feel lonely.
      Sometimes, I think of myself as a night butterfly. Do you know how
      they act?"

      Of course, Logan didn't answer.

      "They fly to the light at night, any light they can spot. They fly to
      it, thinking it's the sun or something... and in the end, they burn
      themselves to death. Stupid, huh? But you know what I mean?"

      No answer, of course.

      "Sometimes, I wanna take a smile someone's given me and pretend it's
      love, 'cuz I need it. But I know that ain't love, just me feeling all
      alone and sorry for myself. 'Cuz I might feel like a night butterfly,
      but I'm not one. I'm Jubilee."

      She gently stroked Logan's hand. "And you, you are Logan. You can
      learn to fly away from the light in the night. You can learn to fly
      in the sunlight."

      She smiled. "I could teach you. Hey, we could learn together. I won't
      tell anyone."

      She giggled. "I promise I won't talk all the time!"

      She took a more serious tone. "No kidding, Logan. Rogue loves you and
      all, but not the way you want. She's happy, you know. You gave her
      the best chance in her life, and she thinks of you like she would a
      best pal. I know you don't want to hurt her, and deep down, you don't
      wanna die."

      "You just want to learn to fly," she whispered. "C'mon, I'll teach
      you. Gratos."

      At that point, the monitor started bipping faster. Jubilee stood with
      a start, Logan's hand still in hers. The door to the other room
      swished open and Jean Summers rushed to Logan's side.

      "I'm sorry... I tried..." babbled Jubilee.

      Jean didn't look at nor answer her, completely focused on Logan.

      "I think he's decided this time, huh?" asked Jubilee, more sorry than

      "He's coming around," announced Jean.

      "I tried all I could..." continued Jubes, tears in her eyes.

      "Jubilee, he's coming back," insisted Jean, to no avail.

      Jubilee didn't seem to register Jean's words. She felt so bad that
      the guy was dying without trying harder. If he could have just

      The cold hand in her own stiffened, oh so faintly. She looked at
      Jean, a question in her eyes, then down at Logan.


      Part 9

      The hand in hers gripped her weakly. His eyes were still closed, but
      they started to move beneath the lids, and his mouth opened slightly,
      his throat muscles contracting. An alarm went off from another
      machine. Jean reached over, shut off the alarm, adjusted the

      "What, Dr. Summers?"

      "He trying to breathe on his own. I've adjusted the respirator to
      react when he initiates a breath instead of forcing a steady rhythm.
      If he's able to keep his blood oxygen level up, I should be able to
      extubate him tomorrow."

      "That's good?"

      "That's very good. He's coming out of the coma."

      Jubilee smiled and squeezed his hand. "I knew you could do it."


      Jubilee spent the rest of the day moving between Rogue and Logan. It
      was weird to see Rogue, still with so many of the angry man's
      behaviors. She still had to be kept in a locked room off the main med
      lab, but at least she'd stopped popping the claws.

      Dr. Summers said it was because as the person she'd absorbed regains
      his powers, she loses them. With Logan's body starting to heal,
      Rogue's acquired abilities dulled. Still, Logan's personality didn't
      seem to be fading nearly as quickly.

      Gambit stayed just outside the med lab for most of the day. He
      worried about her so much, he just couldn't stay away, even though
      she wouldn't see him. Or rather, even though the Logan she'd absorbed
      wouldn't allow her to see him. Jubilee visited him a couple of times,
      but she never had any good news for him.

      Logan, lying in the main room got better and better. That night,
      while Jean was trying to convince her to leave, he'd opened his eyes
      for a second and looked at her before closing them again. She decided
      to stay right there, sleeping on the cot Jean provided.


      The next day, Jubilee held his hand while Jean extubated him.

      "Now, Logan. I want you to take a deep breath... Ok, now blow out
      like you're blowing up a balloon."

      He looked at her funny and Jubilee wondered if he'd ever blown up a
      balloon, but then he complied, exhaling as Jean pulled the tubing
      from his throat.

      He started coughing as Jean reached up and pulled an oxygen mask over
      his mouth and nose. Logan took a few shuddering breaths, still
      coughing, and then seemed to settle down. Jean offered him some
      water, which he drank gratefully, then rested back against his

      Satisfied that her patient was progressing well, Jean left to check
      up on Rogue.

      Squeezing his hand, Jubilee introduced herself. "Hey, there. I'm

      "I... know." Logan said, his throat still scratchy. "I heard ya."

      "Really? I was hoping you would. You weren't doing so hot then."

      "Wanted to die."

      "Yeah, that's what it looked like." Jubilee replied, then slowly, not
      wanting to scare him off, but wanting to know, she asked, "Why did
      you do it, Logan?"

      He took a minute, seemingly deciding whether or not to answer, then
      he said, "I've had a long life. *COUGH* Hmm, longer than anyone
      deserves, and none of it good. Marie was my last hope. The only good
      thing I've ever known."

      "She's not a thing, Logan. She's a person, with dreams and thoughts
      of her own." Jubilee silently added, 'not that you could tell right

      "Know that now. Now, there's nothing."

      "No, you still have a lot of people who care about ya. Rogue loves ya
      like a sister. Sure, it's not the kind of love you were looking for,
      but it's still love. You have a lot of people around here who care
      about ya. Sure, some of them are pissed at ya right now, but that
      doesn't mean that deep down they don't care. Heck, I hardly know ya,
      and I really care about ya."


      "Ya remind me of me. I know what it's like to be alone in the world,
      but I've found a family here. You can too."

      "You wouldn't say that if ya knew me, kid."

      "Try me. Tell me what's so terrible about yourself."
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