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FIC Night Butterflies 6 & 7/?

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  • rimmette@earthlink.net
    Title: Night Butterflies 6 & 7/? Authors: Khaki (rimmette@earthlink.net) and Loki (loki2@hotmail.com) Rating: PG13 Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2001
      Title: Night Butterflies 6 & 7/?
      Authors: Khaki (rimmette@...) and Loki (loki2@...)
      Rating: PG13
      Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee and Fox own everthing. We are
      only borrowing these characters for a short time, returning them
      relatively unharmed, if a little worse for wear.
      Summary: This is a movieverse fan fiction that involves Logan,
      Jubilee, and Rogue predominantly. It takes place three years after
      the movie, when Logan returns to the mansion after finding out about
      his past.


      Part 6

      Although the first outburst from Logan had drained much of Dr.
      Summers' energy, she succeeded at keeping Rogue from assaulting the
      inanimate body on the table. On the older woman's directions, Jubilee
      hastily strapped Rogue to a portable table while Jean restrained her.

      Jubes was furious. She grabbed Rogue by the shoulders, shaking
      her. "Hey, Logan, you bastard! Come here!" she ordered.

      "You got a death wish, both of ye," came the low voice, full of

      "Yeah, but you'll listen to me, old man!" she shouted to Rogue's

      "Jubilee! That's enough!" ordered Jean.

      "Oh no, someone has to talk to this creep, and I've just voluntered!"
      She put her full attention back to Logan in Rogue's head. "You
      bastard, if you want to kill yourself, at least have the guts to do
      it yourself! You pretend to love her... My God! You don't care how
      making her kill you will affect her. You love no one, not even

      "I'll kill you..."

      "Yeah, right. What else can you do, anyway? Kill, kill, kill! That's
      all you can do! Y'know what? I'd would pull the damn plugs on yer
      flamin' body this second if it wasn't for Rogue..."

      "Be my guest."

      Jean Summers stood still, listening, fascinated at Jubilee's rant.
      She couldn't help but agree with what the young woman was saying. She
      made sure to keep an open link with the now awake professor, so he
      could be informed of the new twist in this mess.

      Jubilee didn't take Logan's bait. "I won't pull those friggin'
      plugs, 'cuz then Rogue'll be stuck with a damn flamin' freak in her
      head.... YOU!"

      She took a breath. He wasn't arguing, so maybe she was on the right
      track. She continued, "'Cuz then she wouldn't know how to love
      anymore. You'd always be there to make her hate or kill everyone for
      things that, damnit, happened to YOU, not HER!"


      "Oh, shut up already! I'm not done with you! If you think one minute
      we're gonna let Rogue down, as YOU did, yer more nuts than I thought.
      She knows how to love, she DOES love someone. Sorry to tell ye,
      buddy, but it ain't you. Now, if ye wanna kill yourself 'cuz you
      can't deal with her being happy, suits me. You'll even make One-Eye

      At that remark, Jean frowned a little. Scott wouldn't be really
      happy, relieved probably of not having to deal with the Logan-problem
      anymore, but not really happy.

      "But if you are a MAN, you'll act as one. You're gonna leave Rogue in
      peace. You hear me?!!!"

      Jubilee was so furious, she couldn't refrain from shaking. She was
      done; she had told the man what he had to be told.

      Jean decided that now was the time to sedate Rogue to help her sleep
      the rest of the night. Against all expectations, the sedative started
      to work, as if Logan's healing factor wasn't triggered.

      Jubilee helped Jean roll the table on which Rogue lay to the adjacent
      room. They locked the door between the two rooms.

      "Jubilee, now go get some sleep. I'll stay with Rogue, in case..."

      "No need, Red. I ain't going nowhere," came from Rogue's bed.

      "There's no way you'll be left alone," coldly said Jean, not sure if
      she was talking to Rogue or Logan in her head.

      "Jubilee, will you stay?" asked Rogue.

      Jubilee looked down at her friend. Who had spoken, Rogue or Logan?
      And to who was responsible for the pleading in Rogue's eyes?


      Part 7

      "I'll stay," Jubes replied.

      "Jubilee, it's perfectly fine for you to leave. I'll..." Jean
      started to say.

      "No, it's ok. I'll stay."

      "Ok, I'm just going to go check on Logan. I'll be right back," she
      said, unlocking the door, stepping into the main room, and relocking
      it behind her.

      "Thanks, Jubes," Rogue said. "You gave him a lot to think about."

      "It's about time he started thinking."

      "Look, kid, I don't need you..." Rogue paused. "Sorry, getting
      sleepy. Will you talk to Remy for me tomorrow?"

      "What do you want me to tell him?"

      "Tell him... tell that little prick to keep his hands... You know
      what to tell him, Jubes." Then Rogue drifted off to sleep.

      Jubilee stayed through the rest of the morning, sleeping fitfully on
      the uncomfortable chair for a few hours.

      The next day, Jean re-sedated Rogue so that all of the medical tests
      on her new mutation could be performed. Rogue allowed Jubilee to
      leave for an hour to go get something to eat as she fell back to
      sleep. In the kitchen, Jubilee ran into the Cajun.

      "Chere, how be Rogue?"

      "She's doing... ok."

      "Don' lie to Remy, chere."

      "Ok, she's doing lousy. She absorbed a lot of Logan, and he's
      messing with her head. Is that what you want to hear?"

      "Remy goin' ta see her."

      "No, Remy. She can't... she doesn't want to say anything she can't
      take back. She wants you to stay away for a while, but she wants you
      to know that she loves you."

      "If chere be in trouble, Remy be dere."

      "No, it would hurt her more to see you right now. Trust me on this
      one, ok?"
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