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[xmenmoviefanfic] OT: Help Identifying characters in the movie

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  • Joanne Van Vranken
    Actually, Bryan Singer himself has said the blue-haired kid was NOT Nightcrawler. He was identified in the script merely as teleporting kid. The kid drawing
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 5, 2001
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      Actually, Bryan Singer himself has said the blue-haired kid was NOT Nightcrawler. He was identified in the script merely as "teleporting kid."

      The kid drawing during the scene with the kid running across the lily pond is Colususs/Piotr Rasputin.

      "I'm the football coach around here and don't you remember it."
      Joanne - NYC, USA

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      --- skakid@... wrote:
      > But I've not been following the comics and I'm
      > curious who some of
      > the other students that they focused on might have
      > been. Especially
      > the kid with all Blue including hair.

      Matt - The kid with the all-blue hair MAY be Kurt
      (Nightcrawler); I'm curious to see if others have
      identified him the same? St. John Allerdyce is the
      one who made the fireball; that one's a certainty.

      You also saw either John Proudstar or Jimmy Proudstar
      (I've been betting on John because he's the elder
      brother). John was the original Thunderbird (he got
      killed after only a couple issues), and Jimmy is
      Warpath. As an Indian, I tend to notice Indians. ;>
      John (?) was standing behind the kid with glasses and
      curly hair (whom I couldn't peg), watching out the
      window as the X-jet was leaving. Problem. We also
      saw Neal Shaara talking to Bobby as they were walking
      down the hall, about taking Rogue to dinner. Neal is
      *also* called "Thunderbird" (though WHY they gave an
      American Indian codename to a guy from the Punjab
      escapes me!).

      Another Indian: you saw Dani Moonstar in the
      professor's office and again later (I think) in
      Scott's mechanics class. Now, a comment: Dani's last
      name is ridiculous. Proudstar isn't great, but it's
      not awful. Moonstar is just silly. GRRR. Can't
      Marvel avoid cliches and *do some homework* if they're
      going to use Indians? (Sorry, had to get that off my

      Be that as it may, there are five more for you: Kurt,
      John, Neal, John, and Dani.


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