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FIC: Night Butterflies Parts 4 & 5/

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  • rimmette@earthlink.net
    Title: Night Butterflies 2 & 3/? Authors: Khaki (rimmette@earthlink.net) and Loki (loki2@hotmail.com) Rating: PG13 Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2001
      Title: Night Butterflies 2 & 3/?
      Authors: Khaki (rimmette@...) and Loki (loki2@...)
      Rating: PG13
      Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee and Fox own everthing. We are
      only borrowing these characters for a short time, returning them
      relatively unharmed, if a little worse for wear.
      Summary: This is a movieverse fan fiction that involves Logan,
      Jubilee, and Rogue predominantly. It takes place three years after
      the movie, when Logan returns to the mansion after finding out about
      his past.


      Part Four

      Not sure of how, Rogue heard the even paces in the corridor long
      before she normally should have. Not only did she absorb Logan's
      memories and claws potential, she had his keen senses as well. She
      hastily sat back on her bed, but the claws would not respond to her
      wishes and sheath.

      A knock came from the door. Jubilee stood, eyeing Rogue's dilemna
      with the claws.

      "They aren't metallic?" asked a puzzled Rogue, staring at the bone
      claws, not a bit impressed by the blood on her hand.

      Reacting on instinct, Jubilee grabbed a pillow and threw it at
      Rogue. "Use that," she ordered.

      A voice came from behind the door. "Rogue? Jubilee?"

      "Just a sec, Dr. Summers," shouted Jubilee.

      Rogue laid down on her bed, hiding her right hand under the pillow.

      When Rogue was all set, Jubilee opened the door just enough for Jean
      Summers to peek inside.

      "I just wanted to make sure you both are ok," announced Jean.

      "We're just fine. Thanks for dropping by," answered Jubilee,
      motioning to her to close the door.

      "Yeah, Red. Don't have anythin' more interestin' to do than bug us?"
      came from Rogue's bed.

      "I beg your pardon?" asked Jean, shocked.

      "She's tired, y'know, Dr. Summers. We should sleep now," cut in Jubes
      before the Logan in Rogue's head could answer.

      Jean nodded, not convinced. "All right. I'll see you in the morning."

      "Now get back to yer husband...." mumbled Rogue.

      "Night!" shouted Jubilee as she pratically shut the door in Jean's
      face. She turned to face Rogue. "Now, you. Can it."

      "Ah'm sorry, Jubes... I..."

      "It's ok, Rogue," she soothed. "Got them in?" she asked, motioning to
      Rogue's hand under the pillow.

      "Yeah... I think so..." To make sure, Rogue checked. "They're in,"
      she announced.

      "You'll have to tell them, y'know."

      "The hell I will. I'll shove 'em...."

      "Down boy! Hey, I'm talkin' to Rogue, here! Gee, I've had enough
      Exorcist for one night! Now, we go to bed and sleep... All of us! I
      dunno about you, but I sure am wasted." With that rant, Jubilee
      effectively went to bed. One minute later the lights were turned off.

      Jubilee finally started to relax. Not that having Rogue possessed by
      Logan sleeping nearby was that relaxing. What had she gotten herself
      into, hiding important facts from Dr. Summers? The fact that Rogue
      had claws should be dealt with. Why had she covered for her friend?
      Trusting her instincts, Jubilee decided that she had probably acted
      for the best.

      "T'wasn't a half-bad movie," came from Rogue's bed.

      "Yeah. I knew you'd like it."

      "I never saw that movie," commented Rogue.

      "Look, it's gettin' hard to follow you, guys. Let's sleep, 'k?"
      replied Jubilee.

      "Night, Jubes."

      "Night, Rogue."

      "Night, kid."


      Jubilee woke with a start. Something was wrong in there, very wrong.
      Her instincts were screaming at her. There was no sound in the room.
      The alarm clock was glowing a red 3:30am. Jubilee stood still in her
      bed, trying to assess the situation.

      No sound. No light. What was that smell? It wasn't really stinking,
      but that smell was definitely odd. Stretching, Jubilee turned on the

      The scene which unfolded before her was worse than a nightmare.
      Sitting on the floor by the window, Rogue was staring at the blood
      slowly dropping from her left arm. Bone claws were unsheathed from
      her right hand. There was no sign of hurt, or pain, or anything but a
      sickining look of fascination on Rogue's face as she stared at the

      Jubilee grabbed the nearest piece of cloth she found and ran to
      Rogue, who didn't react.

      "What d'you think you're doing?!!" shouted Jubilee as she managed to
      apply the makeshift bandage on Rogue's arm.

      "What does it look like I'm doin?" came from Rogue, still staring at
      the now bandaged arm.

      "Ok, I want to talk to Logan, NOW," ordered Jubilee. Gee, that crazy
      guy in Rogue's head was going to hurt Marie.

      "He's here," replied Rogue, now shaking.

      Jubilee shook her head. "Ok, so you listen to me, buddy! I dunno
      what's yer damn problem is, but you are hurting Rogue... Marie here!
      If you want so bad to get us rid of yourself, wait for Dr. Summers to
      fix you up and do it to your own body!!!"

      Jubilee helped Rogue to her legs, making sure to not touch her skin
      in the process.

      "We'll get Dr. Summers, Rogue. Everything's gonna be fine," said
      Jubilee as she helped her friend out of the room. Unsure why, maybe
      the Exorcist flashbacks, Jubilee only wanted to get out of this room
      and now.

      "I'm scared," whispered Rogue.

      'I'm sorry, darlin'.' said Logan in her head.

      Part Five

      Jean heard the voices echoing down the hall a few seconds before she
      heard the light knocking on her door. She was so worried about Logan
      and Rogue, she'd been able to sleep only lightly, waking at every

      Scott groaned beside her as she got out of bed, but didn't wake up.
      As she approached the door, she could clearly hear Rogue say, "Let's
      go back, Jubes. I'm not even bleeding anymore."

      Jean swung the door open and saw the girls jump in the dimness of the
      hall's nightlight.

      "What's wrong?" she asked, closing the door behind her.

      "Rogue cut herself, and I thought you should look..."

      "How did you cut yourself, Rogue," Jean asked, worry creeping into
      her voice. Were Logan's suicidal tendencies already affecting the
      young woman?

      "Well, I..." she began in a meek tones, then her voice
      hardened, "does it really matter, Red? It's healed now anyway."

      Jean wasn't satisfied in the least. She turned to Jubilee, her
      expression demanding answers.

      "Well, Dr. Summers, Rogue's gained some of Logan's abilities."

      "Yes," Jean replied, "like the last time."

      "Umm, this is a little worse than the last time. Ya wanna show her,

      "I don't know how," Rogue answered, staring at her hands.

      "Ok, Logan?"

      "Don't wanna."

      "Logan, either you show her, or I'll make you show her," Jubilee

      Rogue turned and growled at her friend as Jean watched in
      shock. "Like to see you try, little girl."

      "That's it," Jubilee said and attacked, grabbing her friend in a
      choke hold. Rogue fought back, breaking Jubilee's grip and releasing
      the bone claws in one swift motion. She lunged at her, only to be
      stopped by an unseen hand.

      Shifting her gaze, she saw Jean, hand outstretched and shaking as she
      mentally held Rogue's body in place.

      "That's enough, Logan," Jean commanded, the strain making its way
      into her voice. "Let me talk to Rogue."

      Rogue's body relaxed and the bone claws resheathed. Jean waited a few
      seconds until she could be sure Rogue was in control and released her

      "Rogue, we need to go to the med lab. I have to check you out. I
      didn't know Logan's claws were a part of his mutation."

      Rogue nodded, looking sadly at her hands. "I didn't know either. Even
      after I found out everything, regained my memories, I didn't know.
      How could I have had these things all my life and not known?"

      Jean let that comment go. Both Logan and Rogue seemed to be
      cooperating at the moment, and she had to take advantage of that. She
      started walking, leading the two young women through the darkened
      hallways to the mansion's basement. As they entered, Rogue froze,
      staring at Logan's body on the bed.

      "Rogue?" Jean asked, but a gruffer voice answered.

      "No. I'm dead. It worked. I'm dead. What am I doing here? Why did you
      save me?"

      "Logan," Jean began, trying to appease the man trapped in Rogue's
      mind, "you have to understand. We..."

      "No!" a deep growl came from Rogue. Bone claws released and she ran
      towards the still patient.


      So? Feedback anyone?
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