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FIC: Night Butterflies 2 & 3/?

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  • rimmette@earthlink.net
    Title: Night Butterflies 2 & 3/? Authors: Khaki (rimmette@earthlink.net) and Loki (loki2@hotmail.com) Rating: PG13 Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2001
      Title: Night Butterflies 2 & 3/?
      Authors: Khaki (rimmette@...) and Loki (loki2@...)
      Rating: PG13
      Disclaimer: We own nothing, Stan Lee and Fox own everthing. We are
      only borrowing these characters for a short time, returning them
      relatively unharmed, if a little worse for wear.
      Summary: This is a movieverse fan fiction that involves Logan,
      Jubilee, and Rogue predominantly. It takes place three years after
      the movie, when Logan returns to the mansion after finding out about
      his past.


      Part 2

      When Jean Grey entered Xavier's office, she walked into a raging
      argument. She had already sensed that her fiancee, Scott Summers,
      wasn't happy with the latest events involving Logan. She had to admit
      to herself that the situation didn't give much credit to the

      Ororo Munroe was standing by the professor's desk, her eyes bearing a
      dangerous glowing shade of white. Xavier sat behind the huge desk,
      looking more upset than Jean had ever seen. Scott was fuming in the
      middle of the room.

      "I say we throw him out of here," he suggested, probably for the
      tenth time.

      "He is unconscious, Scott. He's not even breathing on his own right
      now," stated Jean as she made her presence known.

      "All right, so we throw him out when he wakes up! There must be a
      high-security psychiatric institution for guys like him."

      Charles Xavier sighed softly. He couldn't help but partially agree
      with Scott on that point. Logan had acted dangerously towards Rogue.
      The girls had already been quickly debriefed before being sent to
      their rooms. What the X-Men learned from them was scary. Out of
      nowhere, Logan had jumped on Rogue and kissed her.

      As if in a concerted agreement, Jubilee and Rogue didn't get into
      many details about the way Logan had actually forced Rogue to touch
      him, or rather, touched her. The implications of such actions were
      too frightening for the girls to realize or admit yet. Besides,
      neither of the girls wanted to elaborate on the subject right then.

      Charles Xavier scanned to room, reading the faces of his former
      pupils. He didn't need to use his gift to determine that anger was
      the dominant emotion emanating from them.

      "I suggest we wait until he can explain his actions," suggested Jean
      as she sat on the couch.

      "And put him in a cell in the meantime. That's where he belongs
      anyway! He's an animal!" added Scott.

      "I see no reason..." objected the professor.

      "No reason? For Christ's sake, Professor, he tried to kill Rogue!!"
      shouted Scott.

      "Scott, calm down! He didn't harm her, phycically, that is. The only
      one who got hurt was him..." cut in the professor, intentionally not
      finishing his sentence.

      "What do you mean, Professor?" asked Ororo, not sure of what he was
      leaving unsaid.

      "That he tried to kill himself?" guessed Jean, realization dawning on

      "Indeed, Jean."

      Scott sat heavily on the couch by his fiancee. "Great. Three years
      later, he comes out of nowhere and decides that the best way to die
      is to traumatize Rogue in the process," he said.

      "How is Rogue, now?" asked a concerned Ororo, now calmed down

      "She's relatively shaken. Jubilee is with her. We'll be there to help
      her, if she wants us to," explained Xavier.

      "Wants us to? Professor, I'm sure after what..."

      "Scott, now that she has absorbed a part of Logan's memories and
      personality traits again, no one can be sure of her reactions,"
      explained the professor.

      "Great, just great. What if she becomes suicidal as well?" Scott

      The office felt silent as the depth of this question hit them.


      Part 3

      "We'll have to keep a eye on her. She and Jubilee share a room.
      Jubilee will be able to monitor her," the professor answered.

      "Logan can be very... tenacious," Jean added. "Jubilee might not be

      "Speaking of which, what is Logan's condition?" the professor asked.

      "Very bad," Jean answered. "Right now he's on a respirator. He has
      severe burns around his skeletal structure from the electrical heart
      stimulation. I had to increase the voltage because too much of the
      electricity was being diverted away from his heart to do any good.
      He's unconscious now, and given his prior experience with Rogue,
      probably in a coma, although I haven't had a chance to assess that

      "Will he wake up?"

      "Probably, although I can't be sure. It will definitely take longer
      than the few days it took last time. If he had held on a few seconds
      more, I don't think he'd be alive."

      "Jean, just get him better. That's all I ask," Scott said. "Get him
      healed and out of the med bay. Then I'll kill him."

      "And I'll help," Storm added.


      Rogue sat rocking on her bed, hugging her pillow to her chest and
      staring across the room at nothing.

      'Why did you do it, Logan?' she thought to herself. 'Why did you
      touch me?'

      A tidal wave of memories flooded her mind. Bodies, death, stench,
      blood, guilt, pain, hate, the scenes kept changing every second,
      getting more and more graphic and horrifying.

      She fell back on the bed, clutching her head and screaming, "NOOOO!!!
      Stop!" at the top of her lungs. Just as quickly as they appeared the
      images stopped and she was back in her room.

      'Sorry, darlin'.' apologized Logan's voice in her head. 'Can't
      control the memories.'

      "Rogue, are you ok?" Jubilee asked.

      Rogue could smell the fear and concern wafting from her friend, and
      she couldn't tell if it was her or Logan who answered, "That's a
      stupid question."

      "Yeah, uh... sorry. Why did he do it, touch you?"

      Rogue shuddered as the memories tried to break through. "Don't ask
      me right now, Jubes. Ok?"

      "Ok. Should I go get Remy? He really wants to..."

      "No! I won't have no pansy-assed, French-speaking geek around my

      "Uh... Rogue?"

      Rogue rubbed her head, trying to regain control. How could Logan
      think she was his girl after he'd left her for three years without so
      much as a phone call?

      'Because you are, darlin',' he mentally replied.

      'No, Logan,' she corrected. 'You may have saved my life, but a lot
      has changed while you've been gone.'

      "No!" Logan/Rogue screamed. Rogue jumped from her bed and started
      pacing the room, clearly agitated. Her knuckles itched terribly, and
      he/she just wanted to beat someone up.

      "Well, if not Remy, maybe we could get the professor. You seem a
      very upset," Jubilee said in a slow voice, trying to calm her friend.

      Logan was furious. He just wanted to be left alone with Rogue. The
      professor might be able to do something to mess this up. Using her
      body, he jumped Jubilee. Holding up a fist, he replied, "You've
      never seen me very upset, little girl." Then, he released his claws.

      The pain in her right hand brought Rogue's personality back into
      control of her body. She looked at it in shock. Three nine-inch
      bone claws were protruding from between her knuckles.

      Looking into the shocked face of her friend, she said, "Ow."


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