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Somewhat Damaged 5/? Cordelia

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  • Swampfoetus@aol.com
    Sorry I haven t gotten it out sooner, my dad s been sick so I came home from school to help out. He s all better now and currently pondering my new hair
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2001
      Sorry I haven't gotten it out sooner, my dad's been sick so I came home from
      school to help out. He's all better now and currently pondering my new hair
      colour... Brown with purple streaks (I was goin for a punk rock Rogue look
      and it worked!) Here you all go... More feedback please! You all rock!!

      Caught mid bite, chartruese eyes wide as dinner plate Rogue threw the
      chicken down in the serving basket and grabbed for her purse.

      "Lookin fer this, Darlin?" Logan asked holding up the black knit bag he'd
      grabbed from under the table. Rogue's eyes flared and she grabbed for the
      bag, the leather lips of her gloves stained with bbq sauce.

      "Gimme mah damned bag" She drawled darkly, Logan grinned and tossed it at
      her. Catching it on her chest she made the move to leave but Logan caught her
      arm provoking a flinch. He frowned.

      "I'd like to talk to you kid, maybe shoot a round. You game?"

      She looked around backwards at the bar and pool tables, no one was paying
      attention to them. Rogue twisted back to face him.

      "Let. Me. Go" She hissed at him, apprehension coming off her in waves.

      "Look kid, we're in a public place, I couldn't hurt you here, and I wouldn't
      otherwise, so sit down."

      She resumed her spot on the seat oppisate him with a grunt grabbing her own
      beer and taking a gulp.

      "Yer to young to be drinking that"

      "You gonna rat me out?"


      "Then you're point would be?"

      "Just a statement."

      Jade eyes searing at him. Calm blue ones stared peacefully back, her grinned
      at her puffing on his black cheroot.

      "Jean said she saw you at the library"

      She raised a brow. "Ah, don't have a computer, so?"

      "I don't take ya fer the studing type"

      "What is that supposed ta mean, ya think Ah'm stupid?"

      "Know ya ain't. 153 IQ, made good grades in Mississippi, fluent in two
      languages, took advanced classes since you were in the 3rd grade." She looked
      up at him in confussion. " I also know you have a shitty attendence record,
      the Professer has your file" He offered as an explaination.

      The crossed thin arms over ample breasts pushing her cleavage against the
      dark blue neck line of her shirt.

      Logan diverted his eyes back up to her face and took a sip of his beer before
      shrugging. "He likes to be thorough with those he's intrested. Especially if
      they're attacking his team."

      "Y'all attaked me remember?"

      "Believe that if ya want kid"

      "You should leave me alone"

      "Alone's not a good place to be left, kid, I know"

      "Quit callin' me that!" She demanded.

      "Sure, Rogue"

      "Listen mistah-"


      "Mistah Logan-"

      "No, just Logan."

      "Ah don't know what y'all want from me, but Ah don't want nottin from y'all"

      "We want to help."


      He paused, another sip and another drag, then guestured at the people sitting
      at the bar. "Those men over there," her eyes followed the direction the cigar
      stub was pointed, " What do you think they'd do to you if they found out yer
      a freak? They'll drag ya out back and have their way with the pretty little
      mutie who dared to show up in public. And America would justify it as
      appropriate punishment for an abomination. They would just turn their heads
      at it" Rogue's eyes shot back to him.

      "Ah'm doin just fine on mah own." She replied diffiently.

      "Whatcha doin' ain't livin, darlin', it's just surviving and barely too." She
      looked away from him. "I'll make you a deal. We play one round," he made a
      motion towards the pool tables. " I win, you come back tomorrow and we talk
      somemore, you win we don't mess with yu anymore" Rogue looked at him
      doubtfully. "Come on, kid, even if you lose all you'll have to do is talk."

      She hestitated then nodded unsurely.

      "Fahn" she rubbed the sauce from her faux leather gloves, left over from a
      Halloween costume a year ago. Then rose, him following watching the subtle
      roll of her hips.

      'Letcher' he chidded himself and brought his eyes up to her hair, medium
      lengthed and curled at the ends. She turned on her heel and tossed him a
      stick, Logan caught it with grace as she set the rack.

      She came around to where he stood to take her next shoot, tan suede hung low
      hugging the sharp contors of her hips and the dark blue long sleeved shirt
      she wore rode up as she bent, revealing a lotus tattoo on the small of her
      back. She sunk the last two balls and turned, full lips pulled across sharp
      little teeth in a ferel grin.

      "Ah win" She tossed him the stick and headed back for her table

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