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NEW Fic: Lapse of Reason 4/?

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  • teufelce@aol.com
    Title: Lapse of Reason (4/?) Author: Chris (teufelce@aol.com) Genre: Romance/Action/Character Study Rating: PG-13 so far,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2001
      Title: Lapse of Reason (4/?)
      Author: Chris (teufelce@...)
      Genre: Romance/Action/Character Study
      Rating: PG-13 so far, for profanity
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Summary: Logan and Rogue try to deal with their developing feelings for
      another, amidst sudden change
      Thanks to: Tracie, who has trusted me enough to let me develop her idea,
      and to
      Jo and Z, as always, they know why...
      Disclaimer: The characters of X-Men (i.e. Logan, Professor Xavier, etc.)
      belong to
      Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Pictures. This
      story is for
      entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement
      Archive: Hell yes, just please let me know where.

      **Special thanks to Jo - thanks for being there when I needed you, mate. And
      even when I didn't. You're the best - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! see, bet you didn't
      think I was gonna follow through on my promise...;)


      It had been three hours since he'd left the medlab. Three hours since he'd
      walked through the halls with nothing else on his mind but the tiny slip of a
      woman currently locked behind her own door. Behind her own door and

      "God damn it!" he cursed, sitting bolt upright in bed, tension singing
      through his body with all the images that thought brought surging through his
      mind. Images of a very naked Marie beneath his hands and mouth...

      With a frustrated growl, Logan threw the sheets back and climbed out of bed.
      <Way to look out for her, asshole.. She's upset, vulnerable and all you can
      think about is how good she'd feel...> he thought, as he stalked into the
      bathroom. Wrenching the cold water knob on to full, Logan shed his
      sweatpants and quickly ducked into the spray. The ice cold water needling
      into his skin slowly brought the betrayal of his body under control, but did
      nothing for the knots in his muscles. Or the thoughts still worming their
      way into his brain...

      A string of muttered curses followed his exit from the shower and he ran a
      towel over his body with cursory abruptness. Yanking his sweats back on, he
      returned to the bedroom to stand once again in front of the window. Staring
      out at the inkblack sky, while he struggled with his conscience.

      <You're no good for her.>

      <I can take care of her.>

      <Take care of her? Yeah, you've done a bang up job of that so far,
      asshole... First Magneto, then a nice swim in an icy lake...>

      <Shut the fuck up... I got her out, didn't I?>

      <Yeah, you did... and now she doesn't wanna be anywhere near you...>

      <Shut up... just shut the fuck up!!>

      The bitter voice inside finally falling silently, Logan turned from the
      window with his hands clenched. All this... this 'waiting' and 'giving her
      time' shit was driving him crazy. He'd thought coming to terms with the fact
      that he was attracted to her... that he cared for her in a decidedly
      non-brotherly way, had been difficult? Well, it didn't even hold a candle to
      knowing she could be touched and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

      Another growl rumbling up from his chest, Logan dropped to the soft carpeted
      floor and began a series of rapid pushups, hoping that the physical activity
      would help stem some of the rampant frustrated energy boiling him up inside.
      After the first set of 50, still no improvement.

      After the second set, a light glistening sweat breaking out over his skin,
      still no relief from thoughts of Marie. Everything in him was screaming at
      him to go down the hall, open that door and let her know just how he really
      felt about her. His self-control beginning to waver, a faint desparation
      shaded his movements as he flipped onto his back and began doing crunches.
      Exhaling through his nose with a soft grunt each time his abdominal muscles
      clenched and released...

      "Shit..." he muttered, finally coming to an abrupt halt and running a shaky
      hand through damp hair. It wasn't working. Hell, nothing was working. She
      was rapidly becoming all he could think about and while the thought both
      terrified and thrilled him at the same time, he knew that pushing her would
      be the lowest thing he could do. And he hated himself enough already to want
      to add taking advantage of the only person he'd ever cared about to his long
      list of sins. "God, I need a drink..."

      Logan climbed slowly to his feet and began to search his room for where he'd
      thrown his jeans and shirt. He had every intention of hopping on Cyke's
      bike, driving into town and getting so shitfaced drunk that, when he finally
      crawled back, all he'd be capable of *would* be sleep.

      It was while he was bending down to pick up his jeans that he smelt her.
      Smelt Marie. Faint enough at first, that he thought it might've been
      lingering on his clothes from this afternoon. But as the scent grew steadily
      stronger, his heart began to pound in his chest. Eyes glittering in the dim
      light of his room, Logan turned to face the door. Marie. In the hallway and
      coming closer. His ears registered the gentle fall of bare feet on wooden
      floors, a sound that stopped right outside his own room. Lungs laboring to
      breath, he walked silently to the door and stood there. Waiting. His
      forehead leaning against the wood as he waited for her next move...

      The first soft knock had barely faded and he was pulling the door open, to
      find a slackjawed Marie staring up at him, eyes wide. Eyes that slowly
      drifted down to stare at his sweaty and bare chest, and sent all of his blood
      migrating to certain parts of his anatomy. Noting the slight flush that was
      blossoming across her cheeks, he couldn't stop the low growl of pleasure that
      vibrated in his throat. At the sound, Marie's eyes snapped back up to his
      face and her blush grew worse as she began to stammer.

      "Logan... I'm sorry... I shouldn't have... I hope I didn't wake you." A slow
      grin graced his lips as he shrugged.

      "Nah, I was awake anyway. How're you feeling - something wrong?" Gone was
      the 'kid' that usually peppered most of his previous conversations with her
      and Marie tilted her head slightly in response.

      "No... no, nothing wrong... I just thought... I wanted to talk to you and..."
      Her voice drifted off as she started to chew anxiously on her lower lip, her
      gaze dropping to the bare floor between them.

      "Well don't just stand in the hallway, darlin', come on in. And I agree, we
      got a lot to talk about..." Marie looked up quickly at the unfamiliar
      endearment and he stepped aside, motioning for her to enter. With the
      slightest of hesitations, she slipped past him and he allowed himself a
      moment's revelry in the sweet scent of her so close to him, before he reached
      out and shut the door behind them.

      End of Chapter 4
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