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REPOST Fic: Lapse of Reason 3/?

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    Title: Lapse of Reason (3/?) Author: Chris (teufelce@aol.com) Genre: Romance/Action/Character Study Rating: PG-13 so far,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2001
      Title: Lapse of Reason (3/?)
      Author: Chris (teufelce@...)
      Genre: Romance/Action/Character Study
      Rating: PG-13 so far, for profanity
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Summary: Logan and Rogue try to deal with their developing feelings for
      another, amidst sudden change
      Thanks to: Tracie, who has trusted me enough to let me develop her idea,
      and to
      Jo and Z, as always, they know why...
      Disclaimer: The characters of X-Men (i.e. Logan, Professor Xavier, etc.)
      belong to
      Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Pictures. This
      story is for
      entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement
      Archive: Hell yes, just please let me know where.

      By the time Logan reached the cars, Jean had Scott stretched out in the back
      seat of the Ford, and was busy examining the wound on his head. Leaving
      Marie huddled in the back seat of their own car. Jean looked up his approach.

      "Logan, you're soaked through - get in the car with Marie. I have the heat
      on full, so you both can warm up until the jet gets here." Logan bristled at
      the commanding tone of her voice.

      "It's not like I'm gonna get sick, Jeannie..." he muttered, his eyes flicking
      up to catch Marie staring at him through the windshield. With that look of
      fear and something else in her eyes...


      "Alright, alright... I'm going..." On his way to the car, he'd picked up his
      jacket and boots and was in the process of pulling the jacket on when he
      reached the side of the sedan, his soaked shirt bunched in his hand.
      Something about the way Marie was looking at him through the glass made him
      move his hand from the door to the back to the door to the front seat. As he
      climbed in and slammed the door behind him, he felt the warm air from the
      heater wash over him and let out a tired sigh.

      "You... you ok?" Marie's shaky voice brought his eyes sliding around to
      focus on her.

      "Yeah, I'm ok. You?" She just nodded her head in reply. As the returning
      warmth of his body forced a shiver through him, her eyes narrowed.

      "You're shivering." He would've smiled over the concern in her voice, if she
      hadn't looked so damn serious.

      "Kid, when you've got a skeleton laced with metal, it takes a while for the
      cold to work its way out," he chuckled, trying to lighten the weight he could
      see in her eyes.

      "Oh... yeah...." She shrank back into Jean's jacket and turned her head to
      look out the window. Logan could feel her pulling deeper into herself, and
      the stench of her fear and anxiety in the confined air of the car was more
      than he could take.

      "Listen, you sure you're ok? I mean... I would've thought you'd be happy."
      Marie turned to face him again, her face carefully guarded.

      "Happy? Why would I be happy?"

      "It may have been scary how it happened, Marie, but you can *touch* now. You
      don't have that hanging over your head anymore." There was a flash of
      something in her eyes, something he'd almost managed to pin down before it
      was just as suddenly gone again. Replaced by a melancholy sadness.

      "You heard Jean, Logan. For how long? I can't... I just..." Her voice had
      grown more unsteady and he could see her furiously blinking away tears.

      "Hey, hey, it's ok. You don't have to think about it now - just relax and
      warm up. Jeannie'll look into it once we get back to the mansion." She
      nodded mutely at his words and went back to staring out the window. Logan
      leaned back in his seat and stared down at his rough, chapped hands.

      <Way to go, asshole. She just got attacked and pulled into a frozen river,
      almost died, doesn't even know what the hell is going on, and you go and push
      her. Way to fucking go...> he shook his head angrily, as he watched her
      reflection in the rearview mirror quietly wipe away the tears. "Asshole..."

      "Did you say something, Logan?"

      "Nah, nothing..." he muttered, not turning around to face her. He heard her
      weight shift on the back seat and then her voice was closer, directly behind

      "You sure? I could swear..."

      "It was nothing, kid." His own voice sounded rough and harsh, as he forced
      himself to keep breathing. The thought that she was so close to him, that
      she could be *touched* now, was not helping his state of mind... Not a damn
      bit... He heard her slide back in the seat again and he could've kicked
      himself for the wounded tone in her voice.

      "Well, ok... if you're sure..." Before he could turn and apologize, the
      sound of the jet landing killed the words on his lips.

      "Storm's here," Marie blurted and then she was out of the car and moving
      across the snow for the lowered ramp. Logan followed more slowly, uttering
      one last "asshole" for posterity...


      The flight back was in silence - Jean was busy concentrating on stitching up
      the gash on Scott's forehead, and Storm concentrated on flying the jet.
      Marie stayed huddled in her seat across from Logan, and kept her eyes focused
      straight ahead of her. Not sure what to say, and not too thrilled about
      having an audience, Logan kept his mouth shut, only grunting once when Storm
      executed a less than perfect landing. Xavier was waiting for them and led
      the way to the lab. Jean walked with the Professor, explaining in detail
      what had happened to them. Storm had put her arm comfortingly around Marie's
      shoulder and was talking quietly to her, and Logan found himself saddled with
      helping a wobbly Scott navigate through the hallways. The periodic groans
      that escaped the younger man effectively silenced any smartass remarks he was
      tempted to make, and he helped him along as carefully as he could.

      Once they were inside the lab, Storm led Marie over to a seat, while Jean
      took Scott from Logan and lay him down on the exam table for a head x-ray.
      When the films showed no skull fractures or permanent damage, she turned her
      attention to Marie.

      "Rogue, I'd like to take a CT scan of your brain, to see if it shows us
      anything about what's happened to your mutation."

      "I... I guess so. OK. Is it going to hurt?" Although the fear and
      uncertainty in Marie's voice made Logan bristle, he kept his mouth shut and
      continued to lean silently against the wall. He, maybe more than anyone else
      in that room, wanted to know what had happened to Marie. What had happened
      that had suddenly made her touchable... The other thoughts that followed on
      the heels of that one, he ruthlessly stuffed back down and refused to
      acknowledge. <Bad enough the kid's frightened, she doesn't need you suddenly
      panting all over her like a dog in heat...>

      "No, it won't hurt, Rogue. I promise. Now if you'll just come over here..."
      Jean helped Marie get comfortable on the table and then slid her into the
      machine. Joining the Professor at the computer screen, she began to press
      buttons and a multicolor image of Marie's brain appeared on the screen. A
      few more buttons and another image appeared next to the first. Although the
      two images were nearly identical, there was one noticeable difference. Even
      from a distance, Logan could see that the first image lacked an area of
      colour that was bright red in the second image.

      "Interesting..." murmured Xavier. Jean pointed directly to the area of
      difference Logan had noticed.

      "Yes, this is a CT I took of Rogue a few months ago," Jean said, as she
      pointed to the second image. "As you can see here, there's definite activity
      in this part of her brain." She pointed to the first image. "Activity which
      is completely lacking here."

      "Yes, I see. It seems that part of her brain has simply shut down," the
      Professor responded, nodding.

      "I wonder, Professor - Rogue said that there was pain and a bright flash of
      light. Is it possible that the other mutant's ability clashed with hers
      and... shorted it out, for lack of a better term?"

      "It is possible. Whatever that ability was, it may have disrupted the flow
      of neurotransmitters across the synapses in the part of her brain that
      controls her mutation. Effectively rendering that part of her brain unable
      to function. Whether it's permanent or only temporary, we won't know until
      more tests are run..."

      "Well, I think you oughtta run those tests some other time," Logan growled,
      pushing away from the wall. Both Jean and Xavier turned to face him.

      "Logan," Jean began patiently, but he cut her off.

      "No, some other time," he bit off the words. "I can smell the stench of her
      fear all the way over here - she's been sitting in that machine scared
      shitless while you pick over pictures of her brain. She comes out of there
      *now*." Jean's eyes had widened at his words and she hurried over to the CT

      "Logan, you have our apologies. We didn't mean to neglect poor Rogue - we
      only want to help her." Xavier's words were soothing, compassionate, but
      Logan shrugged them off angrily.

      "Save your apologies for her, not me." By that time, Jean had helped a
      trembling Marie sit up on the table and, with a last glare at Xavier, Logan
      started over to them. Marie looked up at his approach and her eyes widened.
      She shrank back into Jean's arms, and Logan let the hand he'd started to
      raise drop back to his side, speechless. It was as if she was afraid...
      afraid of *him*... He watched in silence as Jean helped her off the table
      and told her to go to her room and rest, that they'd talk more tomorrow.
      Storm put her arm around Marie and gently led her from the room.


      "What, Jeannie?" he growled out, harsher than he'd intended, but he was still
      reeling from the look of panic on Marie's face when he'd reached out to touch
      her. She hadn't been afraid to let *Jean* touch her... or *Storm*... only

      "Give her time, Logan. She's frightened and she doesn't know her own mind
      right now..."

      "What the hell is that suppose to mean?" he snarled, turning to face her.

      "It means that she needs time, Logan. Give it to her." Jean's eyes were
      unreadable, but her words were gentle, and Logan let his breath out in an
      explosive sigh.

      "Yeah... alright. I'm going to get some rest. Jean?"

      "Yes, Logan?"

      "Thanks. For looking after her..." Whatever response Jean might've made was
      cut off by the lab doors as they slid shut behind him. Logan rubbed a tired
      hand across his face as he climbed the stairs to the second floor of the
      mansion. Tried not to think of Marie as he silently padded past her room, to
      his own at the far end of the hall. Tried not to think of her as he stood
      staring out his window at the darkening sky. Tried... and didn't even come
      close to succeeding.

      End of Chapter 3
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