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Fic: Tales from the Back of a Pizza Delivery Truck (1/1) [PG-13]

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  • Diebin
    TITLE: Tales From the Back of a Pizza Delivery Truck AUTHOR: Diebin RATING: PG-13 for Bad Words SUMMERY: Exactly what the title says. ARCHIVE: Usual Suspects
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2001
      TITLE: Tales From the Back of a Pizza Delivery Truck
      AUTHOR: Diebin
      RATING: PG-13 for Bad Words
      SUMMERY: Exactly what the title says.
      ARCHIVE: Usual Suspects
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own the mutants. And the pizza boy owns himself.
      DEDICATED TO: The real life Kevin the Pizza Boy, who used to have late
      night talks with me on the curb about life and love. And to Donna, for
      being a fracked up arrogant biyatch with me.


      Time: 5.27.25 15:37
      Phone Number: 343-5454
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Jubilation Lee
      Order: Large Cheese with Mushrooms, 2-liter Coke

      Two girls were waiting on the steps when he got there, one in bright yellow
      and one all in black.

      Kevin recognized one of them. He'd been delivering pizza in Westchester for
      a year already, and his willingness to go to the 'mutie place' had kept him
      in relatively decent job security despite the apparent recession.

      Plus, the kids at the school tipped well, any apparent genetic anomalies

      "Hey, Jubes." Jubilee was his most frequent customer--calling at all odd
      hours of the night with some of the damndest requests for pizza he'd ever

      The girl in yellow bounced to her feet, sunglasses falling slightly askew.
      "Kevin, babe, you are my knight in shining armor."

      "I gotta admit, I didn't believe them when they handed me the order."
      Balancing the pizza easily on one hand, he pretended to squint at the
      label. "Cheese with mushrooms? How tame, Jubilee. How very tame."

      "Phaw." Flopping a hand at him in the patented valley girl gesture he'd
      come to love so well, Jubilee reached down and wrapped her hand around the
      other girl's wrist, dragging her to her feet. "I blame it all on my new
      friend Rogue. She's from down south--you know how them confederates are.
      Wouldn't wanna scare her."

      "Rogue, huh?" Kevin had gotten used to the strange names some of the kids
      around here went by, and he thought maybe a little of the reason they liked
      him so much was that he never, ever blinked. "Nice to meet you."

      "Hi." Her voice was a low, sultry drawl--the kind of voice that'd start
      doing some pretty dangerous things to men in a year or two.

      "Cut the chit chat, Kev." Jubilee punched him lightly in the arm, flashing
      her best grin. "I want my food."

      "You got it, Jubilee." Depositing the box in Rogue's arms, Kevin flashed
      the shy girl a smile before handing the soda to Jubilee. "You know the
      total, darling."

      As usual, Jubilee handed over thirty dollars with a kiss on the cheek.
      "Keep the change, Kev babe."

      "Until next week." Ruffling Jubilee's hair, and ignoring the accompanying
      shriek, Kevin swung back around to his car.

      "You just wait," Jubilee called after him. "I'm gonna order out tomorrow
      just so you have to get that lazy butt of your in action."

      He laughed at her over the door. "I'm counting the minutes."


      Time: 7.18.25 17:25
      Phone Number: 343-5453
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Marie Gordon
      Order: Small Pepperoni

      "Hey, Kevin."

      "Hiya, Rogue." Balancing the pizza on one hand, Kevin gave the label a long
      look. "Marie Gordon, huh?"

      Rogue smiled, the smile Kevin loved to tease out of her because it was so
      rare. "Well I can't exactly be callin' out for delivery for Rogue. Sounds
      pretty silly."

      Kevin smiled. "I think we're used to silly from you folks. Jubilation is
      not exactly the average run of the mill New York name, you know." Shifting
      the pizza a little, Kevin tilted his head towards the school. "How are you
      liking it here?"

      "Oh, it's wonderful." She said it a little to fast, a little to
      forcefully--almost like she was trying to convince herself.

      But he was a pizza delivery boy, not a social worker. All in all, it was
      none of his business. "Eleven dollars even, Rogue."

      She handed him a twenty, and it was the first time he noticed the gloves.
      He'd learned not to stare when people did strange things around here--but
      it was July and far too warm for gloves, not to mention the long sleeved
      shirt and pants.

      He glanced back up at her face, and was sad to see how cold it had gotten.
      She took the pizza from him and balanced it carefully so that it was hiding
      the gloves. "Thanks, Kevin." She was nervous now. Jumpy.

      "Hey--Rogue." He probably should have kept his mouth shut--but she looked
      so damn young, and even his measly twenty-one years seemed ancient compared
      to her. "Don't worry 'bout it, okay? Jubilee nearly seared my ass with her
      little sparklies--"

      Rogue snorted. "Jubilee has a unique sense of humor about these things."

      But she was smiling, and that was enough. "See ya around, Rogue."

      "G'bye, Kevin."


      Time: 10.27.25 12:57
      Phone Number: 343-5454
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Jubilation Lee
      Order: Two Large Combos, 4 liters coke


      Almost before he managed to get the car into park Jubilee was perched on
      his hood, giving him an accusing look through the windshield. "Took you
      damn well long enough."

      "Jubilation Lee." Climbing out of the car, he neglected the pizza for the
      time being. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you're drunk."

      Rogue looked up from the curb where she was sitting with Kitty and Bobby.
      "Who says you know better?" the girl drawled. "Jubilee is--"

      "Just perfectly sober." Jubilee cut in from her perch on the hood of his
      car. "And wants her pizza, thank you very much."

      Leaning against the car, Kevin smiled. "And what is going on here tonight?"

      Rogue pointed at Bobby, who was tilting slightly as he attempted to explain
      something to Kitty. "Twenty first birthday."

      "Aaaah." Drunk mutants. If he had any sense at all, he'd be scared out of
      his mind. "I suppose then I should give you the food before Jubilee here
      tries to light my ass on fire again."

      "Damn straight." Jubilee watched him suspiciously as he leaned into the
      car, dragging the two boxes across the seat. "Hey there--careful with the

      Kevin just laughed.

      Whoever said mutants were evil hadn't met his Saturday night pizza crew.


      Time: 1.15.26 10:01
      Phone Number: 343-5457
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Kitty Pryde
      Order: One large vegetarian

      Kevin poked his head out of the car. "What, no Jubilee?"

      Rogue laughed. "She said she couldn't come down because her hair was a
      mess." Pushing herself to her feet, Rogue walked towards the car with Kitty
      close behind her.

      "Her hair?" Pulling the pizza from the car, Kevin gave the two girls a
      baffled look.

      Kitty leaned over Rogue's shoulder and smiled. "I think someone's got a
      crush on the pizza boy."

      Rogue smiled and nudged Kitty away with an elbow, and Kevin had to smile.
      Six months in the school had done wonders for Rogue--she smiled a lot more,
      she talked a lot more--and when she reached to give him the money--

      She didn't look ashamed of the gloves.

      "Well just between us," and he lowered his voice to a conspiratorial
      whisper. "I think the pizza boy's probably a little smitten too."

      Kitty squealed, and Rogue gave him that slow blooming smile that she was so
      good at. "I'll keep that our little secret," she said, taking the pizza
      from his hands.

      "You do that."


      Time: 4.27.26 15:30
      Phone Number: 343-5400
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Charles Xavier
      Order: 5 large cheese, 5 large combos, 1 large ham and pineapple, assorted

      Six of them were sitting out on the curb when he got there, one of whom was
      definitely a new guy.

      And the new guy was definitely all over Rogue.

      "Kev, babe--light of my life." Jubilee was in fine form, practically
      dancing to the car. "How'd ya like our super sized order?"

      Kevin smiled. "I only have one question--who ordered the ham and

      Jubilee made a face. "That, my dear friend, is entirely the Professor's
      dirty little obsession." Without waiting for permission, she skipped around
      the side of his car and opened the passenger door. "Lemme give you a hand."

      Kevin glanced towards the sidewalk again. "Who's the new guy, and what is
      he doing to Rogue?"

      Jubilee glanced over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. "That is Remy, and
      he's doing what he's been trying to do since he got here."

      Pulling a couple of pizzas from the car and setting them on the roof, Kevin
      raised an eyebrow. "And that is--"

      "Why get in her pants, of course." She slammed the car door with maybe a
      little more force than necessary, and Kevin winced.

      "Remy heard that, Jubilation Lee."

      Kevin met Jubilee's eyes over the car. "Is it just me, Jubes--or is he
      talking in the third person?"

      Gathering an armful of pizza, Jubilee grinned. "Babe, I wish it were just
      you." Jubilee marched over to Bobby and deposited her load in his arms
      before swerving back around the car to pull a wad of cash from her pocket
      and shove it into Kevin's hand.

      He glanced down, and nearly dropped it. "Jubes--I think you made a mistake
      here. This is a forty dollar tip."

      Jubilee smiled. "Prof loves you almost as much as we do, Kev babe. Now get
      on along home so we can call you again in a few days."


      Time: 7.14.26 01:30
      Phone Number: 343-5453
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Marie Gordon
      Order: Small pepperoni

      He knew it was a bad night when he pulled up to find Rogue crying on the

      "Hey, Rogue." Pizza lying forgotten in the car, Kevin crouched down in
      front of the girl. "Rogue, what's up?"

      She didn't look up. "I screwed up, Kevin. I screwed up good."

      Nowhere in the pizza delivery boy job description did it include comforting
      sobbing mutants at 1:30 in the morning.

      But hell, it was Rogue. He liked her, as much as he could like anyone he
      saw a few times a month for a few minutes at a time. And he couldn't just
      leave her here . . .

      "Are you scared of me?" She was looking him in the eyes, suddenly--and he
      almost jerked back. Her eyes were so old--so full of pain and hate and
      things that nobody her age should begin to know about.

      "Nah." He wasn't sure if it was the truth or not, but he didn't feel guilty
      about lying. "Nothing to be afraid of. You're Rogue, who likes pepperoni

      She didn't laugh. She didn't even smile. She lifted a hand, gloved, and
      held it next to his face. "Do you have any idea what I could do to you if I
      touched you without this on?"

      "Nope." And god, she looked so unstable that all he could do was hope she
      wasn't planning on showing him. "Don't much care either, Rogue."

      She stared at him blankly. "I could kill you, and you don't care?"

      Kevin cracked a smile. "Anyone could kill me, Rogue, if they put their mind
      to it. You want me to waste my time thinking everyone's going to try?
      That'd be a pretty sad way to live your life."

      He wasn't sure what she was going to say--wasn't sure what he was going to
      say and was spared from thinking of something by looking up to see Jubilee
      jogging down the walkway. "Rogue!"

      Rogue jerked back and hid her face in her hands. "Go away, Jubes. I don't
      wanna fucking talk about it anymore."

      "Tough shit, babe." Jubilee flashed Kevin a grateful smile before wrapping
      a hand around Rogue's arm and dragging her to her feet. "We're your
      friends, sweetie. And we're not gonna let you cut us off."

      He watched Rogue's shoulders sag as she turned obediently back towards the
      school. Jubilee looked at her for a second before turning back to Kevin.
      "Thanks, Kev. I'll give you the low down in a few days, okay?"

      They were already long disappeared into the school before he remembered the
      small pepperoni pizza sitting in his car.

      He paid for it himself and brought it home.


      Time: 7.20.26 02:05
      Phone Number: 343-5454
      Address: Graymalkin Lane
      Client: Jubilation Lee
      Order: Medium ham with anchovies

      Kevin made sure she was the last order of the night.

      They were perched on the back of his car, the remains of a six pack of beer
      and medium pizza between them, and Jubilee was being uncharacteristically

      "It's not all fun and games." Tilting her head, she looked at him. "Y'know?
      Like some of the times it seems like it's just this big sleepover, and we
      forget that there's a reason we're all here."

      Kevin nodded, knowing the best thing he could do would be to listen.

      "Then something happens like that--or something even more serious, and we
      remember that we're here because there are a lot of people who want us
      dead. And then you realize that this time you were lucky and you're
      alive--but next time you may not be."

      "But you are." She was being so morbid he felt like he needed to point it

      "Yeah." Jubilee picked up another piece of pizza and stared at it. "Rogue
      hurt Remy pretty bad, and she wasn't even trying to. It's got her head all
      messed up--and the only person she really trusts--this big hulk of a man
      who brought her here in the first place--he's god knows where. And he's
      another problem--this guy. Logan. She hurt him like this too . . . twice.
      They remember that, and they look at her now . . ." Jubilee's eyes were
      dark. "A lot of people are scared of her now."

      "Are you?" Tact wasn't always his strongest point.

      Jubilee tilted her head again, giving him a long look. "You're not." It was
      a statement.

      Kevin smiled. "I'm just a human. If I was afraid of her, I'd have to be
      afraid of all of you."

      "But you're not." This time it was more of a question.

      He answered it. "Nah. I'm not."

      She smiled at him, and suddenly being a pizza delivery boy was enough.


      Okay, yeah . . . so that was random. :)

      "Outside, never felt a rain like this
      Never wanted a kiss like this
      Inside, all of my wildest dreams
      Never thought it could happen to me"
      --'Let It Rain' >Silent Iris<
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