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Fic: Interview #3 - 1/1 [L/R]

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  • victoria p.
    Title: Interview #3 Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@att.net] Series: Crossing Canada Summary: Logan runs. Rogue follows. Rating: PG-13 for language Disclaimer:
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      Title: Interview #3
      Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@...]
      Series: Crossing Canada
      Summary: Logan runs. Rogue follows.
      Rating: PG-13 for language
      Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel and Fox; this piece of
      fan-written fiction intends no infringement on any copyrights.
      Archive: If you've already got my stuff, yes. If not, please just let me
      know you're taking it.
      Feedback: Is adored.
      Notes: Thanks to Dot, Meg, Jen, and Pete.


      Interview #3

      Rogue went back to the motel and packed up her stuff. She'd learned
      everything she needed to know, and the trip to Chisolm wasn't short.

      She arrived early the next morning. Getting a room was easy, so she decided
      to do a recon of the town. She found the two fight bars easily enough --
      they were on the same street, across from the motel. Along with two strip

      She sighed. Why did Logan always have to pick the bad side of town?

      After a nap, a meal and a shower, she headed out for the evening. Since the
      fights wouldn't start until late, she figured she'd make the rounds of the
      strip clubs. First, she repacked her duffel bag and stowed it in the bike.
      You never knew when you might have to leave town in a hurry. Edmonton had
      taught her that.

      Billy's Topless was useless. Logan hadn't spent any time there at all, Rogue
      discovered, much to her surprise. The other strip joint, Miss Kitty's,
      seemed a little upscale for his taste.

      She walked in and made a beeline for the bar. She was the only fully-clothed
      woman in the joint, and she knew she stood out.

      Ordering her usual shot of bourbon -- Logan's presence in her head was
      strongest whenever she found herself in places he'd been -- she eyeballed
      the place warily.

      Two young blonde women danced on stage to the strains of "Freebird." Rogue
      wondered how she could be thousands of miles from Mississippi and yet still
      wind up in a redneck strip joint. Pulling out the sketch, she waved the
      bartender over. "You seen him?" she asked, able to make herself heard over
      the Lynyrd Skynyrd blaring from the speakers.

      The barkeep snorted. "Hell, yeah. Practically put me outta business. He
      can't be human. The man never loses a fight."

      She arched an eyebrow. She loved doing that -- it was such a useful trick.
      "You bet against the Wolverine?" she asked incredulously. The bartender
      looked sheepish and shrugged. "He say where he was headed when he left

      "I didn't talk to him," the man replied. "Kathryn might know. Or Margie.
      I'll get them for you."

      He moved down the bar and Rogue thought, <Jesus, Logan. Can't you keep it in
      your pants?> She didn't think she could deal with meeting more bimbos who
      just couldn't wait to tell her what a great lay he was. When she saw him
      again she was going to let him know how much she *didn't* care for his
      coping methods.

      A tall redhead with green eyes and almost translucent skin walked over to
      Rogue, interrupting her thoughts. "I'm Kathryn. Larry says you're looking
      for the Wolverine?" Her voice was hard, wary.

      Rogue wasn't going to back off, though she was flustered at the woman's
      resemblance to Jean. "Yeah. I -- he--"

      "He doesn't like to be followed, and if he doesn't want to be found, you
      won't ever find him," Kathryn continued. "Why don't you go back home to
      Daddy, missy? You had your fun, but a man like that is never going to tie
      himself down to a girl like you."

      "Kathryn." Another woman spoke. She was nothing like anyone Rogue expected
      to see in a strip joint. Tall, older -- in her late sixties, Rogue guess --
      with iron-gray hair and black eyes, she moved with the grace and speed of
      someone decades younger.

      "I'm Margie. How can we help you?"

      "I need to find him. It's important," Rogue said coolly, giving away

      "And how do we know you mean him no harm?" Margie asked, her tone matching
      Rogue's. Kathryn snorted, as if the idea of Rogue being able to damage the
      man they called Wolverine was unbelievable. Which, Rogue guessed, to anyone
      who didn't know her power, it was. The redhead walked away, shaking her

      Rogue pulled out the dog tags again, since it had worked on Zeke. Margie
      looked startled. "I need to return these."

      "You're Marie?" The old woman was shrewd.

      Rogue blinked. "I, yeah. How --"

      "He talks about you a lot." Margie's gaze dropped to Rogue's gloved hands.
      Rogue self-consciously slid them into her pockets, hiding from the woman's
      penetrating gaze. "He left a week ago. He's got a cabin up at Rainbow Lake.
      I'm pretty sure that's where he was heading."

      "A cabin? Can you give me directions?"

      "It's a long ride, hon, and pretty far north. Are you sure about this?"
      Margie asked compassionately.

      "I need to know why he left. He didn't say goodbye. He didn't even say
      hello." Her voice came close to breaking and she was angry about that. She
      wasn't going to cry over him anymore. She'd decided, on the ride from
      Athabasca to Chisolm, that she was going to ask him why, return his tags,
      and get on with her life. She could only wait for so long for him to wake up
      and realize they belonged together. If he couldn't see it or didn't feel it,
      she'd call Bobby and head straight back to Westchester to begin the next
      phase of her life.

      Margie wrote some directions down and said, "I'll be right back." She
      disappeared into the darkness, and Rogue was glad. She needed a moment to
      collect herself.

      The strain of traveling was beginning to get to her. She'd been on the road
      for six weeks, and had cut Logan's lead down from four months to a week.
      Four long months she'd waited to hear from him. And she was only going to be
      able to stay on the road a month longer, because she'd promised to be home
      for Thanksgiving, and it didn’t look like she was going to be successful.
      She just hoped the weather would cooperate. She didn't feature getting stuck
      in Northern Canada until the spring thaw.

      Rogue was lost in her own thoughts and didn't notice the man who sidled up
      to her. She'd forgotten her surroundings, something she tried never to do.

      "Hey, sweet thing, can I buy you a drink?"

      She shook her head and looked at the man talking to her. About her height,
      brown eyes, brown hair, not bad looking. "No, thanks," she said with a
      half-hearted smile. "I'm waiting for Margie, and then I'm on my way out."

      "You gonna be working here?" he asked, running his eyes up and down her body
      lasciviously. She could smell the whiskey on his breath.

      She hated when men did that. It made her feel itchy, like they could see
      through her clothes or something. "No. Just passing through."

      "You think you're too good for me?"

      "No. I'm just passing through."

      "You Americans all thinking you own the world. Well, you're in Canada now
      and you can't be all high and mighty with me," he shouted. The crowd was
      starting to notice them.

      "I'm not trying to be high and mighty," Rogue said, keeping a tight rein on
      her nervousness and her temper. "I'm just on my way out the door."

      He reached for her and suddenly, his arm was twisted behind his back and his
      face was banged hard into the bar.

      Margie came out, nose buried in an atlas. "You want to take Route 2 north
      and -- Ned, leave the lady alone. She's a friend of Wolverine's."

      Ned sputtered. "Leave her alone? I’m the one who just got a face full of

      Rogue let him up and smiled with false sweetness. "Sorry." He walked away,
      muttering under his breath. She didn't notice the interested look from
      another face in the crowd.

      Margie handed her the directions and smiled. "Ned's a little pushy at times,
      but he's harmless. Are you leaving tonight?"

      "No. I'm tired of driving at night," Rogue replied. "I'm going to check out
      the Wily Moose. Zeke at The Barn told me the fights are good."

      Margie smiled. "You be careful, Marie. I've known Logan a long time, and
      I've never seen him as upset as he was when he came through here. I'm sure
      you two can work out whatever it is that's causing the trouble. And let me
      know if you need anything else." She pulled the startled girl into her arms
      for a quick hug and Marie had to duck quickly to avoid touching her face to
      Margie's bare skin.

      "Thanks," she said, touched. "Thanks a lot. Take care, Margie."

      She tucked the directions in her pocket and thumbed through the atlas Margie
      had given her, never noticing the man who followed her out into the night.




      “That’s one more kid who’ll never get to go to school / Never get to fall in
      love / Never get to be cool” – “Rockin’ in the Free World” – Neil Young


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