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Somewhat damaged 2/?

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    2/? Tucking Irene s folded notes into a spiral bound notebook, Rogue made her way towards the back of the public library that held the internet acess
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2001

      Tucking Irene's folded notes into a spiral bound notebook, Rogue made her way
      towards the back of the public library that held the internet acess computers.

      Several names had been mentioned in the text, many of which had been vague
      biblical references, but Rogue had long since rejected the Catholisism of her
      childhood. She recalled staying with her Grand Mary when her mother overdosed
      on heroine and was put in the hospital. The old plantation stlye house was
      incrusted with the presence of Jesus. Rogue had been scared of that house.
      She'd had little packages of holy oil that resembled the little foil ketchups
      you get at a fast food resturant. Grand Mary used to make her rub her self
      with it to purify her of her mothers sins. During those late thoughts that
      lie ajacent to sleep, Rogue often wondered if her grandmother's insane
      insistantance that she drench herself in those oils was the reason her skin
      betrayed her.

      Irene never pressed her to religion, instead into literature. Leaving her
      know with only fleeting memories of Christian characters. Pulling up several
      texts and spreading out computer printouts. Jotting down notes on occasion.

      'The crows will flock away in madness, The Empire shall fall from
      their fluttered feathers'

      Rogue furrowed her this brows and closed her eyes against the dryness of

      "Last minute research project?" a voice querried. Rogue's green eyes lifted
      to look up through sooted lashes to reguard a colbalt eyed Jean Grey.

      Grabbing at the copious stack of papers and shoving Irene's note into one of
      the books. Jean looked slightly startled but smiled reguardlessly and sat
      down, placing her own books on the table. Rogue continued gathering her
      things, while Jean perused the texts she had out.

      "I didn't know you understood French"

      Rogue raised a brow, "Why would ya? Ya don't know me?" This time her smile

      "Maybe I'd like to" Jean offered.

      "Ah'm sure" Rogue muttered, hoping to get her to leave with coerceion.

      "I, uh, wanted to thank you again, for helping me out with Fred"

      "That was months ago" she drawled.

      "Yes, but still it was really major of you" Jean grabbed her own books as
      Rogue rose and turned to make her way to the sliding doors.

      "Yea, well Ah'll make sure notta do make that call again" Rogue hurried away
      clutching at her new information.

      "I don't think you would do that, Rogue, I think you'd help me again" Jean
      called after her.

      Rogue spun on her boot heel, "Ya think that, do ya? Ya got anothah' thang
      comin gal. Ah don't know ya, and ya sure as hell don' know me, what Ah did...
      Ah can't explain, and Ah don' care ta, so stop following me around like Ah'm
      your buddy, Ah ain't!"

      A college student from the next table looked over in annoyance.

      With that final statement, Rogue left, the electronic doors swishing closed
      after her retreating black clad form.

      Terrian came up behind her followexd by Kitty. "What is her childhood trama?"
      Kitty asked. Terrian shrugged and slung her back pack back onto her shoulder.

      "Let's go, Jean" Terrian urged. Jean nodded dumbly and left with her friends.

      TBC...Tell me what y'all think!

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