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Fic: " Trapped In Darkness" PG (2/30) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean, Storm, all X -men]

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    Hi all, A few notes; 1) Disclaimer, see part 0 2) English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes. 3) I forgot to warn that in this story
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      Hi all,
      A few notes;
      1) Disclaimer, see part 0
      2) English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
      3) I forgot to warn that in this story there will be at least one teen pregnancy. Meaning that a woman below 20( in this story Rogue, Kitty or Jubilee) will get pregnant. If you don’t like that, I`ll warn you off those parts, ok?

      4) As before this whole story is for Marianne ( thanks so much for bringing Silver Moon to life for me. ) and my own Angel Minerva. Thank you both.
      5) This part is to Helene, Sandy and everyone else who gave me feedback on Part 1. This part was written and posted much earlier than I had first planned because of your kind words. Thank you so much.

      Please? If you want to see next part sometime before Christmas *G* (j/k) Feedback is very loved and will make me write and post faster.....one of those laws of nature *smiles*


      Part 2:
      “ Oh,” Scott uttered as he weakly sat up.
      “ About time you decided to join the living, love,” Jean said softly and helped him sit up more comfortably.
      “ Jean! You alright?” Scott asked concerned and gently stroked her cheek.
      “ Am I alright? I’m not the one who was shot,” Jean answered, light amusement in her voice masking the gratitude and worry.
      “ We need to find out where to go from here,” Xavier said from his position on the floor next to the back wall and smiled warmly at Scott, glad he was alright.
      “ Are you alright, Sir?” Scott asked Xavier concerned and eyed him up and down. He looked alright. He looked at the others. Rogue sat on Logan´s lap, hiding her face by his shoulder but looked alright. John sat off to one side, his left arm in a home made sling, Jean’s bare stomach telling that a part of her blouse had been used for the sling. Remy sat next to John, looking thoughtful. Peter sat with his left hand holding Kitty’s, her head on his shoulder while he talked words of comfort, half of them in Russian. Jubilee had her right leg in yet another attempt of a splint. Next to her sat Bobby who rolled his eyes at Jubilee who complained loudly over just about everything. Ororo sat next to Xavier and looked as regal and calm as ever.
      “ I’m fine Scott but we need to have a plan,” Xavier said mildly.
      “ I know,” Scott agreed and pained tried to stand but had to give it up and instead pressed Jean a little closer to him.
      “ I have a plan. Let’s kill `em all,” Logan growled as he continued to stroke Rogue’s hair.
      “ How are you gonna do that with them out there and us in here?” John wanted to know.
      “ And we don’t have our powers AND we’re hopelessly outnumbered,” Jubilee agreed.
      “Quiet,” Scott demanded and silence followed. “ Our first mission is to try and find a way out of this prison. Our second is to try and remove these collars,” Scott let a hand run over his collar. “ Ororo, Jean, John, the professor and me tries to figure these collars out. The rest of you investigate the cell,” he saw their looks and added “ I know we have all searched for a way out but then do so again and again. There has to be a way out of here”
      The others nodded and began to investigate the walls and the forcefield yet again.
      “ Hey, Cyke. You seemed to think this field had a weak point. Where?” Logan asked as he stood by the forcefield, Rogue to his right.
      “ In front of you, to your left,” Logan moved in the given direction and pointed to a point in the shield.
      “ There?”
      “ Yes,” Scott answered before turning to look at Ororo. “ You were a thief before Xavier found you in Africa and after that thought a Goddess. If we could find something for you to work with could you pick a lock?”
      “ I don’t know but I will try,” Ororo said honestly. Scott nodded. They needed something small, something…
      “ Kitty, you usually wear hairpins. Do you also do so now?”
      “ Yes,” she answered confused and took a hand up to her hair.
      “ Give it to Ororo,” Scott commanded and Kitty did as bid and Ororo moved closer to Scott to work on his collar.
      “ No, undo your own, Jean’s or the professor’s. I’m weak and will not do you the most good in a fight,” Scott explained as he drew back.
      “ Alright,” Ororo agreed, seeing his logic and turned to the Professor. He was the world’s strongest telepath. Was he first freed he could easily free the others and the…house? Wherever they where would be theirs for the taking.
      “ Jean, let me see your collar,” Scott asked and Jean held her red hair back, blotting her neck for him to see and leaned against him.
      “ Do you know what it is?” John asked and he tore at his to no avail.
      “ It seems to send signals to our brain. It paralyses the area of our brain which controls and admits our mutant powers. We have to get them off in order to use our powers,” Scott explained as he let a hand run over Jean’s collar, calculating the mathematics behind it in his brain but without his natural mutant ability in this field to support him things which used to be so simple for him were difficult and blurry. He also found his thoughts wondering. Thinking of all the wonderful colours he saw, how beautiful Jean looked now as he saw her really for the first time and the pain in his side made it hard to concentrate.
      “ Maybe we could try and tear the toilet apart,” Bobby wondered out loud.
      “ Then what? Down the drain?” Jubilee asked sarcastically as she sat by the wall to the bathroom, looking in since her broken leg didn’t allow her to do much walking.
      “ At least I thought of something,” Bobby gave back, a little wounded.
      “ Quit it you two and work together. We have enough on our minds without fighting among ourselves,” Scott said from the big room. The rooms were very small so it was impossible to not overhear everything. Even Rogue and Logan´s debate seemed very loud in the room even though they whispered and all pretended they didn’t hear.
      “ This may be our only chance. Our powers don’t work. Don’t you see? We don’t know what might happen next,” Rogue argued as she uselessly hammered with her fits at the force shield.
      “ Will you stop that?” Logan bummed annoyed and took her hands in his for a while to stop her battling. Her hands were already blooded.
      “ Logan…” Rogue began, looking up at him with tears in her green eyes.
      “ Lov`, I don’t want your... and our first time to be like this. In the small bathroom as it can’t be here. I want it to be special,” Logan whispered softly against her ear, aware that all could hear even over Bobby and Jubilee’s fighting over which things to try and take apart in the bathroom.
      “ You don’t understand....this may be our only chance,“ Rogue argued, her cheeks red from anger and the normal embarrassment any young girl feels about discussing THAT subject especially in a room filled with people.
      “ I know but you deserve better than this. We…I can wait. Forever, if I have to,” Logan said and tried to take her in his arms but she avoided him and sat by the far wall, covering her face in her hands, crying.
      “ Jean…?” Scott asked and nodded to Rogue. He didn’t like this tension which was building between them and neither of them needed more screams and cries to fill the air. The muffled cries of pain from further down the hall still hung in the air, giving them all the shivers and making them feel sick. Over the hours which most have passed since Scott woke up he had heard the word “No” cried out in pain so many times that he had come to hate the word with a vengeance.
      “ I’ll go check on her,” Jean said softly and left his side to go sit with Rogue, making him feel strangely alone and abandoned. The absence of their usual telepathic link didn’t help either.
      “ Ororo, how is it going?” Scott asked as he now began to look more closely at John’s collar since Jean had left. Every door had a key so this device had to have one too. It annoyed Scott immensely that he couldn’t find that key. There was a locking mechanism on the front of the collars but Scott couldn’t figure out how to use that to his advantage.
      “ I think I may be on to something,” Ororo answered as she moved Kitty’s hairpin back and forth in the locking mechanism of Xavier’s collar who sat still and let her work.
      “ Do you know what you are doing?” John asked as he eyed the white haired woman concentrate on her work.
      “ No, I don’t but I have to do something,” Ororo snapped and began to move her home-made lock pick more viciously up and down. Suddenly Ororo flew back and was knocked against the back wall.
      “ Ororo! You alright?” Scott asked concerned and held his hand out to her to help her up. He still sat on the floor as standing brought him pain but Ororo had landed so close to where he sat that he could reach out to her. She took his hand and got up.
      “ I’m…unhurt,” Ororo uttered and went back and sat next to Xavier.
      “ Stormy, you alright? Gambit got concerned,” Remy said as he looked at her, seeing if she was alright.
      “ I’m fine, Remy. You just go back to what you were doing,” Ororo said mildly and smiled at him and Remy went back to studying the walls for any weaknesses. He too had gotten a hairpin from Kitty and tried to dig into the walls weak points, between the metal plates. Ororo hadn’t missed the longing looks he cast after Rogue in between his work. Ororo had found Remy as a small boy, living on the streets, picking pockets. She had been his mother, confident and only friend for many years. Remy was a mutant with the power to lit anything with kinetic energy and make it explode on impact. Besides that he also possessed what he called “charm power” which meant that he could have any woman, or actually anybody, fall in love with him for a short period of time should he choose to use it. Ororo admired her young friend that he had so much control that he hadn’t used it on Rogue who he had fallen head over heels in love with as soon as he had first laid eyes on her but she was totally ignorant of his love, seeing only Logan. Ororo was sure that if Rogue knew how passionly Remy loved her she wouldn’t be so quick to always talk about Logan with him or in front of him.
      “ Aha, I see we have all awaken. How nice. Then maybe we can get down to business,” a man’s voice said, sounding cold, hard and calculated and all turned to look at him through the forcefield.


      Feedback? Please?
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