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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Disclaimer and what-not at the top of part 1. YOU WANT US TO LEAVE CAMELOT IN THE HANDS OF CHILDREN?!?! one of the older Knights roared. No, Sir Ambrose,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2001
      Disclaimer and what-not at the top of part 1.

      Knights roared.

      "No, Sir Ambrose," Gwen said calmly as her voice dropped back into the realm
      of icy. "I want you to leave Camelot in the hands of myself, six of the most
      competent fighters ever trained at Xavier's, and one of the most dangerous
      men ever to walk the earth. Oh, and Merlin will be here as well."

      "Sir Ambrose is right about at least one thing, Princess Gwendolyn," Sir
      Bryant said calmly as he placed a restraining hand on the apocalyptic Sir
      Ambrose. He glanced at Logan, who's arm was slung casually around Rogue's
      shoulders. "You and *most* of your friends are very young."

      Rogue couldn't help the giggle that escaped her. At the glares she got she
      could only shrug and smile. "Sorry, but we just aren't that young. Where
      we're from we're not allowed to be. People could get hurt if we forget who
      and what we are."

      "Most of you saw what some of us can do last night," Kitty said calmly as
      she walked around the table slowly. "You saw St. John create fire. You saw
      Logan's metal claws. You saw Jubilee's fireworks and Gwen's sword. And every
      one at least felt the temperature drop. That was Bobby's power."

      "And yours Lady Katherine? If you have such a power?" demanded Sir Gwain as
      his eyes raked over her slender form.

      Kitty smirked and glanced at Merlin. The wizard rolled his eyes and nodded.
      Kitty walked toward Sir Gwain, not even pausing as she moved through the
      table, then she walked through him. Turning around she tapped him solidly on
      the head. "I have that power. Nothing touches me unless I want it to touch

      "And you, Lady Rogue?" Sir Tristain asked gently.

      "If I touched you it would kill you," she said flatly as her eyes dropped to
      the ground.

      "What of him?" Sir Ambrose said coldly as he motioned to Kurt.

      St. John ground his teeth together while Bobby clenched his fist. Kurt only
      glanced at them and shook his head.

      "If my Princess will allow?" he teased Gwen.

      She went along with it, motioning toward him with a suppressed smile. Kurt
      winked at her and leapt into the air, back flipping onto the center of the
      round table. Then he vanished in a blast of sulfuric smoke, only to reappear
      at Gwen's side in the same manner.

      "He's fairly good with a pair of swords, too," Gwen said dryly, easily
      ignoring the smoke that had everyone else coughing. "Now, I believe you
      gentlemen have some places to go?"

      The Knights of the Roundtable stared at each other for a long moment. Sir
      Tristain and Sir Lancelot were the first to stand. They bowed to Gwen and
      then to Gwenyver and Merlin, then walked proudly out of the room. The others
      followed until only Sir Gwain and Sir Ambrose remained at the table.

      "I wish you would reconsider this action, Lord Merlin," Ambrose rumbled.

      "It is not his action, Sir," Gwen snapped as she stood. "It is mine. I
      suggest you have your horse prepared."

      Ambrose stood and bowed stiffly before leaving the room.

      "You'll make an enemy of him, Princess Gwendolyn," Sir Gwain said quietly.

      "So long as he remains loyal to my father, Sir Gwain, I could care less of
      what he thinks of me," Gwen said flatly.

      Gwain smiled faintly. "You are most certainly Arthur's daughter."

      "Never doubt that," Gwen said as she arched an eyebrow.


      Gwen dropped back onto the bed that was hers until Arthur was returned to
      Camelot and let the air out of her lungs in one long blast. "I can't believe
      those guys!"

      "Well, this is kind of the dark ages, you know?" Jubilee said as she
      sprawled into one of the chairs by the fireplace and kicked at her heavy
      skirts. "What I can't believe are these dresses!"

      "Yeah," Kitty agreed. "Way too much material even for me."

      "At least they're gone," Rogue said from the window.

      "Now what are we supposed to do?" Jubilee demanded. "I mean, this is
      Camelot, Camelot isn't going to get attacked."

      Kitty shook her head slowly. "Don't say things like that. You know what
      happens when you say things like that. Don't you pay any attention to the
      movies we watch?"

      Jubilee blushed as Gwen started to giggle. The silver eyed girl pushed up on
      her elbows to regard her 'Look, I'm the girl next door' friend with a smile.
      "Jubes was too busy trying to swallow Johnny's tonsils."

      "Like you weren't playing tongue hockey with Wagner," Jubilee teased back,

      "Unlike *some* people I can multi-task!" Gwen shot back.


      Kurt was leaning against the wall outside Gwen's room. Actually he was
      leaning against the ceiling, he really didn't want to listen to the maids
      and various ladies of the castle scream when they caught sight of him
      loitering outside his girlfriend's room. He was really starting to get sick
      of servants.

      "Planning on coming down anytime soon, young man?" Merlin's coolly amused
      voice asked some where off to Kurt's left.

      "Not really," Kurt said, singularly unimpressed both by invisibility and
      levitation. After all, he was effectively invisible in the torch made
      shadows of the ceiling and he knew three kids younger than he was who could
      levitate. "Do you want something, Merlin?"

      "What are your intentions toward Gwenny?" Merlin demanded sharply.

      "What ever she wants them to be," Kurt returned just as sharply. There was
      no fear of the wizard turning him into something small and slimy, probably
      because Gwen would gut the old man for it. "And you know she hates to be
      called Gwenny."

      "If you hurt her..."

      "If I hurt her she is most likely to cut my head off, nein?" Kurt said
      flatly. "Maybe I know Gwen better than you do, Merlin."

      "Perhaps you do, boy," Merlin grunted. "Perhaps you do."


      Queen Gwenyver was calmly dealing with the day to day details of running a
      decent sized kingdom when Logan stalked into the throne room. The powerfully
      built, compact man moved along the edges of the large room, glowering at the
      guards and growling faintly at a few of the servants.

      Gwenyver's eyes followed him subtly as she dealt with the last few petitions
      of the morning. She nodded slightly to dismiss the man who hadn't been
      taking her seriously in Arthur's place anyway, then turned her attention
      entirely on the oldest and most unlikely of her only child's companions.
      "Sir Logan?"

      "Just Logan," he grunted as he came and sat on the edge of the dais. To
      Gwenyver's amusement he didn't bother to bow. "Sword ain't knighted me,

      "Sword?" Gwenyver questioned softly.

      "That's what Bobby called her when they were working out the other day,"
      Logan explained absently as he compared the ladies of the court to Rogue in
      his mind. "I guess all the kids get like that when they put on uniforms and
      get ta play at being superheroes."

      Gwenyver blinked. "Exactly what manner of place *did* Merlin leave my
      daughter at?"

      "School for kids like her," Logan grunted. "They learn how ta control their
      powers and all the other stuff. Gwen's pretty good at the fighting part."

      "Your pardon, my Queen, but did I hear correctly?" one of the lady's asked
      as she curtsied neatly before Gwenyver's throne. "Did this man say that that
      Princess Gwendolyn was learning to fight?"

      Logan growled and Gwenyver forced her lips not to smirk. The man had the
      right idea about this frilly little miss. "You did indeed. Gwendolyn has
      only returned to us for a sort time to take command of the soldiers until
      King Arthur and the Knights return."

      "How interesting, Majesty," the lady drawled sweetly. "I understand that the
      Princess is... older than we expected."

      Logan's eyes narrowed dangerously. "You implying something?"

      "Oh, I think she is," Gwendolyn's voice practically echoed in the sudden
      silence. "But this is rather hard to fake, don't you agree, Mother?" she
      asked as she motioned toward her own face. It was a white marble mirror of
      Queen Gwenyver's own features at the age of eighteen.

      The woman gasped in shock and backed quickly away from the open area in
      front of the Queen.

      Gwenyver finally let a smile curve her lips. "Indeed, Gwen. Come and sit
      with me."

      Logan smirked, seeing how the girl was practically skipping under that heavy
      dress he couldn't really help it. He slid over slightly so Gwen could join
      him sitting on the edge of the dais.

      Gwen tilted her head to one side slightly as she observed the goings on of
      the court. "They're rather like magpies aren't they, Mother? The way they
      jump on a rumor as if it is a shiny bit of rubbish they can use to line
      their nests."

      "People are people, kid," Logan grunted as Gwenyver nodded slowly. "For the
      most part they're pretty decent, but even most of the good ones have this
      bit inside them that makes them mean and selfish."

      "A horrid thought," Gwen mussed. "But most likely true."

      "So I have found," Gwenyver said with a soft sigh.


      "So, you're the creature the Princess came home with," a rough male voice
      said from behind Kurt.

      The young mutant didn't turn his attention from the horses being exercised
      by a handful of stable boys. "I think Gwendolyn would object to several
      things in that statement."

      "Let's start with you calling Kurt a 'creature'," Jubilee suggested from
      behind the small gathering of the younger sons of various knights and

      "I have been called worse, meine freundin," Kurt said softly but clearly.

      Jubilee grinned nastily. "Not since you've joined our crowd. We don't put up
      with that kind of crap, especially not from other mutants."

      "Wonderful," another boy drawled. "A monster and a foreigner. I think the
      so-called princess has poor taste in friends."

      Kurt finally turned away from the horses to scowl darkly at the boy who had
      spoken. "So called princess? I think he just insulted the Queen and
      Gwendolyn, don't you, Jubilee?"

      "Think? No. I know he just insulted them," Jubilee commented dryly. "What
      are we going to do about it?"

      "Might I suggest pounding them into the dirt, my lady?" one of the stable
      boys offered. He eyed the High-born brats with a look of distaste as the
      horse he was leading pawed at the dirt.

      Jubilee grinned and laced her fingers together, popping her knuckles.
      "Sounds like a good idea to me."

      "Now, now, Jubes," Rogue said gently as she wandered toward what looked like
      it was about to become a brawl. "I don't think Gwen would like you beating
      up the locals."

      "I don't know about that," Bobby said from right behind her. "I think it
      sounds fun."

      Kurt smiled faintly at his friends. "It seems, gentlemen, that the numbers
      have evened out, nein?"

      "You were all ready out-classed, of course," Jubilee added.

      "We are not scared of you," one of the two boys who had remained silent
      finally said.

      Rogue smiled sweetly. "You should be."

      "What the blazes is going on here?" Gwen demanded as she stormed toward the

      "These gents were being insulting to your highness," the stable boy offered
      as he bowed. All of the natives of Camelot had heard of the strong
      resemblance between their Queen and her daughter, and it was stunning to say
      the least.

      Gwen wrinkled her nose. "I'm used to being insulted. Now, Kurt, darling,
      what exactly is going on?"

      "They're just pests, Gwen," Kurt said with a shrug.

      "Fine. But the next time I find a fight about to start *everyone* involved
      get's a trip to the dungeon to cool off," Gwen said flatly. One of the
      nobles opened his mouth to protest, but Gwen raised a hand and cut him off.
      "I mean it, so don't push your luck."

      Kurt bowed and offered Gwen his arm. "If I may escort you, your majesty?"

      Gwen rolled her eyes as she laced her arm through his.

      "That's the princess?" the fourth boy whispered.

      Jubilee shrugged. "That's Gwendolyn. She just happened to get stuck being a
      princess to boot."


      "Okay, now I'm bored," Gwen announced as she dropped onto Bobby's bed after
      yet another session with the court.

      "Well, we could leave you and Kurt alone," St. John suggested. He ducked the
      pillow she hurled at him and laughed.

      "As much merit as there is in *that* particular little brain storm of yours,
      Johnny," Gwen drawled, "I was thinking more along the lines of a nice
      friendly little sparing match."

      "I think the court is getting to your head, Gwen," Bobby said as he pulled
      his legs out from under her head.

      Kurt snorted. "It isn't the court so much as the Noble Brats, I think."

      "You think right," Gwen grumbled. "I need to work off a little aggressive
      energy. In a productive way, not a reproductive way."

      St. John smirked. "And you think *my* mind is in the gutter?"

      "Never said mine wasn't keeping yours company, Johnny," Gwen responded

      "I think you just volunteered to be her sparing partner, Alderyce," Bobby

      Much later a more practically, and comfortably dressed Gwen was bouncing on
      her heels in the practice area near the stables. An ordinary sword was
      leaning on her shoulder as she waited for St. John to step into the marked
      off area.

      "Come on, Johnny," she called. "I promise to go easy on you!"

      "Why don't we do this with our powers?" St. John demanded as he slowly
      walked toward his friend.

      Gwen grinned. "Cause I don't want you to burn down Daddy's pretty castle?"

      "Good point," St. John muttered. "En guard!"

      Two heavy iron swords arched through the air to meet with a clash like
      thunder. The two young mutants ducked, dodged and parried with easy. They
      seemed to know every move that the other would make, even though it was
      obvious to St. John and the rest of the mutants that Gwen was holding back.

      "Come on, Gwen," St. John panted after a moment. "You wanted to cut loose,
      so go for it."

      Gwen clenched her teeth and shook her head. "Can't."

      "Maybe she can with me," Logan grunted. "Outta the way, Johnny."

      St. John scrambled out of the way as Logan lunged toward Gwen with his claws
      extended. Gwen dove to one side and discarded the mundane blade in favor of
      her instinctively drawn sword.

      Gwendolyn grinned wildly as she and the Wolverine clashed; adimantium locked
      with whatever her sword was made off, but did not cut it. This was most
      certainly more like what she had in mind.
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