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Shatter (6/?)

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: Shatter Series: Ummmm. Maybe. Author: Ephiney E-Mail: ephiney@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I just own Shatter. The X-Men belong to Stan Lee, God of All
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2001
      Title: Shatter

      Series: Ummmm. Maybe.

      Author: Ephiney

      E-Mail: ephiney@...

      Disclaimer: I just own Shatter. The X-Men belong to Stan Lee, God of All
      Mutants. Please leave offerings to his Holy Coolness at the alter in the
      back. Buffy :TVS belongs to that crackhead we all know and sometimes
      love, Joss Whedon. His alter is in the alley behind the building.

      Summary: Logan returns and reacts strangely to a returning student.

      Rating: R for serious abuse of the English language at the least. And
      violence, lots of violence. And if you don't like fantasy type violence
      just a little, then why are you reading an X-Men story?

      Note: Are original female characters with Massive Attitude Problems a
      good thing or a bad thing?

      Buffy scowled at Shatter. "You beat up my boyfriend."

      "Hey, don't start. Finn knew what was what when he climbed into that cage
      with me," Shatter said flatly. "That's what cage fights are for."

      "She has a point," Rogue said softly from where she was curled up on one end
      of the couch. Her dark eyes drifted over to Logan, flickering with
      amusement. "Sides, that sort of thing runs in the family."

      Logan gave a low rumble somewhere between a growl and a purr. Storm rolled
      her eyes.

      "What do you mean 'runs in the family'?" Buffy demanded in a tone that made
      at least one of the feral mutants in the room flinch. The other was far too
      used to it to be bothered.

      "Umm," Xander managed as he tried to explain.

      Shatter simply took a deep breath leaned her head back against the couch,
      closed her eyes and took a tight grip on her admitedly explosive temper.
      "Xander and I turned out to be adopted. Willow found out on accedent when
      she hacked the Inititive's files for you. That's why Xander wanted me to
      come back." Her eyes opened to lock on the Slayer's before they drifted over
      to Logan. "Maybe I should reintroduce everybody. Everyone, this is our
      *father*, Wolverine."

      Willow and Tara only nodded, after all they had known before Xander had.
      Everyone who hadn't been there when Xander had tossed the print out to
      Shatter gapped at the twins and Logan.

      "But.. How?" Riley demanded.

      "Walsh was involved in putting all that metal into the old man's skeleton,"
      Xander said flatly, finally managing to talk, now that Anya had her arm
      wrapped around his shoulders. "She was part of the team that geneticly
      engeneered us. Turns out I was just a late bloomer. Too bad really. I could
      have used the healing factor and claws back in High School."

      "What?" Buffy yelped.

      "Claws?" Spike muttered. He'd have to keep that in mind when he tormented
      the boy. Claws could do a lot of damage to him, take off his head even. Ah,
      well. Maybe he should stop picking on the brat so much.

      Logan and Shatter both nodded when Xander shot them a questioning look.

      "Now, nobody jump," Xander said with a small smile. He held up one clenched
      fist and flexed *something* in his arm, making the three blade-like claws
      shoot out. "I've got another set in the other hand. See? No blood."

      Giles sighed. "Very well, Xander. Now why have all of us been called over

      "About what I heard from some of the demons during the fights," Shatter
      said. "There's something big about to go down. We need to know if you guys
      can handle it with just the four of us, or if we call in the other X-men."

      "What is it?" Riley asked after a long silence, when it didn't look like
      Buffy was going to say anything.

      "Just the Apocolips again," Shatter said calmly. "Only this time it's a
      mutant called Apocolips. Some gibberish about survival of the fittest. Seems
      that he doesn't think normal humans are on that list."

      "What's this got to do with us?" Buffy asked blankly.

      Shatter crushed the urge to roll her eyes, antagonizing the Slayer wasn't
      going to help anything right now. "He wants to open the Hellmouth. Somewhere
      he got the idiotic idea that he could control whatever came out. How about a
      list of our assets, hmmm?"

      "We've got two mutants with claws and healing factors," Xander said as the
      tactical information started to come together in his head. "A Slayer, two
      Witches, a mutant with the ablity to control the weather, a mutant who can
      drain the memories, personality, and life energy with a touch, a mutant who
      can break anything just by wanting it to break, a Watcher with a high level
      of magic skill, a vampire who can't bite humans or mutants, and an out of
      work soldier."

      "Hey!" Riley yelped.

      "Shut up!" too many people said at once for Buffy to figure out who to yell

      Shatter was the one who continued. "Look, Finn, you're the only normal we
      have here. Odds are that you're going to get your butt kicked, again, I
      might add, only Apocolips and his Horsemen aren't going to be as easy on you
      as I was."

      Riley opened his mouth to protest but stayed silent under Shatter's black
      eyed gaze. He hadn't seen her actually use her powers, yet, but he had the
      idea that her eyes turning solid black might have something to do with it.

      "I think we should call the other X-men," Storm said after a long moment of

      "No, we shouldn't," Willow said quietly. "There's too big a chance that this
      will get shot straight to hell if we do this wrong, and if we do screw it up
      they maybe the only thing that can save the world."

      "Reserve team," Logan grunted.

      "Well then, what do we do?" Rogue asked with a small frown.

      "Kick Apocolipse's ass?" Buffy suggested.

      Shatter smiled faintly. "Sounds like a plan to me. Now we just need

      Anya unrolled a map of Sunnydale on the coffee table.

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