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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: Swordchilde Author: Evil Cordy email: jaguarita@hotmail.com or mac_xavier@yahoo.com neither are mine, but you can still reach me there. Disclaimer:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2001
      Title: Swordchilde
      Author: Evil Cordy
      email: jaguarita@... or mac_xavier@... neither are mine, but
      you can still reach me there.
      Disclaimer: X-Men, not mine. The whole King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot legend?
      NOT MINE. I'm not that bloody old.
      Summary: A young woman with mutant abilities is about to find out that she's
      more than she ever thought she was.
      Rating: PG13
      Note: A departure from my preferred gore fest and character torture. Did you
      people even *read* my last story?

      Gwendolyn Penn shuffled her feet and kept her eyes on the floor in front of
      her. "I don't want to be here, Grandfather. Can't we just go home?"

      "Mind your manners, child," her elderly guardian rumbled as he tapped her
      lightly on the shoulder with his cane. "You have much to learn about here,
      so here you shall stay."

      "Yes, Grandfather," the girl whispered.

      Doctor Jean Grey studied the teenager from her place by the door. Her
      coloring marked her as mutant right away, from the almost metallic grey hair
      to the snow white skin color. Jean wondered what color the girl's eyes were,
      at least until she looked up, pinning the older woman to the wall with the
      power behind the solid silver gaze. The redhead swallowed almost
      convulsively as she fought the urge to kneel.

      "Gwendolyn," the old man said flatly.

      The girl blushed faintly and lowered her eyes again as she dug into her
      trench coat's pockets for what proved to be a pair of mirrored sunglasses.
      "Sorry, ma'am."

      "You must be Dr. Grey," the old man said calmly. "I'm Saxon Penn. This is my
      granddaughter, Gwendolyn."

      "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Penn," Jean said fighting to keep her voice level
      after the almost electric jolt of the girl's eyes. "I take it that you're
      here to enroll Gwendolyn?"

      He smiled faintly through his heavy white beard. "Yes. I'm afraid that this
      is rather the last resort. I was hoping I could teach Gwenny how to control
      her powers myself, but my efforts have been only partially successful."

      Gwendolyn's faint blush deepened to a true red that crept up her neck to
      sweep across her entire face. "Don't call me 'Gwenny'," she mumbled.

      Jean nodded. "I only wish that more parents felt that way about the children
      we have here. All to many of them are run-a-ways, or worse, throw-a-ways."

      "I do the best I can for Gwen," Mr. Penn sighed. He glanced fondly over at
      the girl who was now peering out the window toward where a group of students
      near her age were playing something similar to Rugby. "I suppose that
      Professor Xavier is out at the moment. Will you be able to take care of
      whatever paper work we need to enroll her?"

      "Of course," Jean said with a small smile. "Do you have her previous school
      records and medical files?"

      Mr. Penn was quiet for just long enough to make Jean nervous. "She has never
      been to a school before. Or a doctor. I wouldn't put her through that kind
      of pain, Dr. Grey."

      Jean blinked slowly.

      "The midwife who delivered me screamed when she saw me," Gwendolyn said
      without turning around. "She called me 'Hell-spawned' and tried to strangle

      "Did you tell her that?" Jean demanded harshly from the old man.

      He shook his head slowly and Gwendolyn turned around, her glasses reflecting
      the room eerily. She smiled faintly. "No, Doctor. He never told me anything
      about my birth. I remember it."


      Three months later little had changed at Professor Xavier's School for
      Gifted Youngsters since the addition of Gwendolyn Penn. She had quickly
      adapted to living with a few dozen other teenagers and had been taken in by
      the same group that had adopted Rogue into their ranks.

      Scott had mumbled something about that probably not being a good idea, but
      Jean and Ororo had just laughed at him as Gwen high-fived Rogue after
      scoring another Foosball point against the team of Bobby and St. John.

      Gwen giggled at something one of the other new students had whispered in her
      ear before she drove her elbow back into his stomach. "Nice try, Gambit, but
      you're not really my type."

      "Ah, chere, we could have so much fun together, neh?" Gambit almost purred
      as he cranked up the charm. He did give up on wrapping his arms around her
      waist when her elbow jabbed at him again.

      "Neh," Gwen said blandly as she whirled one of the sticks. "Besides, you
      know I'm trying to get Kurt to go to the movies with me, and having you
      hanging off me isn't helping."

      Gambit wisely backed off, but unwisely opened his smart mouth one more time.
      "I jus don' get what you see in Fuzzy, Gwenny."

      The sharp sound of her hand meeting his cheek echoed around the room. Rage
      was coming off of the British girl like waves of heat from a fire and even
      three of her best friends were backing away.

      Gambit stared at her with shock plainly in his red on black eyes. A shock
      that was edging toward panic when he noticed that her hand was now on her
      mirrored glasses. Gwen never took off her glasses when other people were in
      the room, no one but Jean had seen her eyes, and several students had
      suggested that her mutant power was similar to Scott's.

      "Gwendolyn!" Scott snapped as he started toward them.

      The teenager grit her teeth as she dropped her hand to her side. "Get away
      from me, Cajun. Before you get hurt."

      Scott grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the Rec room before she changed
      her mind about using her powers on Gambit, or before she opted for the more
      violent aspect of her mutation.

      Jubilee, Kitty, and Rogue were waiting for her in the room the four of them
      shared once Scott got tired of lecturing to someone who could tune him out
      with no effort at all. Gwen didn't say a word as she reached under her bed
      and pulled out her single, battered suitcase.

      "Gwen?" Kitty whispered as she stared wide-eyed at one of her best friends.

      The British girl remained silent as she walked to the closet she shared with
      Jubilee and began tossing her share of the almost indecent clothing onto her

      "Gwen?" Jubilee tried.

      After all three had tried more than once to get Gwen's attention Rogue gave
      a frustrated sigh and snatched a pile of clothes out of the other girl's
      hands. Warm and sympathetic brown eyes locked on the mirrored lenses of
      Gwen's glasses. "Will you please talk to us, Gwen?"

      "I'm leaving," Gwen said in the feather soft voice that she seemed only to
      use when she spoke with her five closest friends and the mutant called

      "But, like, why?" Jubilee asked from where she was perched on the end of
      Kitty's bed.

      Gwen shook her head. "Grandfather was wrong. I'm not cut out for living
      here. I have to leave before somebody gets hurt."

      "Not a chance," Rogue said firmly. Trusting instincts that she wasn't
      certain were hers she reached up and pulled off Gwen's glasses. Warm brown
      eyes stared into almost molten silver, and Rogue smiled softly. Nothing had
      happened, no sudden eruption of optic blasts, nothing at all.

      Gwen blinked. "Rogue?"

      "I'm fine, Gwen." Rogue smiled as her friend's eyes quickly darted to the
      other two girls.

      "None, none of you feel... compelled to do... anything?" Gwen asked quietly.

      "Well," Jubilee said after a moments thought. "I do feel an overwhelming
      urge to gorge on Sugarbombs, does that count?"

      Gwen burst into relieved laughter as her friends exchanged confused looks,
      but they took a great deal of pleasure in helping her put her clothes back
      in the closet. That was the day Gwen Penn stopped wearing her sunglasses in
      their room.


      Kurt Wagner yelped as his more-than-just-a-friend pushed him into the pool,
      but not before his tail wrapped tightly around her waist to pull her in
      after him. They came up at the same time and very close together, it only
      felt natural for them to move closer...

      "If you're quite finished," grumbled a voice that was more than familiar to

      She blushed and pushed gently away from Kurt. "Good afternoon, Grandfather."

      "Where are your glasses, Gwenny?" her grandfather demanded.

      Gwen's silver eyes narrowed. "You know, there are *some* people who my eyes
      have no effect on. Kurt is one of them, so I felt no need to wear my glasses
      when NO ONE ELSE IS OUT HERE!"

      A white eyebrow went up on the wrinkled face. "You have gained a sharp
      tongue, that is for certain."

      Gwen climbed out of the water and stalked toward him. "What do you want,

      The other eyebrow went up and the old man raked a hand through his beard. "I
      can't just come to say hello?"

      "Why? You haven't for the last four months," Gwen said flatly as she moved
      past him to pick up her towel and slide her glasses back on.

      Kurt gave her a sympathetic look before making a quick retreat. Gwen smiled
      slightly, teleportation did have it's uses.

      "I came to give you your birthday present," her grandfather drawled as he
      pulled something out of his long coat.

      Gwen frowned as she gently tugged open the silk cloth wrapping. A medalion
      fell into her palm. Frowning she turned it over, and stared at the embossed
      Celtic Dragon in shock. She knew this medalion, the way she knew what the
      Midwife had said about her at her birth.

      It had been hanging around her mother's neck.

      "Grandfather?" Gwen whispered, but the old man was gone. Gwen sighed and
      slipped the thick silver chain around her neck. It was just long enough that
      the medalion hung between her breasts. Just another piece to the puzzle of
      her life. Not that her grandfather showed much interest in helping her put
      it all together.


      Rogue and Kitty were trying to get Jubilee to study for their mythology
      class when Gwen finally made her way up to their room.

      "Come on," Jubilee whined, "this stuff is BORING!"

      "What's boring now?" Gwen chuckled as she tossed the towel into the laundry
      basket and her grandfather's visit with it.

      "We're supposed to write an essay on Camelot in class tomorrow," Juiblee

      Camelot. The word burned through Gwendolyn's mind like acid through paper.

      "Gwen?" Kitty called softly as she pulled off the taller girl's glasses.
      "Earth to Gwen. Come in, Gwen!"

      "Oh, sorry," silver eyes blinked, "did you say Camelot?"

      "Yeah," Jubilee said then snapped her gum. "And it's so totally dull."

      Gwen shook off the strange feeling and smirked at her bouncy Asian friend.
      "Jubes, why are you the only person in this school more interested in
      History and Math than the fun subjects?"

      "You, like, have *no* taste, you know that, girlfriend?" Jubilee drawled
      then blew a bubble.

      Gwen smirked and shook her head slowly.


      The group that was commonly called the strangest seven at Mutant High had
      the Rec room almost entirely to themselves. But no one objected to the
      addition of an eight, mostly because it was Rogue's friend Logan. He had
      been back for all of three days when the gang had decided to induct him into
      their little club. That is to say, the club of those who could look Gwen in
      the eye without turning into 'subservent mushballs' as Jubilee had so
      lyrically put it.

      Bobby and St. John had chased everyone else out of the room with threats of
      frozen or charbroiled homework, beds, or CD players.

      Logan had taken it all in a surprisingly good humor. At least once Rogue had
      given him her trade mark puppy dog eyes. That was the one thing Gwen envied
      of Rogue. One simply couldn't make puppy dog eyes when one had no pupils or

      Kitty sighed and cuddled against St. John's side with a dreamy little smile
      on her face. Jubilee was sprawed on the floor, using Bobby as a pillow for
      her feet, and Rogue was curled up next to Logan. Gwen blinked as she
      fingered Kurt's tail wrapped around her waist. They had all paired off, she
      thought letting the current thread of the conversation drift out of her
      mental grasp.

      "What the heck?" Bobby muttered as he pulled Jubilee off the floor.

      Gwen's attention snapped back to the world around her as Logan let out a
      startled curse. Her silver eyes darted around in shock, then she yanked her
      mirrored glasses down over her eyes from their resting place on her head.
      Kitty and St. John looked surprized. Logan looked ticked, mostly because
      Rogue looked frightened, no doubt. Bobby looked nervous, while Jubilee
      looked ready for a fight. Kurt looked down right terrified.

      "Demons," one of the many armored men around them muttered.

      Logan growled, proving why he was called Wolverine, even if it didn't tell
      anyone who gave him that name. Gwen rested a hand over Kurt's tail around
      her waist when she felt it twitch spasmaticly.

      "Well," St. John drawled, "I've been called worse, and that was by my girl."

      Kitty muffled a giggle. "I love you, too, flameboy."

      "You owe me ten," Jubilee said over her shoulder to Bobby.

      "I owe you five," Bobby retorted without turning to look at his girlfriend.
      "Johny called Kitty his girl before she said she loved him."

      "I'm going to beat on you both if you don't shut up," Gwen grumbled as she
      moved between Kurt and a man who's fingers were straying a little too close
      to his sword for her comfort. "And I suggest you keep your hands away from
      your swords and knives, Sirs. My friends and I have little patience for
      threats, and less for fools."

      One of the men pulled a rather impressive broadsword regardless of her

      Several things started to happen at once.

      Wolverine's claws came out.

      St. John formed several fireballs at once.

      The air around Bobby took on a decisidly artic feel.

      Plasma bursts started to spark around Jubilee's hands.

      Kurt, Rogue and Kitty all took on various martial art's stances.

      Gwendolyn Penn tossed her glasses aside, then pulled a two handed long sword
      out of thin air.

      And an old man in robes appeared between the mutants and the armored

      "Grandfather?" Gwen yelped. In her shock the tip of her sword dipped toward
      the ground.

      "Merlin? What is the meaning of this?" one of the larger men demanded. He
      almost sounded fearful to Gwen's ears.

      "Merlin?" St. John mouthed to Jubilee, who could only shrug.

      The legendary wizard snorted. "The meaning of this is that you're all
      idiots. Put up your swords. You, too, Gwenny."

      Gwen slammed her blade deep into the stone work at her feet and glared up at
      the man who looked and sounded like her grandfather, but who had been called
      Merlin. "Don't call me 'Gwenny', blast it!"

      Merlin chuckled in just the infuriatingly right way to convince Gwen that
      her grandfather was indeed the ancient magic-user. Her eyes narrowed to
      dangerious silver slits. "You have so much explaining to do, *Grandfather*."


      Dangit! This is going to take more than one post boys and girls!


      Evil Cordy
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