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Swordchilde (2/?)

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Disclaimers and crap-o-rama in part 1. Logan growled at the man flanking him on the left. Mostly because it forced *his* Marie to walk behind him, where the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2001
      Disclaimers and crap-o-rama in part 1.

      Logan growled at the man flanking him on the left. Mostly because it forced
      *his* Marie to walk behind him, where the idiot on her right was gawking at
      her as if he'd never seen a girl before.

      "Sir, if you do not stop staring at my striped friend's backside, her rather
      protective and annoyed friend ahead of you might just rip your entrails out
      through your nose and strangle you with them," St. John said cheerfully from
      somewhere behind Rogue.

      "Here's a better idea," Gwen said sharply. "Back the Hell away from her
      before *I* lose my temper. Even an IDIOT like you can see you're making her

      "Gwain," Merlin rumbled warningly from where he lead the mismatched group.
      "I suggest you do as they say. Gwendolyn has a rather... explosive temper,
      and if she turned her full will upon you there wouldn't be a hope in Hell of
      you getting away."

      Logan snarled in agreement and scowled darkly at the young Knight walking
      beside him. The man, little more than a boy, gulped convulsively and dropped
      back. Rogue moved up to Logan's side with a soft sigh of relief and a quick
      darting glance back at the dark man who had been walking far too close to
      her for his own health. Logan took her gloved hand without a word, but fired
      another dark look over his shoulder at the man called Gwain.

      "First one of you who even *thinks* about sticking my Kurt with a blade eats
      my sword the hard way," Gwen snarled with another glare at the man walking
      beside her.

      "Dein Kurt?" the blue furred young man in question muttered behind her.

      The white skinned girl blushed crimson. "You're going to argue the point

      "Keinesfalls, liebchen, keinesfalls," Kurt chuckled.

      Jubilee shot a glance over her shoulder and grinned at Rogue. "That's
      twenty, smart-girl."

      "Will you stop placing bets on our love lives?" Kitty complained almost
      cheerfully from the back, a place she had pointedly walked through her guard
      to walk beside *her* Bobby.

      "No," St. John offered, content to walk without his girlfriend at his side.
      "And you owe me ten."

      A few of the Knights of Camelot snorted or chuckled, but several of them
      seemed content to look on the strange group as demons, and it was beginning
      to annoy the already twitchy Gwen.

      "Grandfather," she growled rather convincingly.

      "Yes?" he responded calmly.

      "We don't need an escort," Gwen hissed angrily. "And I doubt you need

      Merlin paused, causing the entire group to stop. Eight mutants all but
      perhaps two of them dangerous, and that was doubtful. Eight Knights of the
      Roundtable who would doubtlessly get their iron plated arses kicked all the
      way to the mainland if it came down to a fight with the mutants. One of the
      mutants the girl he thought of as his granddaughter for all her strangeness.
      "Sir Knights, you are dismissed."

      "But, Lord Merlin," the younger one behind Rogue started to protest.

      "Call me that again, Tristain, and I shall allow Gwendolyn to hurt you,"
      Merlin said sharply.

      Gwen favored the young man with a smile that would have been just as at home
      on Sabertooth's face. The glasses that reflected his own image back at him
      only added to the unnaturally white girl's menace in Sir Tristain's opinion.
      Several of the Knights gulped and backed away, finally the next generation
      of X-men and Wolverine were left alone with Merlin.

      "Start talking, old dude," Jubilee said as they started walking again.

      "Can't this wait?" Merlin asked, exasperated.

      Jubilee narrowed her strangely blue eyes at him and popped her gum. "I'm on
      my last piece of bubble gum here, bud. What's the story with you, Gwen, and
      the walking tin cans?"

      "Did some one call my name?" a woman called as she stepped into the stone
      corridor of Camelot's castle.

      Gwen froze in shock as the other students blinked. There was a certain
      similarity in their features, this woman's and Gwen's, that the other young
      mutants couldn't help but stare at. Merlin muttered a curse in Latin.

      "Watch your mouth, Grandfather," Gwen said absently, but her eyes were still
      locked on the older, more naturally colored version of herself. The vibrant
      red hair, the curious amber eyes, the wide cheek bones, and almost elvish
      pointed chin, there was only one person this could be. "Queen Gwenyver,"
      Gwen breathed.

      The Queen stared at the girl who seem, except for the strange thing covering
      her eyes and her odd clothing, to be a shockingly pale reflection of
      herself. "Do.. Do I know you, Lady?"

      "No," Gwen whispered as she shifted back a step, letting her eyes drop out
      of habit, "no, Majesty, you do not."

      "Gwenyver," Merlin said softly. "She's Gwenny."

      Both women let out identical pain filled cries. Gwen staggered back in
      shock, but she had Kurt to catch her and a faintly recalled promise from him
      that he wouldn't let her fall. Gwenyver staggered back as well, grabbing the
      door jam as support.

      "Gwen?" Kurt called softly, cupping her cheek in one two fingered hand.
      "Gwendolyn? Answer me, liebchen."

      "K-k-kurt?" Gwen whimpered as her world continued to whirl around with her
      as it's axis.

      "Shh, it's alright, I'm here," Kurt whispered as the rest of their select
      group of friends closed ranks protectively.

      Logan's eyes widened slightly as Rogue took off her gloves. "Protecting
      Snow-white there mean that much to ya, kid?"

      "She's my friend," Rogue said simply.

      "Put your gloves back on, Rogue," Gwen murmured as Kurt helped her regain
      her physical balance although her mind still reeled. "Start talking,
      *Grandfather*, here and now. And no vanishing act."

      "Come," the Queen said softly, curious amber eyes on the demonic creature
      holding her daughter so getnly. "My room, were no will come upon us

      Logan nodded with a faint grunt. He turned back to the 'kids' as he thought
      of them and held out a hand for Rogue. "Come on, darlin."

      Rogue smiled faintly at him as she tugged her gloves back into place, then
      laced her fingers through his.


      Gwenyver returned to her chair overlooking the garden and twisted into a
      comfortable position to watch her guests from. Gwen, as she learned her
      daughter prefered to be called, was curled up on the rug in front of the
      fireplace with her strange blue furred suitor. The girl called only Rogue
      was sitting at Logan's feet with her head absently leaning against his knee
      where he sat in Gwenyver's other chair. Kitty, St. John, Jubilee and Bobby
      were sitting in a neat row on the edge of her bed. Merlin was pacing in

      "Will you calm down," Gwen finally snapped as she rose from her obviously
      comfortable place on the rug. "And for the sake of the old ones, tell me
      what's going on!"

      "Be still, Princess Gwendolyn," Merlin ordered firmly as he fixed the
      girl-child who was a girl no more with an icy blue stare.

      Gwen sat down hard, or would have if Kurt hadn't caught her.

      "Excuse me? Did you just call Gwen 'Princess Gwendolyn'?" Rogue asked

      "Daughter of Arthur and heir to the throne of Camelot," Merlin concluded.

      "Cool," Kitty snickered. "That ought to take Monet down a few dozen pegs."

      Jubilee giggled in return. The two boys on the bed only stared at the
      shocked girl shealtered in Kurt Wagner's arms. Logan just looked thoughtful,
      while Rogue looked concerned.

      "She was just born a few years ago for Gwenyver, so you'll have to forgive
      her shock at meeting her grown daughter," Merlin continued wisely ignoring
      the two bouncier teenage girls.

      "She would have been six," Gwenyver said softly. "I knew she wasn't a demon,
      no matter what that idiot Dunca said."

      "But it was obvious to me that she *was* a mutant, so I took her to the
      safest time I could," Merlin said. "I remained for a time to raise her, then
      I took her to Xavier's school."

      Gwen was beginning to get over her shock, Kurt noted silently, and she was
      starting to fume. From what she'd told him, she and her grandfather had
      never gotten on particularly well. He gently tightened his grip on her arms
      and caught her eyes, shaking his head slowly to warn her off one of her more
      explosive displays of temper.

      Gwen smiled faintly at him then turned her eyes back to her mother and
      Merlin. "So why am I, why are *we* here now?"

      "Arthur is missing," Merlin explained after a long moment. "He was taken by

      "And?" Jubilee drawled. Merlin glanced at her with a frown, but the teenage
      firecracker only raised her eyebrows and expanded on the idea. "And what
      does that have to do with us?"

      "Camelot must be protected while the Knights search for him," Gwenyver said

      "Ya want us to do it," Logan grunted. His scowl deepened as he thought. "But
      the kid's right. Why us?"

      "Because you seven are, or rather, will be the foundation for New Camelot,"
      Merlin retorted. His eyes locked on Gwendolyn. "Under the rule of Queen

      Gwen went very still for a long moment. She took a deep breath. "Okay. Fine.
      I can do this. What do you want me to do?"

      "First we must convice your father's Knights that you are who you claim to
      be," Gwenyver said as she rose to her feet. "Do you have the medalion?" Gwen
      nodded and pulled it out from under her shirt. "Good. You all shall need
      clothes. But something even more convincing is what we need. Merlin?"

      "She will have to pull Excalibur from the Round Table," Merlin said softly.
      "I do not know if it will come to her hand."

      Gwen stood up, pulling Kurt with her. "It will."


      Gwendolyn smoothed the fabric of the heavy, dark grey dress over her hips
      and scowled into the mirror. She would have trouble fighting in this if
      that's what it really came down too, and there was always a chance that it
      would come down to a fight, even without all the undergowns and tabards that
      she'd flatly refused to wear. She had coldly drawn the line at one linen
      chemis to keep the itchy wool from her skin, and she had seriously
      consitered exerting her will on the maid who had been sent to dress her.

      "Are you ready, *Princess*," Kitty called teasingly from the other room.

      "Breath a word of this to anyone back at school and I'm short sheeting your
      bed," Gwen grumbled as she carefully walked into the room.

      Kurt was on his feet in a heartbeat, liquid gold eyes wide at the sight of
      his girlfriend dressed like some midevil fantasy princess. Her long grey
      hair hung down her back in a neat braid with a soft blue-ish ribbon woven
      through it. The young German shook himself out of his daze and bowed
      gracefully to the girl who had been his princess long before he found out
      she really was a princess. "Prinzessin Gwendolyn."

      Bobby and St. John mimiced their friend as they muffled snickers at her

      "Knock it off, guys," Gwen complained with a blush. "Or I'm telling Gambit
      you guys were wearing tights."

      Queen Gwenyver muffled a giggle. "What a wonder the time you live in must
      be, Gwen."

      "Wonder isn't what I'd call it, exactly," Gwen sighed. She looked gravely at
      her mother, some part of her mind relieved that the Queen was immune to her
      power over the minds of others. "But I grew up there. I'd rather have had my

      "It is time," Merlin said from the door to the hall.

      Gwen let her eyes dart around to all her friends then nodded. "Very well,
      Merlin. Lead the way if you would."


      Silence decended on the council room as Merlin and Queen Gwenyver walked
      calmly in followed by the eight strangers from last night.

      "My Lord Merlin," started one of the Knights. Rogue absently identified him
      as Sir Belvider from Merlin's discription. "Why do you allow these...
      demons... into this sacred hall?"

      "We are not demons," Gwen said with an icy calm that usually preceeded
      someone getting tossed on their butt in self-defense class. "Despite the
      rather outlandish appearences some of us were born with. I grow weary of
      being mistaken for some creature of the lower hells."

      Kurt bit his lip to keep from snickering. One of the first things he had
      noticed about Gwen was that she had a seriously acidic wit when she was
      annoyed. His eyes followed her with delight as she despensed with all the
      plotting Merlin had come up with and practially glided over to the one empty
      chair at the round table.

      Buried up to the hilt in the wood that had to be at least six inches thick,
      was Excalibur itself. Gwen took a deep breath to calm herself and more
      importantly her temper, then grasped the hilt.

      A mailed hand closed over her wrist before she could try and pull the sword
      free. "What the devil do you think you're doing, woman?"

      "I am taking what is my birth right," Gwen said icily.

      "Hands off her," Logan growled. "Or yer gonna loose the hand."

      Gwen smiled that same faint smile she got when someone tried to protect her
      without her having them unnaturally under her influence. If she'd admit it
      to anyone, it made her feel sort of nice inside, almost as nice as when Kurt
      smiled at her.

      Sir Gwain dropped his hand, and his jaw when Excalibur came free in the
      strange white-skinned girl's hand. She smiled faintly again as she set the
      magic sword on the table and sat down in King Arthur's chair.

      "I am Princess Gwendolyn," she said loudly enough for her voice to carry in
      the large room, "daughter of King Arthur and Queen Gwenyver. Any questions
      as to why I am not a six year old child shall be directed to Merlin as that
      is of his doing. Any question of who my friends are can be answered quite
      simply. They are my most trusted and treasured companions and the Knights of
      New Camelot. Sir Logan the Wolverine, Lady Rogue, Sir Robert Drake, Sir St.
      John Alderyce, Lady Jubilation Lee, Lady Katherine Pride, and Sir Kurt

      "What would you have of us, Princess?" Sir Tristain asked softly with a
      cautious glance at the man she had called Sir Logan.

      Gwen settled back in the chair and clasped her hands in her lap. "You and
      the other Knights, my good Sir, are to go and seek out my father and King so
      that he may resume his proper place on the throne and so that my friends and
      I can return to our home."


      Die Evil Plot Bunny! DIE!

      Part 3 coming soon.
      ~Evil Cordy
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