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Loose Cannon Series: Changes

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    Author: Kitty Lee Fic: Loose Cannon Pairing: Logan/Rogue eventually. Rating: PG 13, fer now Disclaimer: The idea fer the fic is Lily s, and the characters all
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2000
      Author: Kitty Lee
      Fic: Loose Cannon
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue eventually.
      Rating: PG 13, fer now
      Disclaimer: The idea fer the fic is Lily's, and the characters all belong to
      Stan and 20th Century Fox. Long live the King.
      Summary: Challenge Fic-After waiting for Logans for four years, Rogue leaves
      the school and goes to the other side. Can Logan return to help her?
      (how corny and Batman-ish does that sound!)
      Feedback: Nine out of ten dentists agree that it stops cavities before they

      Scott watched the glove flutter to the ground beside the court and another
      one drop a few feet behind him. He went and picked it up, a tight, icy ball
      clenching in his stomach. Rogue never took off her gloves, and she never went
      flying with a duffel bag either. Scott went around the court to where Ororo
      had already picked up the other glove. Their eyes met, her fear mirrored in
      his glasses.

      "We have to find the professor." She whispered. Scott nodded and they took
      off towards the main building, motioning for Jean to follow them.

      "What happened?" Jean asked. Scott showed her the gloves. Ororo opened the
      door leading to the main hall.

      "Rogue took off with a duffel bag and dropped these." Jeans' face turned

      "You think she...you think she left. For good?"

      Ororo put a comforting hand on Jeans shoulder. "The Professor will find
      her." Professor Xavier came out of his office, hearing them come down the

      "Rogue has left. And in quite a rage also." He said, his eyes narrowed in
      concentration. "Her room is demolished. Someone was there with her...but I
      can't quite feel who." Xavier sighed and ran a hand over his face. "We must
      find her before Eric does."

      "We must find her before Charles does." Eric said, tapping his fingers
      against his metal table.

      "I can go out looking for her, she's probably not-" Mystique was interrupted
      by by a enraged growl. She walked towards the door, "that was Sabretooth."

      Eric stood, watching the door carefully. "Something wicked this way comes."
      He said to himself, opening the metal door with a wave of his hand. Rogue
      flew in a second later, kicking the door closed behind her. Eric winced as a
      slight imprint of Sabretooth appeared in the door.

      "That'll leave a mark." Rogue said, floating slowly down to the floor.
      Mystique moved in front of Eric protectively. "Chill out, I'm not here to
      hurt him. That whole trying to kill me thing a couple years ago, water under
      the bridge." She said, shrugging. "I'm here to join the brotherhood, I'm sick
      of playing by the rules. Sick of Xavier and his never-ending rules. I want to
      be with you. As long as you try not to kill me again."

      "Really," Eric said, feigning surprise, "and how do you know I will not

      "Because, I am much more valuable to you alive and touching. Other than
      that, I could probably break through any metal you put on me and fly away in
      a minute. That is, after I give you a kiss goodbye." Rogue said, walking
      towards him.

      "Does that include me?" Mystique purred, slithering in front of her.

      Rogue stepped closer. "Anytime." She whispered. Mystique drew away,
      intrigued. Rogue turned to Eric. "You won't kill me because you're not that
      stupid, and you know now that the radiation would kill them anways."

      "And how do I know you won't kill me?" Eric asked.

      "Because what good would that do other than have every mutant in the world
      after me. I want to join you. I'm sick of being stifled, of being good. I
      want revenge. I want a war."

      "Why do you want a war?" Eric questioned.

      "Because I know who'll win." Rogue smiled tightly. "And I want to be on the
      right side. So am I in?"

      Eric looked her over carefully. "With a few changes-"

      "I'm not changing for you or anyone." Rogue spat. "I'm living for me now,
      not by anyone else's standards."

      "That is what I want. I want to strip away the layers of fear Charles has
      clothed you in. I want the real Rogue to come out, not the Rogue that he has
      tried in vain to make you." Eric soothed, walking around her.

      Rogue relaxed. "Then let the changes begin."

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