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FF "You Won't be Mine" (1/3) PG [Jean/Scott, Logan]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: You Won t be Mine (1/3) Distribution: Anyone who already has my fic, anyone who asks, my site
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: You Won't be Mine (1/3)
      Distribution: Anyone who already has my fic, anyone
      who asks, my site
      Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men. I also don't own the
      song "You Won't be Mine" by Matchbox Twenty. Lucky
      people who do!
      'Ship: Scott/Jean
      Rating: PG (for language)
      Spoilers: The movie (duh)
      Feedback: You'd better! wilde_moon@...
      Notes: If you want to see the kewl graphic I made
      with it (this one's my best yet!), check out

      Take your straight line for a curve
      Make it stretch, the same old line.
      Try to find if it was worth what you spent
      Why you're guilty for the way
      You're feeling now
      It's almost like being free
      And I know soon you will be
      Over the lies, you'll be strong
      You'll be rich in love and you will carry on,
      But no - Oh no
      No you won't be mine.

      Part 1: Logan

      Logan lay back on the bed and crossed his arms over
      his chest. It didn't surprise him at all that Chuck
      had saved the room for his return, had left everything
      exactly as it was when Wolverine left. It had
      surprised him that almost no one found his return
      unexpected: Xavier only smiled at him from across his
      desk, Scott had welcomed him back like he'd run out to
      the store, and Storm barely reacted at all. Only
      Rogue and Jean showed any surprise. Of course, it had
      been more excitement than surprise from Rogue, but
      Jean... Jean seemed genuinely shocked.

      //Did she really think I wouldn't come back?// As
      much as he wanted to think he could go the rest of his
      life without ever seeing her again, Logan knew there
      was no chance he'd succeed. No matter how Jean felt,
      he needed her. Like Rogue, Jean had seen inside him
      and not run away. Despite, or maybe because of, all
      his faults and flaws and neuroses, she found him
      interesting. //Or something.//

      //And then there's Scooter.// Logan felt his claws
      itching to emerge beneath his skin at the thought of
      Scott Summers spending every night of his life with
      Jean. //It's bad enough that I can't have her.
      Doesn't help things that one-eye can.// Still, he
      found it impossible to conjure any reason Scott
      wouldn't make Jean happy, any reason Scott wasn't
      perfect for her in every way. That just made it

      Logan snorted in disgust. //Quit dreamin'. She's too
      good for you and you know it.// Trying to push all
      thoughts of Jean from his mind and failing entirely,
      Wolverine closed his eyes, abandoning himself to the
      nightmares once again.

      Part 2 coming in a minute...


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