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Come Closer (7/?)

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  • Robin Spivey
    TITLE: Come Closer (1/?) AUTHOR: Jaded Cherub SHIP: L/O SERIES: Not planning it RATING: PGish SUMMARY: Two forces of nature get closer AUTHOR S NOTE: /Ororo s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2001
      TITLE: Come Closer (1/?)

      AUTHOR: Jaded Cherub

      'SHIP: L/O

      SERIES: Not planning it

      RATING: PGish

      SUMMARY: Two forces of nature get closer

      AUTHOR'S NOTE: /Ororo's thought/ //Logan's thoughts//

      FEEDBACK: Please! (The cute mixed kid with dimples begs.)

      ARCHIVING: If you want it you got it just tell me where, it'll be.

      DISCLAIMER: I own nothing! I am making no money, and have none so if you
      want to sue I would be more then willing to accept the money you would use
      on lawyers in exchange for never writing fanfic on your show again

      Chapter 7

      Inside Storm was trapped, stuck in a cell with a chain around her midsection
      that with every move and every breathe cut into her a little more. She was
      helpless but to watch as the "intruder" tried to seduce Logan and if it was
      any other man touching her as he was she would have felt violated by the
      act. She couldn't feel the warmth of his breath, his strong calloused
      hands, or tongue as she watched as all of the forementioned travelled over
      her, and with watching the display she came to the conclusion that THIS was
      truly torture.

      When Logan knocked "her" out she was instantly flooded with a feeling of
      love and happiness that Logan hadn't taken advantage of the situation or
      gave in to his own arousal but was instead worried about her.

      The figure once more appeared in front of her, since unconsciousness had
      taken over her form the figure had come often, sometimes to stare, sometimes
      to taunt, no matter the reason at every appearance Ororo felt her anger

      "Aah Weather Goddess, you once again do not seem happy to see me, and oh how
      it hurts me." The person said with a sneer as it stroked Storm's face in a
      mocking caress.

      "Let me go!," she growled and once again tried unsuccessfully to break her
      bounds. "I do not know who you are or what you want but I am not the one to
      FUCK with!"

      The entity circled her, "Tsk, tsk, such ugly words coming from such a
      beautiful mouth."

      "Just tell me what you want."

      "I want you, my dear. I want to destroy you, I want you to struggle for
      each breathe not because something is physically constricting you but
      because the act in itself for your tired form is too much. I want you to be
      alone, exiled from the ones you love, I want you to know one half of the
      pain I have."

      "Your nuts! I don't even know you!"

      "True, your majesty, not directly anyway. Want to see?"


      Ororo stood in her past, she recognized her surroundings, she knew them
      well. Allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness she slowly proceeded to
      let the memories overwhelm her and guide her through the tunnels that made
      up the underworld of this city.

      The place was Egypt and she was about 13 years old, a pick pocket living on
      the streets until she had met Ramses. He was strong and smart and took care
      of her, if he asked certain... things, of her who was she to refuse? She
      owed him everything.

      She arrived and the minute she stepped into the place she was summoned by
      him. "Ororo my dear, tell me what you have found." He picked her up and
      sat her on his lap as she took out a bag of jewels from a hidden pocket
      inside her coat. She dangled it before him, confident in the praise she
      would receive once he saw what lied within.

      He peered inside and came face to face with pure rubies and diamonds. They
      glittered together, reflecting the scarce light that fell upon them and the
      smile that was mirrored on his face made the jewels light seem dim.

      "Aah wonderful my little one." He pulled her into a passionate kiss which
      Ororo knew better then to try and fight against before releasing her.

      A woman was brought in to the room, her body wrapped in chains and a gun was
      poited directly at her head. She was dressed in rags, covered in dirt and
      her hair was nothing but a mass of tangled dreads, she was pushed before
      them and landed on her knees with an 'ooph'.

      When the woman looked at her Ororo reflexively shrunk back from what she saw
      in the grey depths, it was like looking into pure hatred. The woman began
      to speak and her teeth and breathe gave silent testimony to the fact it had
      been quite a while since she had brushed her teeth. "A mutant!" she
      screeched with an accusing finger pointed at the teenager.

      "Of course she is you whench, and her powers are mine to harvest!"

      "Bah. Mutants are not to be trusted, but to be killed. They are accidents
      and living embodiements to testify that sometimes even Gods can make
      mistakes because They sure have where mutants are concerned!"

      With each word the anger in Storm grew and the people walking along the
      walks of Alexandria were powerless against the elements that had all of a
      sudden began to attack them. The clouds grew and darkened until they
      blocked out any of the sun's rays, the wind picked up anything in its path
      as the water from the harbor over came its boundaries and wave after wave
      broke free washing away carts and people alike.

      In the grand throne room where Ororo now was the walls began to shake with
      her rage, her body shook as well and the people within ran for some kind of
      cover. A beam fell from the old ceiling crushing the hag under its weight
      and all was once again peaceful. "I am Ororo Munroe, Goddess of the Weather
      and you will respect me or you will die!"

      Ramses clapped behind her and could hardly supress his glee. "Come guards,
      and show this "woman" what the price is not to bow down before her majesty."

      It took five men and nearly an hour to get the beam off of the person who
      had long since passed out from the pain, and that was the last Ororo ever
      saw of the woman.


      "Well you sure know how to hold a grudge."

      The woman slapped her across the face and Ororo could taste her blood in her
      mouth. "You mock my pain you little bitch. They tortured me for days
      because of you and with my last words I pledged my soul to every black force
      there was that I would someday revenge my injustice and that day has finally

      This is what my jumbled mind comes up with while I have the flu


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