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Sharp Relief (2/?)

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    Title: Sharp Relief (2/?) Author: Meghan Email: Sugar14672@aol.com Series: Sequel to Honestly, Ok Rating: PG Genre: R/L Romance Disclaimer: I dont own em
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2000
      Title: Sharp Relief (2/?)
      Author: Meghan
      Email: Sugar14672@...
      Series: Sequel to 'Honestly, Ok'
      Rating: PG
      Genre: R/L Romance
      Disclaimer: I dont own em
      Summary: Logan comes home to his girl, all grown up.
      Comments: I know..its short..but Im tired and am having a sever case of
      writers block.
      Feedback: I need it to function! Feedback gets me all inspired *winkwink*


      Jean silently followed Logan, as did Scott. It was hard to believe he was
      back, especially after all of this time. By now everyone had pretty much
      given up hope of ever hearing from the rebellious Wolverine again.
      Sometimes the only thing that reminded her of his absence was Rogue. Sure,
      she put up a facade...acted like a happy teenager. But there were moments
      during a class, Jean would catch her staring off into a voidless space. Her
      eyes were deep and surfaced both anguish and longing. Her fake smiles were
      sad, not to mention that most nights screaming echoed down the corridors. It
      was a nightly thing. Rogue was awakened by terrifying nightmares. Jean had
      taken a mother-like stance. Running to her bedside and holding the lifeless,
      sobbing woman/child. Every time her heart would ache, as the vigor and youth
      that had once encircled Rogue slowly drained away.
      During the day both of them would pass by each other, acting as if nothing
      had transpired the following night.

      The restless nightmares became much more gruesome, leading Rogue to her
      current state of insomnia. Jean couldn't blame her and need not ask her what
      the nightmares were about. During an idle lunch break one afternoon, she had
      probed farther into Rogue's mind..peeking at the dream sequence. Basically
      the horrible images were the long drawn out memories she had picked from
      Logan's mind so long ago. The two mutants were connected and the young
      Doctor couldn't do anything but pity Rogue. She had already matured far
      beyond her years...experienced enough pain - the last thing she needed was
      Logan haunting her memories.

      It wasn't out of the ordinary to find the now-nocturnal Rogue, pacing the
      floor at all hours of the night, or sitting in quiet recollection outside on
      a bench. Professor Xavier had even begun to worry..his mind constantly
      roaming for new ideas, something to distract the powerful girl. All attempts
      had proven useless.

      Within moments, Jean was shot from her reverie as Logan spoke.

      "Things really haven't changed.." he shot a look back at the both of them. "I
      take it you two are still...together?"

      "More than together Logan...we're married.." Scott beamed, a smug grin on his

      Disappointment flooded Logan's senses, perhaps a bit of anger, jealousy.
      "Well..I always said her taste in men left something to be desired.." he

      Once again, Jean felt thrown in the middle. She wanted more than anything to
      just suck all of the tension from the room - impossible.
      "We would have invited you Logan...but we didn't want to bother you. You
      were looking for answers....me and Scott didn't want to stop you on your
      quest for the truth.."

      "Actually, I just didn't want you at the wedding.." Scott was shut up as
      Jean's elbow slammed into his ribs.
      *Remind me not to cross that line again* he thought, his torso now sorely
      "Ow! What was that for.."

      "-Like- I have to tell you..."

      A self satisfied Wolverine beamed at Jean's physical scolding. *Got to love
      how she takes control..*

      "No problem..I'm not one for those..formal parties..tuxes and all. It's not
      my style.." he lightened the atmosphere. Logan brushed off the
      disappointment. So, she was taken now...but the cockiest guy in the
      world...she was taken before..but a wedding ring for Logan was like a huge
      shield. He just didn't go there. It was fine with him..Jean was a beautiful
      woman, but not the one who had occupied his thoughts for six years.
      "In all seriousness though...congratulations..who better to deflate
      Scotty-boys ego than you Jean.."

      Of course Logan was not about to compliment someone without the mandatory
      smartass remark, although Scott did seem a little surprised that his plan to
      piss Logan off had backfired.

      A nervous feeling settled in his stomach soon enough though. It was time to
      find out what he really needed to.
      "So, is Rogue still here.." Logan asked unsurely. For all he knew she may
      have totally moved on...might be pissed at his return, He had been gone a
      long time...
      Too scared to write or call her, he had always been afraid that the sound of
      her voice would weak him and he would have packed his bags and come home as
      soon as possible. He couldn't begin to risk it. Maybe six years would
      toughen his once, breechless inner walls.

      Inevitable. Both Jean and Scott had expected Logan to be anxious about Rogue.

      "She's still here..."

      Logan didn't like for a second how sad Jean's voice sounded. Was something
      wrong with Rogue? Or did she just pity him, knowing he wouldn't like what he
      "I can talk to her tomorrow...Don't tell her I'm here though..".
      Lifting his bag over one shoulder he prepared to walk up the flight of
      stairs, and get some sleep in a vacant room.

      "Or you could just tell her your here now.." Scott drawled.

      "Isn't she sleeping?" Logan searched both of their eyes. "I mean...it's 4 in
      the morning...she's not possibly awake..."

      Jean just pointed towards a half closed door at the other side of the room.
      He knew where the door led- to a large lounging area. To say the least he
      was shocked Rogue would be up at this hour. The father instinct that was
      almost always dormant, except when it came to Rogue's well-being, kicked in
      and as his feet carried toward the room, he had quite the nerve to yell at
      her and make sure she got to bed -now-.

      Jean and Scott only looked at each other. Both of them weren't sure what to
      make of Logan's return...didn't know how Rogue would react. What happened if
      Logan left again? No, too many questions. It was too early and they could
      all deal with this tomorrow. Jean followed Scott back up the stairs, casting
      one more motherly look through the balcony bars. It was only natural to be
      worried. These days she had to be wary of Rogue's feelings.


      "Hey!..Hey it's me!"
      "Prove it"
      "Your a dick.."

      -The movie-X-men (My FAVE movie ever!)

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