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FIC: Not So Lonely (R/G)

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  • Diana C
    Title: Not So Lonely Author: Diana C. (dianac05@usa.net) Disclaimer: X-Men characters belong to Marvel Comics and whoever owns the rights of the movie as well.
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      Title: Not So Lonely
      Author: Diana C. (dianac05@...)
      Disclaimer: X-Men characters belong to Marvel Comics and whoever owns the
      rights of the movie as well.
      Rating: PG
      Couple: Rogue/Gambit
      Distribution: ARITS, FAS, Diana C Fiction, Willow's Heart, and anyone else
      just ask.
      Feedback: Yes please, this is my first Rogue/Gambit story, well a solo one,
      but offically I just started writing two days ago. I need opinions.
      Author's Note: Sorry if I got the accent and saying wrong, but I'm still
      unsure... Hope you like.
      Dedication: To Gambit/Rogue Fans!
      Summary: Just read (grin)

      Not being able not to touch anyone can get a person really done, especially
      when nobody seems want to be near you in fear that you might accidentally come
      into contact with their skin. It hurts every time I walk down a hall and I see
      someone whisper something into somebody's ear and pointedly looking at me, or
      the slight panic when I stop to talk to someone.

      Naturally I have a few brave adventurers that choose to see past it all and
      take the time to be my friends, like Jubliee and Kitty. Of course there's
      Bobby as well, but still sometimes I see the slight panic in their eyes when
      were in science together and I'm partnered up with them. It makes me feel so
      alone and realize that I probably will be for the rest of my life.

      Sometimes I catch myself staring and happy couples openly, namely a lot of
      Scott and Jean. They are so happy together and it pains me when they can
      simply hold hands and chastely kiss each other's lips in an innocent kiss.
      Something I want that so bad, yet I know I won't have. The simplest of acts is
      so far out of reach I have barely time to contemplate the situation of what's

      Usually I try to avoid crowded places, as much as I hate to admit the faces
      and people get to me. They might do anything, but to know they can be happy
      and have no side effects, a friend hugging a friend, a touch of a hand barely
      grazing a cheek. I've never had that, unless you count Logan, but he almost
      died and now he's long gone. I wonder sometimes if he'll ever come back, it's
      been less than 6 months, but to someone like me that's eternity.

      My room is my safe haven, I don't have a room with anyone, and Charles says
      it's for special reasons. Another meaning to the word probably no one would
      room with me cause it's too much of a safety hazard.

      Sitting here I sigh in wonder as I continue another romance book, licking my
      lips I gasp as the hero in the book grabs in the women and kisses her
      breathless, it's as close as I'll get. Turning to the next page, suddenly a
      familiar voice calls out in my head and I look up.

      "Chuckles callin'" I muttered as he says that he has chosen me to show around
      a new student that had just arrived on campus. Sighing I really don't want to
      but when the Professor calls, you don't disregard him. Plus it's been a couple
      of days since I've really talked to anyone since the X-Men were currently
      doing a mission sweep in Australia, and the students had all gone on a road
      trip to LA.

      Sighing Rogue got off the bed and went to the closet to pull a jacket out
      since it was the middle of winter, she didn't want to be too cold well showing
      the new student around. Slipping silky black long gloves over her fingers she
      let her hair down, taking the precautions of being fully covered. Settling on
      a black leather trench she threw it over and threw on her shoes.

      Without looking into the mirror she walked out of the room and towards the
      elevator. Pressing the button she waited until the doors opened and walked in
      pushing the down button. Rogue wasn't particularly thrilled about a new
      student coming to the school. It just meant that there probably would be
      another student that wouldn't take the time and probably would chat away and
      look at her funnily. She had shown a few students around since she had come to
      Xavier's school and each time they'd be nice and sweet until they asked her
      what power she possessed.

      After nervously blushing she would winch and tell them what she had and then
      be heartbroken again when she would see the slight panic in their eyes. It was
      always the same reaction, regardless of anything else, regardless of being
      covered or not, from there on they treated her like some sort of locus, a
      really bad disease.

      Snapping back to reality from her inner most painful thoughts she nervously
      brushed a strip of hair from her face as the doors pinged and opened for her,
      shyly walking with her head bent down she made her way to the main entrance
      where she knew the professor would be with the new student. Secretly she
      hopped it would be one friend to add to her few.

      "Ah Rogue there you are." The Professor stated brightly. Rogue stopped and
      shifted from one foot to the next and forced a smile upon her face before
      looking up with mild amusement.

      "'Course Professor, I'm th' only one of y'all here beside ya." She replied
      somewhat silently.

      The Professor smiled at her and than gestured to his left and Rogue's eyes
      shifted towards the new student. She wasn't prepared for what she encountered,
      hardly containing her eyes widening slightly and the heat rising within her
      she swallowed, her mouth suddenly going dry.

      "This is are new student, Remy better known as Gambit, Gambit meet Rogue, she
      will be showing you around." The Professor stated clearly noting the
      discomfort from Rogue and smiling. He thought it was about time someone came
      into Rogue's life that did that, after all she was one lonely girl.

      Rogue tried to regain her composure; sharply looking away she stared at it
      unknowingly as she muttered. "Nice ta meet ya Gambit, Welcome ta Mutant High."

      Blinking she couldn't dispel his image from her mind, he was clearly the most
      gorgeous man she had ever seen, looking slightly older than her, but younger
      than the X-Men, he clearly probably was either 19 or 20. Wearing tight blue
      jeans that were ripped and a white muscle shirt with a old worn trench he
      managed to look bad and untouchable, totally illegal. In all her months and
      years she had never felt such an attraction, not even with Cody.

      Pushing back the thought she looked back at them and smiled shyly before not
      noticing the hair that fell over one her eyes. She watched as Gambit smirked
      knowingly and she blushed looking away again. He looked totally illegal with
      his shiny, soft touchable medium brown hair falling down across his eyes. His
      physical appearance instantly she noticed would dash any hopes of even getting
      a second look her way.

      Obviously the ladies man, his perfect cheekbones and beautiful red on black
      glowing eyes, and it didn't help that he was well muscled too boot. <Damn how
      am I going to get through this?> she thought to herself.

      Looking at the Professor she saw his mouth moving but didn't know what he was
      saying and suddenly he was wheeling away and she cursed him for putting her in
      this situation, especially now that she was alone with the new boy she noticed
      the room had increased even more in temperature.

      "Well petite, you be showing Gambit now, Oui?" the main said with a deep Cajun
      accent and suddenly Rogue probably knew she was going to need a cold shower
      after this encounter.

      "Oui." She muttered smiling as her eyes widened at his actual flirting tone.
      Walking along the paths of the mansion she showed him each and everything,
      speaking rapidly and Gambit smiled at this.

      Gambit watched her as she motioned and couldn't help at marveling at her
      beauty, he had seen his many share of beauties in New Orleans when he was a
      thief and growing up as well, but she was obviously the cream of the crop.
      Beautiful dark brown hair waving down to her middle back with a pinch of white
      in front made her exotic. Beautiful green eyes that captured him, pale skin,
      and pink full lips that beckoned to him for a tasting.

      His heart steered and he smirked every time she blushed, obviously not used to
      a man's flirting. Her faint pinking of her already cheeks in the cold winter
      morning left her looking so absolutely cute it took everything in his will
      power not to grab one of her gloved covered hands and hold it.

      He wondered why she seemed so shy, after all she was so beautiful, shouldn't
      she be full of herself?

      "Gambit be thinkin' why no one round and ye all by y'self here." He

      Rogue looked at him and pain flickered across her face, knowing that the time
      had probably come; well it had been great well it had lasted. Painfully she
      met his eyes, "Ma powers don't make tha' many friends here sugarh" she softly

      "Chere what be ya powers?" Gambit asked obviously confused.

      "I can't touch nah one, ma powers drain. Their scared of 'ma." Sighing she
      bent her head down, fidgeting slight well looking away.

      Gambit stared in shock, but if Rogue had looked up she would have seen not the
      fear but the fierce determination. When she didn't look up Gambit touched her
      cheek un-fearfully. Jumping back and gasping in shock she looked at him. He
      had dared touch her and that in obviously more shock the connection had not

      "Gambit thinks be stupid reason, Gambit not afraid, cher nothing happened."
      She stated. Looking at him in awe she couldn't believe as she looked into his
      eyes as she saw the truth, he wasn't afraid and for some reason when he
      touched her nothing had happened.

      Looking back she suddenly smiled a pure genuine smile, Rogue didn't know what
      was different about him, but suddenly she didn't feel that much lonely

      "Call me Marie." She whispered.

      The End. (Or is it?)

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