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The Morning After- Prologue

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  • Serena Michaels
    The Morning After -Prologue Author: Sineya Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: NC-17(Or it will soon be) Summary: Marie wakes up. Author s Notes: This evil plot
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2001
      The Morning After -Prologue

      Author: Sineya

      Disclaimer: Not mine.

      Rating: NC-17(Or it will soon be)

      Summary: Marie wakes up.

      Author's Notes: This evil plot bunny landed on my figurative doorstep last night.


      Prologue -

      I rolled over, my bare of connecting with a muscular back.


      I moved my hand down solid muscle, landing on a naked behind.

      I heard a groan.

      "Marie, stop movin'."


      I sat up quickly, reaching over to turn on my bedside light.

      My entire body fell when I felt a sculpted torso beside me.

      *What the Hell?!*

      "Rogue?"A sleepy male voice said below me.


      I jumped up, reaching again for the light and flipping it on.

      My eyes went as wide as saucers, and I fell off the bed, scampering up.

      There were two men in my bed.

      There was a Logan and a Scott in my bed.

      And they were staring at me with identical bewildered expressions.

      Bewildered, lusty expressions that were now aimed at body parts other than my face.

      I looked down.

      And shrieked, my voice piercing the air.

      I was naked.

      I quickly grabbed a black quilt off the floor, and wrapped it around myself.

      Then proceeded to get a lusty expression of my own.

      There was a naked Logan and Scott in my bed.

      *Whew, calm down girl.* Yeah right, calm down when two of the hottest men on God's green earth are naked in my bed. Naked and starin' at me like they haven't eaten for a week, and I'm their next meal.

      Yeah, that's gonna happen.

      I turned around, fanning myself. I mean, it's not everyday I see male perfection, well..naked male perfection in my bedroom.

      Naked and within arms reach.

      I turned around minutes later, hoping they'd covered themselves.

      They hadn't .

      I didn't stand a chance.

      I would have been outta there if they hadn't moved right behind me when I had turned at their nude appearances before.

      I stepped further back.

      Stupid me, right?

      "Listen guys, Ah really don't know why you're here, or why you're so deliciously naked-"

      Did I actually just say that?

      They were smirking.

      I guess so.

      I lifted my hands pleadingly as I spoke."So..uh, why don't y'all let me know just how in thah Hell us three are in mah room, naked as thah day we were born."

      They followed my retreating footsteps.

      Logan grabbed my hand and pulled me into him--chest first, then Scott proceeded to glue himself to my back. Both felt the need to run their hands in places my Mama told me to guard until I had a ring on my finger, and a new last name.

      Poor Mama, I think I've failed her.

      Logan nipped at my earlobe, his blunt teeth nibbling on the tender flesh.

      "You really don't remember?"

      I moaned as he kept up his ministrations, and again when Scott decided to torment me by planting wet kisses along my neck.

      "How could you forget?"He whispered softly, blowing gently into my ear.

      "Forget...what?"My voice was soft and breathy as their mouths roamed along my upper erogenous regions.

      "Last night."They said together.

      Last night?


      End Prologue

      So how was it? -You must give me feedback, or you will feel death--by the mighty spork!

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