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A Family Affair 3/?

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: A Family Affair Author: Jaguarita E-mail: jaguarita@hotmail.com or wild_jaguarita@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I don t own anything. Summary: Our three
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2001
      Title: A Family Affair
      Author: Jaguarita
      E-mail: jaguarita@... or wild_jaguarita@...
      Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
      Summary: Our three intrepid heroes find some interesting information
      when they get to Alky Lake.

      Mmmm. Long time to post, sorry!

      Kyle stared at Vicky with his jaw hanging down around his knees. "You're
      pretty sure you killed him? What..."

      "I never said I was a decent up standing anything, kid," Vicky growled as
      her fists clenched so hard her claws drew blood from her own palms. "One of
      the few things I remember from *before* was that I was a killer. A very well
      paid one at that."

      Marie nodded slowly. "That's pretty much what her file says too."

      "Don't help, *sis*," Kyle yelled.

      "Don't yell at me, Gibney," Marie hissed. "Vicky's son or not, I will kick
      your a.."

      "Rogue," Xavier interrupted before the profanity could get the rest of the
      way out of her mouth. "I think that this has been quite enough for one day.
      Storm will show you down to the medical lab, Kyle. Jean will have to examine
      you before you can be formally enrolled here as a student. Vicky, Logan, I
      assume you remember where your room is? Rogue, you have been moved into the
      room next to theirs."

      Logan and Marie nodded. Kyle just growled shooting a dark glare at Vicky.
      Vicky was staring down at her bloodied hands as they healed.

      "Vicky?" Xavier called softly. He motioned for Logan to take Marie and Kyle
      out of the office. "Vicky?"

      "Sorry, Wheels," Vicky mumbled. "Got blood on yer rug."

      "It's alright," Xavier said gently. "You will have to speak to Kyle. He
      needs to know everything you can remember about how he happened."

      Vicky continued to mumble. "It was an accident, just a way to get close to
      the target. But I wanted the baby once I found out. It was mine, and
      somebody took it away from me."

      "Victoria," Xavier said more firmly to get her attention. "You will have to
      explain it to your son."

      She gave him a vague smile. "I gave him life, Charlie, but I ain't his mama.
      She's a nice normal lady up in Canada where the trees meet the prairie and
      the sky's so blue ya'd think it was colored glass."

      Then the woman called Sabertooth was gone without another word.


      Kyle found her out in the woods where the riding trails lead to the lake on
      the edge of the property. "Xavier says we have ta talk."

      Vicky grunted. "He thinks we all have ta talk. That it's all we need ta work
      things out with the flatscans. Love the man like a brother, but he's a

      "So ya ain't gonna talk ta me?" Kyle growled, clenching his fist.

      "Course I'm gonna talk ta ya," Vicky snapped. She sighed and turned around
      to look at him, letting her voice drop. "I'm gonna tell ya I woulda kept ya.
      That I wanted ya, even if I can't even remember yer pa's name. I'd quit the
      second I found out I was pregnant. Just told my boss that I wasn't doing it
      anymore and I left."

      "So what happened?" Kyle asked as he sat down staring at her.

      Vicky scrubbed her hands through her wild mane of blonde hair, a trait he
      had most certianly gotten from her. "That's one o' the bits that's still
      fuzzy, ya know? I was outside. Hunting I guess. Maybe I was just running
      wild. Then there's this stinging and everything goes black. Then there's
      what I remember from the lab. Getting cut open. Things were done to me that
      would turn your stomach." She eyed him for a moment. "Then again, yer my kid
      so maybe not."

      Kyle made a face. "You'd be surprised." He grunted. "Guess that was one o'
      those bonding moments that Jean was talking about down in the clinic."

      "Weird, ain't it?" Vicky chuckled.

      "One way ta put it, I guess," Kyle muttered. "So what's with Rogue? How come
      you and grouchy took ta her so well?"

      Vicky shrugged. "She needed us, and she wasn't scared of us."

      Kyle made a confused sound that only made Vicky chuckle softly.

      "Hell, ya've seen what we can do," Vicky said still chuckling. "Rogue saw it
      right up close when Logan was in a cage fight. Then when we were attacked
      she saw both of us in action."

      "Cage fight?" Kyle gasped through a sudden case of laughter.

      Vicky arched an eyebrow almost elegantly. "How d'ya think we make money,
      kid? Logan and me ain't exactly respectable types."

      Kyle gave up trying to control it and just laughted outright.

      Vicky shook her head slowly. "Eh. Kids."

      TBC! Hopefully a lot sooner than last time.
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