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FIC: I Am Watching You (Poetry, L/R, R/R, Angst, Logan POV, PG ) [1/1]

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  • Kari Jo - Holly
    TITLE: I Am Watching You SERIES: Watching #1 AUTHOR: Kari Jo EMAIL: holly@members.limitless.org SUMMARY: Poetry from Logan s POV. RATING: PG (Probably G, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2001
      TITLE: I Am Watching You
      SERIES: Watching #1
      AUTHOR: Kari Jo
      EMAIL: holly@...
      SUMMARY: Poetry from Logan's POV.
      RATING: PG (Probably G, but angst is a little much for G, IMO)
      SETTING: Post-movie
      'SHIPS: R/R, R/L, Logan POV, Angst
      ARCHIVE: Lists, my site (http://www.limitless.org/~holly/), others just ask
      FEEDBACK: Please! holly@...
      THANKS: To everyone here, especially darkstar, 'cause her poetry
      rocks, and Andariel, who keeps giving me faith in myself.
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: We had a poetry club meeting at school today, so I
      was in a poetry mood. Prose just didn't seem to come, and a wet,
      dreary day always puts me in a slightly angsty mood.
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own these character, Marvel, Fox, and Bryan
      Singer do. The evil plot bunny and the bad rhythm are all mine,


      I am watching you.

      I see everything you do, everything you are. I don't need to be a
      telepath to see your thoughts. You wear your emotions like a
      garment, open for everyone to see.

      I am watching you.

      I see you smile, the love that lights up your eyes. I don't need to
      be near you to know why you blush. Your heart is on your sleeve, and
      one day, it will hurt.

      I am watching you.

      I see your fingers intertwine with his. I know what you feel, why
      you are always in the clouds. I see his hand reach up to your face
      and brush away a fair strand of hair.

      I am watching you.

      I see your care for him blossom into something more real. I know
      that he is the one for you; the man with red eyes that makes your
      heart sing with his flowery French.

      I am watching you.

      I know that soon you will forget about me, and then I will run. I
      will go back to my old ways and try to forget you. I won't be here
      to see your face when they tell you.

      When they tell you that I was watching you.
      Kari Jo - Fic Junkie Extraordinare


      No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for
      a while you'll see why.
      --Mignon McLaughlin

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