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FIC: He Is Watching You (Poetry, L/R, R/R, Angst, Remy POV, PG ) [1/1]

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  • Kari Jo - Holly
    TITLE: He Is Watching You SERIES: Watching #2 AUTHOR: Kari Jo EMAIL: holly@members.limitless.org SUMMARY: Poetry from Remy s POV. RATING: PG (Probably G, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2001
      TITLE: He Is Watching You
      SERIES: Watching #2
      AUTHOR: Kari Jo
      EMAIL: holly@...
      SUMMARY: Poetry from Remy's POV.
      RATING: PG (Probably G, but angst is a little much for G, IMO)
      SETTING: Post-movie
      CATEGORY: R/R, R/L, Angst , Remy POV
      ARCHIVE: Lists, my site (http://www.limitless.org/~holly/), others just ask
      FEEDBACK: Please! holly@...
      THANKS: To everyone here, especially darkstar, 'cause her poetry
      rocks, and Andariel, who keeps giving me faith in myself.
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: I finished 'I Am Watching You' and thought that maybe
      Remy would notice Logan's unnatural attention to his girlfriend.
      This is the end result.
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own these character, Marvel, Fox, and Bryan
      Singer do. The evil plot bunny and the bad rhythm are all mine,


      He is watching you.

      Everywhere we go, his eyes are on you. Whenever I touch you, supple
      leather caressing the silk of your skin, he stares.

      He is watching you.

      I see you smile, and I see his face. His eyes alight with jealousy
      at the smile that is only for me. I take pleasure in your

      He is watching you.

      He sees the flowers in your room, the card I've written in French,
      the language of love. I love you, and so does he, but he can only
      look, not touch.

      He is watching you.

      Someday he will leave again, and you will come to me for comfort.
      You will tell me all the things you never said to him, all that you
      wished you had.

      He is watching you.

      He will try and forget you with others, but there is no substitute
      for you. I know what he feels, because I feel the same. I know he
      loves you.

      Because he is watching you.
      Kari Jo - Fic Junkie Extraordinare


      No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for
      a while you'll see why.
      --Mignon McLaughlin

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