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FIC: An Unsusual Situation Part IV: 3/3: Logan, Rogue, L/R, S/J, all, others

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  • Jenn
    3/3 The first thing he noticed, sitting in a rental car while Marie chattered away--she didn t annoy him. So he d half-expected long-term exposure to her
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2001

      The first thing he noticed, sitting in a rental car while Marie chattered
      away--she didn't annoy him.

      So he'd half-expected long-term exposure to her would, especially long-term
      in relative isolation--hell, he almost hoped for it, but no go. Marie was
      Marie even now, and being Logan, he only realized about two hours into a
      conversation with her that he wasn't bored and that shut him up tight.

      That and when he glanced at her, the sudden memory of the way she'd felt
      last night through body-warmed flannel and soft leather, the unmistakable
      look on her face and the pressure of her bare hands against his back.

      "Somethin' wrong?" Her accent was softening--too much listening to Jamie,
      he assumed.


      She stretched in the seatbelt, playing absently with her gloves. Wiped
      away something on the window. Shifted to the left a little, making herself
      comfortable. Then let out an impatient breath and speared him with a

      "Tell me where you've been."


      He felt her gaze and from the corner of his eye, saw her hand on her neck,
      tracing round throat of her sweater absently. He suddenly wondered if she
      was wearing the tags.

      {Don't. Think. About. That.}

      "Be specific. You said Mexico."

      Oh yeah. Logan fished out a cigar, groping through his pockets for a

      "Mexico City. Acapulco."

      A nod.

      "What were you doing?"

      Oh shit. {Smuggling, darlin'. Doin' what I do.}

      "Just moving around." He'd be damned if he'd tell her stuff like that.

      Marie glanced at him for a second, then raised a leather-covered finger to
      tap lightly on her head.

      "Try again." A small smile, and he growled as he hit the turn signal. "I
      retained more than you're propensity to profanity, sugar." A pause, and he
      could feel her amusement. "Mexico--smuggling, fighting, or did you get a
      job on one of those oh-so-illegal ships that are running circles around the
      coast guard?" The smile grew. "Or didja take up with grand theft auto,
      sugar? You could have quite a career if you had the patience."

      Eyes narrowed, he gave her a glance.


      "Not that easy," she shot and looked out the window. Her fingers still
      twisted around the collar of her throat, a searching motion. "So where are
      we, anyway?"

      "Alberta border." Logan glanced at the signs, half-buried in snow--it was
      a clear day. "We're not stopping until we get to Anchorage," he commented.

      "So what are we exactly planning on doing?"


      He snickered when he saw her expression in the rearview mirror and she
      turned in the seat, bringing her denim covered leg up to balance herself.

      "In ice?" She sounded utterly appalled.

      "Yeah." A pause, while she chewed on her lower lip and assimilated the
      idea. "It's fun. You'll like it. There's nothing like catching your own

      It took effort not to laugh at the expression on her face.

      "We're going to *eat* it?" Horror and a little fascination, mixed with
      disbelief, and not for the first time, Logan wondered exactly what it was
      they taught little Southern girls in Mississippi.

      "I'm gonna only ask this once, baby." He hit the turn signal, checking the
      road automatically. "Where exactly do you think meat comes from anyway?"

      She blinked, twice he noticed, and he could almost see the different
      answers she was trying formulate. Finally, she gave up with a little

      "I know where meat comes from," she finally said, but her voice betrayed a
      certain level of uncertainty. "I'm from Mississippi. I've seen farms."


      He could feel her eyes on him, studying him carefully.

      "You ever like--go out there and hunt?" Her gloved hand waved in the
      general direction of outside. "Like, for animals or whatever?"

      "I wouldn't hunt trees--no sport in that."

      She growled and he bit back a grin with an effort.

      "So you have."


      She chewed on her lip again and absently ran her fingers across her throat

      "Cooked it?"

      There was just enough uncertainty in her voice that he was tempted to tell
      her no, he just sat down and ate them raw. But he didn't.

      "Yeah." A pause, and he saw the relief spread across her face, and
      couldn't stop himself. "Mostly."

      Her head knocked into the window, she spun in her seat so fast, and a
      black-gloved hand went back up absently to curve around the back of her
      skull, but the dark eyes were on him, wary. Then a flicker of her mouth.

      "That's imagery I needed, sugar." She drew in a breath, tilting her head.
      "Is it fun--hunting I mean? What do you do? Like, take a gun or--" her
      eyes went to his hands significantly and Logan actually felt himself begin
      to blush. Which wasn't something she should ever, ever see. And fuck, it
      sure as hell wasn't something he should ever, ever do.

      "Is this twenty questions?" he asked as they made a turn onto possibly the
      worst road in the entirety of Alaska, though it'd have some competition
      with the northern areas. She frowned a little in thought.

      "How many questions have I asked?" She drew a lock of her hair around her
      fingers and it was a close thing, that he didn't stare at her doing it.

      "Didn't keep count."

      "Then I don't know. Is it fun, just to--" fingers waved again in the
      general direction of the woods and then fell to her lap in uncertainty.
      "Go out there like that?"


      "You ever try answering a question with more than one word?"

      "You ever shut up?"

      She laughed then, and one hand went down to the lever on her seat, sending
      it backward and she reached for her coat, pulling it over her like a

      "You're about to see me do just that, sugar. Wake me up when we stop to
      eat--I'm assuming I won't be catching my own dinner, right?" She snickered
      before she closed her eyes and he tossed her hat from the space between
      them over her grinning face.

      * * * * *

      It was gorgeous. That was the first thing she noticed. Utterly perfect,
      miles of isolation and unsullied snow, stretching forever into the skyline,
      and she had the door open before Logan even stopped, booted feet hitting
      the dry, soft powder as she took off from the road and crossed in front of
      the car and stumbled into the almost knee-deep drifts.

      "My God," she whispered, utterly entranced.

      Dreams come true all the time if you just try hard enough. If there was
      anything Jamie had taught her that she believed with all her heart, it was
      that. You just had to make sure you were willing to pay what it cost to
      get that dream. Standing in snow that covered her calves, she grinned up
      at the sky for a second. Then kicked lightly, watching the snow fluff up
      around her in a tight dry cloud of white. A perfect dark blue circle lay
      only a few hundred feet away--the bluest water she'd ever seen. And she
      wouldn't get even close to halfway there before Logan caught up--she'd seen
      him track and if there was one thing he was built for, it was navigating
      difficult terrain at high speed.

      Though damn, it'd be fun to try.

      "Fuck it--Marie--" she could hear him behind her, throwing the car in park
      and doubtless regretting saying that they could look around a little before
      going into the city. "Will you slow down? Could we at least find
      somewhere to stay first, before you--shit. Get the hell back here, you're
      gonna hurt yourself or somethin'."

      She turned, laughing at his expression, kicking up a spray of clean white
      that hit her in the face and she wiped it away with another giggle.

      "It's just snow. How can I get hurt in snow?"

      "You said you were hungry." He was leaning against the back door, watching
      her as she looked around at the view. "Yes, nice, snow, lots of it. Great.
      Get your ass back in the car, baby. Now."

      "Make me."

      He folded his arms across his chest and gave her a long look.

      "Old men can't keep up with kids, sugar? Move your ass if you wanna catch
      me." She danced back three more steps, saw the dark eyes narrow and focus
      on her. One gloved hand went out and slammed the driver's side door shut.

      "I'm not that old, little girl."

      "I'd say at least a hundred or so." Seeing his expression, she skipped
      back a few more steps. "Prove me wrong."

      "You wanna take a nice bath in that pretty lake you're admiring?"

      Marie laughed, turning on her heel to stare around her again, hearing his
      grudging trudge across the space that separated them.

      "This is gorgeous, you know." She flickered a hand around, taking in the
      skyline painted gold and orange and pink, the lake, the landscape around
      them. He looked less than impressed.

      "It's snow. Marie, you live in fucking Canada. This isn't something new."

      He was only a few feet away now. Marie shook her head impatiently.

      "Logan, look around. It's--"


      She picked up a wad of the aforesaid snow and threw it at him, admiring his
      reflexes when he got out of the way (though sprinkled liberally with white
      fluff) and took two steps toward her before picking her up and swinging her
      over his shoulder.

      "Fuck, Logan!" Her head hit against his back and she let out a startled
      breath, her hair blocking her vision as she tried to lift her head. Both
      hands grasped at soft leather of his jacket, and she took a handful to
      brace herself. "What the hell are you doin'?"

      A rumbling laugh that she could feel through her body.

      "First, darlin', you don't throw snow at men who take you nice places for
      your birthday."

      "Lemme down!" She pounded a leather-coated fist into his back, but Logan
      didn't seem to feel it at all. Damn superhealers.

      It would have helped, she supposed, if she could stop laughing.

      "Second, it's 'bout two hours until dark, and ya know, I'd like to have
      somewhere decent to sleep." A significant pause. "Not the car."

      "You've slept outside before."

      "Not when I didn't have to and trust me, the have-tos have become nevers by
      now. I have a healing factor--you don't."

      "You'd keep me warm, wouldn't ya, sugar?" she purred, trying to get enough
      leverage to pull herself up, but the jerks of his body didn't give her
      enough stability and she tried to brace her legs against his chest. A slap
      on her ass and she jerked in surprise. "Logan! What the hell was that

      "Just for the hell of it. Stop trying to kick me."

      "I want down!"

      "When you're in the car. Be quiet, kid. Enjoy the view."

      The view consisted of Logan and snow. Not exactly a bad view all things
      considered and she was tempted to tell him that, but she could already
      guess he wouldn't take that well--she'd had two days to evaluate him and
      had decided that she'd have to go about this a little more subtlety than
      originally intended or it wouldn't work at all.

      He opened the driver's side door, sliding her in without much effort, and
      she scooted to the far seat while he got in and turned on the ignition. A
      glance at her that maybe was supposed to be threatening, but snow fell out
      of his hair between them and Marie grinned as she raked her fingers through

      "Really manly, Logan. We goin' back to the cave now and kill a bear or

      "You're growing into a real bitch." He turned his head away but she saw
      the smile and marked another encouraging point in her mental scorecard.

      "Remind me to thank Jamie, sugar."

      * * * * *

      Logan dropped Marie in her room under orders be ready in ten minutes--she
      took those with a wicked grin, going into the bathroom with her shower kit
      and giving it a quick once-over--definitely a nice motel, she had to give
      him that. Stripping off her clothes, she turned around, measuring the
      space between the front door that opened on the parking lot outside, and
      adjusted the bathroom door open accordingly.

      Jamie had given her a few things that the woman never quite guessed at--and
      it wasn't a lie when she told Jamie that she hadn't gotten much from their
      brief touch--because she hadn't. She'd gotten enough though, the one thing
      she really needed, a woman's point of view on sex--and being Logan's former
      lover hadn't hurt that at all. Grinning, she flipped the shower on and
      pulled the curtain closed, finding her shampoo and going to enthusiastic

      The door opened exactly ten minutes later while she braced a foot on the
      sink and began to put on her lotion. Her skin didn't like winter
      weather--a hot Mississippi childhood didn't adapt your skin to long periods
      of cold. Keeping her gaze steadily down, she slid a hand over her calf,
      working it in carefully, the soft scent of apricot washing over her and
      filling the room--over her knee, both hands sliding up her thigh to her
      hip, taking her time. A chilled draft brushed her leg and she smiled to
      herself, knowing he'd forgotten to close the door.

      Casually, she brushed her hair back over her shoulder and switched legs,
      barely hearing the indrawn breath outside the room--if she'd been a normal
      human who'd never absorbed the abilities of a certain mutant, she'd never
      have heard it at all. Casually, she ran her slick hands over her ankle,
      performing the same slow ritual on her other leg before standing again on
      her own two feet and squeezing a little more lotion on her hand. Taking a
      breath, she ran her fingers over both arms, across her shoulders, and
      worked a slow pattern down her chest. Lifting the metal dog tag out of her
      way to do it.

      "Sir?" A voice from outside--damn, he should have closed the door.
      Whoever the hell had distracted him was gonna die slow. She finished
      rubbing the excess into the flesh of her stomach and grabbed a towel,
      hearing Logan turn and leave, slamming the door shut behind him with enough
      force to shake the room. By the time she walked out, she was alone in the
      room and knew for a fact that Logan would not be coming within ten feet of
      her until he could be sure she was dressed--damn. Sighing, she unpacked
      the suitcase and found her clothes--jeans, her turtleneck, her favorite
      sweater--then considered her underwear briefly before smiling to herself
      and dropping them back in without comment.

      This would be an interesting hunt. To say the least.

      Quickly, before she forgot, she went to the phone, pulling out the phone
      card Jamie had given her before they left and dialing the number. It
      picked up on the first ring.


      A moment of silence, then her voice, sounding a little thick, and Marie
      regretted waking her up.

      "Sorry to wake you. I just wanted to call and say we got here okay."

      "That's okay, sweetie. Just drifted off" A pause, and she heard her
      groping for the pen in the drawer beside the phone. "Go ahead and tell me
      where you're staying, okay? I don't want to worry about you."

      Marie paused, then shook her head. Quickly, she gave her the name and
      settled down to tell her about the ride. Jamie laughed when she told her
      about the snow and described the view.

      "I wish you were here."

      "I doubt that, sweetie. You relax and have fun. Be a good girl."

      Marie grinned and slipped her feet into her boots.

      "Okay, we're about to go out to dinner. I'll call tomorrow, 'kay?"

      "You do that. Bye, Rogue."


      End Part IV


      --Hi, My Name Is Jenn, and I have Serious Issues with Marie wearing gloves
      to bed. On Principle.--Sare on "Evil Plot Bunny #1: The Evil Sare
      Tortures Jenn Via AIM One Night"

      --Yeah, it's like being in love with hospital gravy.--Nacey on Jean's

      --Sentinels--the anti-mutant groups' wet dream--as defined by Siale
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