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Come Closer (6/?)

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  • Robin Spivey
    Look people I m too lazy to type the disclaimer, look to earlier arts and I ll put it in the next one I pwomise Chapter 6 Logan lifted her prone body into his
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2001
      Look people I'm too lazy to type the disclaimer, look to earlier arts and
      I'll put it in the next one I pwomise

      Chapter 6

      Logan lifted her prone body into his great arms and all but flew back to the
      school. The children gathered around worried by Logan's calm facade now
      twisted in worry. He bodily pushed them away as he ran down the halls with
      his precious cargo and headed for the lower levels. He blasted through the
      doors and laid her on a table before searching the room for Jean but she was
      no where to be found. His legs carried him up the stairs to Xavier's office
      and he banged on the door entering before Charles could say come in. "Chuck
      you have to help, it's Ororo."

      Charles and his hover chair quickly followed Logan worried for the closest
      thing to a daughter God had blessed him with and tried to call out to her
      telepathically. He received no answer and found he could read nothing from
      her, it was as if a wall had been raised around her mind. Although Ororo
      was quite used to blocking her thoughts from the two telepaths the strenth
      of it was beyond even his abilities.

      Scott had arrived and was standing over Ororo holding her cool hand in one
      of his warm ones when Logan and Xavier entered. Logan pushed him out of the
      way to see if there was any change, his heart plummeted when he saw there
      was none. Xavier placed both hands on the side of Ororo's head and tried to
      venture inside, the barrage of images and emotions he witnessed and felt
      made him drop his hands and physically and mentally pulled back.

      Ororo snapped back into concsiousness and looked wildly about her. The three
      men stood by torn as what to do. Logan sat down beside her and crushed her
      in his hold and just then Jean walked in.

      At seeing the display, her face twisted into hatred but when her husband
      looked at her she quickly put on a mask of worry for her fallen friend.

      Ororo saw it though unbeknownst to anyone and shakily stood with Logan's
      help. "I don't... don't.. know what happened," she stuttered.

      "Neither do we I'm afraid my dear. Logan," Xavier called to get his
      attention, "why don't you take Ororo up to her room and let her get some
      rest. Maybe when you're refreshed we'll be able to find out more."

      Logan nodded and the two left for the attic and Ororo's bedroom. Once there
      though Ororo's whole persona changed.

      She turned to Logan and slowly swept her gaze over him, wherever her eyes
      touches him burned and if she hadn't just had some kind of traumatic
      experience he would have thrown her onto the bed.

      "Logan," she purred as she swept an elegant hand over his strong chest. Her
      quick fingers unbutton and push off his shirt before he can even blink and
      her pink tongue flicks his right nipple.

      "Or-" her tongue enters his mouth and stops his sentence as well as all
      thought. Using his strength he pulled her hands from where they were on his
      ass and held them behind her back. She arched her chest into him and he can
      see her eyes have taken on a golden like tint. "No," he gasps and turns his

      I know you want me Logan, why do you hesitate? Look at me!" she turns his
      head and slowly strips from her clothes until she stands before him wearing
      nothing but a smile ande brazzen in her nakedness. "Do you have any idea
      the pleasure I can give you? Not even the power of your stamina will be
      able to keep up with me. I can have you feeling so good that the only
      thought you will have for the rest of your days is me.

      "Please, a word right now I know you hardly use will become a mantra, and
      just the sight of me or my voice will get you so hard that it will border on
      pain. My nails will scratch down your back breaking your pale skin and
      causing your life blood to pour down your broad back like water and I will
      like all of it from your back until it stops and I have you quivering under
      me like a virgin. You will be begging me to let you cum, begging me to fuck
      you, because see all of the strength and control you have is nothing
      compared to mine. No pretenses between us Logan, just you and me, like it
      should be.

      "Give yourself to me, let me complete you, let me pleasure you, let yourself
      be free. Fuck restraint, fuck control and most importantly fuck me. Pummel
      into me until I have to tell you to stop or we pass out whichever comes
      first, I personally hope it's the first but either is good. I am a Goddess
      Logan, worship me. We can be so good together, we can rule, weather and
      beast one at last, look me in the eye and tell me you don't want that, look
      me in the eye and tell me you don't want me, think you can?"

      Her skin seemed to glow and her words seemed to cast a spell that slowly
      entranced Logan, something inside himself told him he couldn't say no if he
      wanted to, which was the last thing he wanted to do. This little girl
      thought she could rule over him, could strip him of control and maybe she
      could, but she was going to have to work to do it. Teaching her that
      lesson, teaching her his strength and learning hers was the sole thought on
      his mind as he prowled towards her.

      He let his last restraint go and threw her onto the bed, following her down
      onto it slowly. She unbuttoned his jeans and went to push them off of him
      but he swatted her hands away and pinned her hands above her with one of his
      own. He tore a long strip of fabric from her silk midnight sheets and used
      it to tie her hands above her on the body. His hands memorized her face,
      slowly stroking the soft skin paying special attention which received a nip
      from her blunt teeth.

      His hands moved painstakingly lower, caressed her jaw and neck, felt the
      blood pulsing through her jugular vein. Two hands moved together mapping out
      her body especially the breasts, the moment his calloused hands touched them
      her nipples hardened and she arched up into him.

      "What do you want?" he growled his hot breath caressing her ear and he
      nibblled on her earlobe until she herself growled. His hands continued their
      pursuit, ghosting over her skin, feeling the indentations of her abs the way
      her stomach clenched when his hands mover over her ribs. Using just the
      tips of his fingers he traced them slowly up the bottom of her arms and the
      especially soft skin that he found there.

      He kissed each bound wrist and moved lower giving her skin kisses and light
      nips as he did, by the time he once again reached the peaks of her breasts
      she was all but crying out. His mouth hovered over the dark nipple slowly
      breathing it using his hot breath to tighten it even more. "I thought I
      asked you, what do you want?"

      "You Logan, just you," she cried and in response he pulled one nipple
      between his teeth and gently bit down, his mouth and tongue soothed the bite
      and he covered her whole left breast until it shined with his saliva. His
      hand moulded and caressed her other breast as Ororo's hands rubbed and
      caressed any part of his skin she could reach.

      Logan placed a love bite on her hip and Storm held her breathe in
      anticipation for what would come next. Logan sat back on his haunches and
      took in the Goddess that was spread before him, sweat covered her body like
      a light rain and her whole body was tensed on the brink of release, her
      moans grew the longer his hands remained at his side and then her nails
      seemed to grow and before he knew it he was on his back with a naked Ororo
      with golden eyes and a strong grip keeping him there.

      "I want more. NOW!" she said in a voice that was much too deep and harsh
      to be her normally melodic one and Logan surreptiously looked for some way
      to get away but ould find none. Suddenly his body went slack beneath her
      and instead of wondering about his change in behavior she instead basked in
      her triumph, a mistake that Logan gladly used to switch their positions.

      When he now looked into her eyes he saw none of the Ororo Munroe he had come
      to care for and for the first time he felt helpless and bewildered. "Let me
      go," Ororo hissed as she tried to buck him off of her to no avail.

      "I don't know who the fuck you are nor do I care all I know is if you don't
      get out of Ororo's body in 10 seconds... well let's just say you may think
      you are the ruler of pleasure, well I am the ruler of pain. I will have
      your body so contorted in agony that the cries will not be able to erupt
      from your throat because they will be too afraid to. I am Logan, I have
      looked death in the eye time and time again and kicked his fucking ass and
      if you think you can get the better of me, your nuts." He reared up and
      with a right hook Ororo was out cold.

      Her cheek was already beginning to swell by the time he got her back down to
      the sick room. He had dressed her in a silk robe but when Xavier came in
      first he have Logan a knowing look. Soon Jean and Scott had also arrived
      and the four people stood huddle around Ororo's form once again, "I don't
      know what happened, one minute she was my 'Ro the next she was some person I
      didn't recognize." No one remarked on the possessive remark, instead they
      all turned the attention to trying to find out what had happened to their
      fallen friend.


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