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FIC: With Six You Get Eggroll (4/4) [G/J L, R] PG

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  • Anita Lorenz
    Disclaimers in Part One (Again, if I showed you this beta-readers - it s been changed) ~~~~X~~~~ Jubilation grinned at the scene of Logan laid out in Rogue s
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      Disclaimers in Part One (Again, if I showed you this beta-readers - it's been

      Jubilation grinned at the scene of Logan laid out in Rogue's lap in the seat
      nearby, and leaning to Remy she nudged him.

      "Hey, check it out."

      Glancing away from the window, Remy smiled.

      "Aah, de Wolverine got a good thing goin', oui? He make de most of a

      Jubilee scoffed with disbelief, "Remy! You don't joke about somebody swallowing
      that much cleaning alcohol."

      Remy just grinned, "I mean nothin' bad, chere."

      Shaking her head, Jubilee looked to the front of the bus with some boredom,
      letting herself lay against Remy's body behind her, fatigue teasing her eyes
      closed. The day had been too long. After the Snake Incident, things had been
      pretty straightforward, as straightforward as looking after a bunch of children
      could ever be. Honestly - why would one want to stick grass up their nose, or
      eat it? Emulating zoo animals was the apparent excuse, and she'd had to
      explain that elephants did not eat with their noses, but their mouths, and that
      grass did not fit into the human diet, or any of the food groups. The little
      tyke asked what a food group was, and Jubilee had given up, her stress levels
      close to snapping.

      Remy took over, guiding the children away from the apparently appetizing looking
      grass, and on to more interesting exhibits. She sighed long, snuggling into
      the back behind her, thighs either side of her, leaning on the shoulder and
      upper arm behind her head.

      "You make a good chair," Jubilee mumbled, the rumble of the bus engine filling
      her ears.

      "Merci," Remy said, flicking his cigarette butt out the window.

      She glanced up to him, smiling. "What - no witty retort about my ass?"

      Remy's eyes were closed, his head against the bus wall behind him, and he
      shrugged. "Later, when Remy have de energy."

      Jubilee sighed, revelling in the warmth their close bodies created, thinking
      back on the day with a certain amount of awe. Remy really had outdone
      himself. She never figured him as a 'kids' kind of person, but he was one, he
      really was. He had the kind of wry patience that children seemed to love to
      giggle at, and his accent and countenance made talking and interacting with him
      a fun game. She wouldn't have guessed it - but children loved Remy. Turning
      her head a little, his stubble-roughened chin brushed against her forehead, and
      looking up she smiled at him briefly. He nodded back at her with a laid back
      smile of his own, a new cigarette in his hands.

      His chest rose and fell underneath her, the sound of his breathing in her ears.

      "I can't thank you enough for today," she said, gazing off into nowhere, "I
      mean, I thought I was really going to hate it, but you made it fun somehow."

      He shrugged, fingertips brushing a stray lock from Jubilee's face. "You jus'
      needed to relax, is all."

      "Hmmm, well you're good at relaxing people..." She yawned, patting his thigh,
      "Shit... and I thought my Mom's futon was comfortable..."

      Stretching her arms up, she giggled when Remy growled, pulling them from in
      front of his face.

      "Chere nearly knock my cigarette out de window..."

      She giggled, arching her back in the ends of a stretch and tilting her head up
      to look at him.


      Remy just smiled, hands running down outstretched arms, skimming past ribcage
      (and the side of a breast) and settling at her hip so snug between his legs. He
      tilted his head at her.

      "Let's not be doin' it again, eh?"

      Jubilee laughed softly and looked away. After a moment, "How'd you get so good
      with kids?"

      He shrugged, letting Jubilee re-adjust herself so she could face him, looking
      into his eyes, his face not far from hers. His eyes looked suddenly evil (well,
      more evil than usual).

      "I jus' get a lot of practice dealin' wit' you eh? OOmmph!"

      "Bastard!" Jubilee growled, good nature in her laughing eyes.

      "You know I be jokin' wit' you oui?"

      He looked serious, features soft as he spoke, fingertips running feathery trails
      up her jaw. She nodded, barely aware of what she was doing. All she was
      aware of was Remy's lips, those freaky eyes somehow endearing, even verging on

      "Remy be ver' proud of you today, chere," he said, "You showed de snake what
      for, eh? I have no doubts you one day be the best X-Man ever, wit' such a
      courage in your soul."

      Jubilee tilted her head, smirking, "You are *such* a sweet-talker, Rem. I'm
      surprised none of your girlfriends have fallen with diabetes or somethin'."

      He grinned at this, pointing to his chest. "This time Remy be honest, chere,
      all come from in dere."

      "Yeah?" She shifted a little, digging inside his jacket to his chest, "What else
      have you been hidin' in there then?"

      Catching her hands, he pulled them away, leaning in and wrapping her arms around
      his neck.

      "You find out, eh?"

      "Maybe," Jubilee giggled cheekily, stifling a sigh as Remy's lips descended upon

      She relaxed into the sudden caress, the soft but expert lips of the man wrapped
      around her pushing all cares or rational thought from her mind, all other senses
      other than touch and taste and smell fading into her subconscious. Remy's
      running touch was lazy and exploratory, yet firm and dedicated in it's own way,
      enough for her to know that such a kiss meant something to him. His fingers
      were plunged into her hair, cradling her neck, holding her face to his as he
      eased his tongue over and past her lips, sinking deeper in her mouth and teasing
      at her own.

      She contained a moan, feeling the eyes of her friends on her, and she barely
      registered the "oooooooh" that a chorus of her peers seemed to take up in.

      She also happened to miss the five buck notes being passed along to the
      mahogany-and-ice tressed girl with the sleeping Logan in her lap, a short but
      triumphant smile on the luscious pink lips. Had she caught it, Rogue would
      have had one pissed plasma-firing friend on her hands.

      Right now, however, with Remy holding her delicately, exploring her mouth idly
      as he held his cigarette out the window - Jubilee could honestly say that
      anything that could possibly annoy her could go jump, because right now - she
      didn't care.


      When the bus finally ground to a halt out the front of the X-Mansion, Logan's
      drool had made some very interesting patterns on her thigh and the front of her
      shirt. She sighed patiently, glancing to Max in the seat across from her, who
      was in the middle of comparing claws with Hank. There was relief in her as she
      saw this, a familial one that always warmed her when a lost child would find
      their way to the School of the Gifted. She had been one herself. Looking down
      to the heavy weight in her lap that was an unconscious Logan, and thinking upon
      her role as guardian for the day, she felt an odd crawling sensation. Things
      had changed, and finally she had the opportunity to give back something for the
      kindness these people had shown her.

      As her friends filed out of the bus (Jubilee taking a shot of Logan asleep in
      Marie's lap for good measure on the way out), Marie waited patiently, rubbing
      Logan gently on the shoulder, whispering as tenderly and nicely as she could to
      him as to wake him slowly. After a moment he groaned, rolling onto his back and
      gazing up at Marie. His eyes were distracted by the bust that hovered over him
      and he smiled weakly.

      "Thassa sight to wake up to-"

      "Logan!" Rogue laughed, covering her face to hide her blushing, "I don't think
      you should be allowed to have rubbing alcohol for a very long time!"

      "Fine by me," he grunted painfully.

      "You guys gonna spend the night in the bus, or can I go park this thing now?"

      Glancing up, Rogue saw the tired visage of Cyclops in the front seat, twisting
      back to look at them.

      "Sorry!" she called, shifting in her seat, "Just wakin' up Logan."

      Cyclops nodded, grunting the engine deliberately.

      Rogue stood, levering herself under Logan's left arm pushing him up, the heavy
      sleepy man making uncertain steps once upon his feet. He groaned again,
      leaning his forehead against her hair, his eyes closed.

      "Jus' chop my head off. I promise to grow a new one."

      "Yeah yeah yeah, you promised you'd be back for the damn tags too - you were
      gone for a year!"

      He grumbled softly, "I came back event'ally..."

      She rolled her eyes, and leading him off the bus, Rogue tutted, patting his
      stomach (she forgot how taut it was sometimes) gently.

      A large number of the students were wide-eyed as Rogue lead the limp and
      staggering Wolverine off to his room, the sight of Logan in less than one
      hundred percent control of his faculties never before seen and rather
      worrying. Rogue allowed them nothing more than a passing glance however,
      particularly when he started swearing emphatically about a certain painting on
      the wall on the way to the dormitory wing.

      "I hate that fuckin' painting," he growled, pointing at it as Rogue shepherded
      him past it, "The guy on it loo's like an asshole."

      Rogue sighed, "You just hate it cause he has a bigger set of mutton-chops than

      He glared at her, "You think I godda prob'm growin' my hair?"

      "It was a joke, Logan."

      "SubTLEty, baby, subtlety!" he said, yanking at his own facial hair,

      "Shhh honey - you'll scare the children."

      Logan, after looking around with some indignance, spotted a young fellow near a
      drinks machine. Before Rogue could stop him, he staggered up to the boy,
      tapping him on the shoulder roughly.

      "Hey ya - uh - Joey is it?"

      The boy blinked, shying away a little, "Nathan."

      Logan's face fell, "Oh. Duzz'n matter. Hey - am I scary? I mean - yeah
      'course but - you kids, you scared o' me?"

      The boy shivered, "Is that a trick question?"


      The candid look on Logan's face froze the child, and he gulped.

      "Honestly, sir?"

      "Yeah," growled Logan, "And call me Logan! LOH-gan. Nunna dah 'sir' bull-shit!"

      After swallowing again, the boy winced. "L-l-logan?"

      Logan ticked up an eyebrow.

      "We're all scared of you."

      Just as the older man's features fell, the boy added.

      "But you're Wolverine - that's kinda what you're for..."

      Blinking, Logan nodded, standing shakily as the boy watched him to make sure he
      wasn't going to get a back-hand.

      "Tha's logical. You go drink now."

      Logan let Rogue pull him away, her small hands strong and directing. His room
      loomed up in front of him, and opening the door she led him inside. He stared
      at the bed, hearing Rogue move about him, and with a keeling loss of balance he
      let himself fall down onto the bed.

      "No no no," she said, pulling him up, "Get those boots off..."

      For some reason Logan reached for his belt buckle.

      "Ha ha!" Rogue winced uncomfortably, "Shoes off first - then pants - under the
      um - the um..."

      She pointed at the comforter on the bed, frowning. Logan just tipped his head
      with wobbling control.

      "Ss-jus' me darlin'," he said, yanking off his boots with great grunts, "Nothin'

      Rogue could only give him a tense smile. "I could think of quite a few people
      offhand that'd disagree."

      He grinned, "Are you one of them?"

      Blushing wildly and pulling back the blankets, Rogue mumbled with a shaky smile,
      "No comment."


      Logan tipped aside easily as Rogue pulled the bed out from under his jock-clad
      bottom, and throwing it over him deftly she pulled his feet down so that he lay
      on his back. His legs, smooth, brown, delightfully muscled and hairy, stuck out
      from under the covers, and he glared at them. Rogue laughed lightly, behind her


      He frowned, "They're cold."

      She took her bottom lip in her teeth, "Then put them under the blanket."

      "Tha's'n idea..." He dragged them underneath, pointing at her. "You'r'a

      "No," she said, "You're drunk off your nut."

      His pointing grew more fervent whilst she pulled the corners straight on the

      "Drugged!" he said, "I'm drugged. Big difference. I can han'le my alch- al-
      beer very well thank you."

      Walking over to the side of the bed she sat down next to him, meeting the glazed
      hazel eyes earnestly.

      "You should get some sleep, Logan. You've had a rough day."

      "Tha's one word fer-it," he mumbled into his hands as he rubbed his face, and he
      felt her fingertips run lines over his scalp with gloved silkiness. He rumbled
      his approval, leaning into the hand and closing his eyes in delirium. Suddenly,
      the hand was gone however, and the girl patted his chest.

      "Remind me to never get you drunk again." She blinked, and gasped, "Oh! Before
      I forget, I got something for you at the zoo today - you stay right here!"

      She ran from the room, her steps echoing down the hall. Logan's thoughts
      lingered to that of how slight she was in his arms, how soft. To Max's
      insistence that the girl was somehow Logan's.

      The footsteps soon returned, and the girl held a paper scrunch of back, and
      something limp and plastic and brown hung from her lips.

      "Ah sah zis'n thawt ah you!" she fought to say around the nozzle of the
      inflatible something she blew into. He watched with intrigue as her cheeks
      grew red from the puffing. After a few large lungfulls, a great darkness grew
      in his chest. He wasn't sure if he was thinking it or saying it, but "Oh God,"
      fell through his head. Pressing closed the nozzle, she lifted up the thing that
      turned out to be a shiny brown inflatable monkey. It had little black eyes, a
      pink muzzle with a wrinkled smiling mouth, and plastic tufts of fur either side
      of it's face to create an absurd pvc set of mutton-chops. Everyone was out for
      his look these days - even stupid inflatable monkeys and old dead guys.

      "Isn't it cute?" she smiled brightly, "Ah saw it 'n it reminded me of you."


      He wasn't sure whether to be flattered or insulted. Trotting over, she
      deposited the plastic monkey on the bed next to him, bringing the scrunch of
      paper back forward. She put it in his hands.


      She pointed at it, "Open it."

      He sighed, making deft tugs at the paper, gritting his teeth as he went.
      Great. Perhaps it was another monkey something. As the paper was torn away
      however, he unwittingly held his breath, the indignation inside of him melting

      On a little earth-coloured rock, with a dead wood branch laid out behind it, was
      a little porcelaine wolverine, big black nose turned up at him, long sculpted
      locks of deep orange-red and a brown that was almost black painted over the
      china body. He swallowed thickly, glancing up at Rogue, battling with himself
      not to cry. Instead, he pointed at it.

      "Now... that's cute."

      Blushing, Rogue nodded, "Yeah, Ah thought so."

      He smiled a little, poking at the little wolverine with a curious finger.

      "You didn't have to get me this stuff."

      She shrugged. "I thought you could use a get well soon present."


      This time, the word had meaning, and sitting down next to him, she wrapped her
      hand around one of his and squeezed gently.

      "Well, I mean it. Get well soon."

      "I will."

      "Good. Get some sleep."

      She nodded at him, and patting his leg with finality, she rose and strolled to
      the door, reaching for the knob. Logan growled, or thought he did, he couldn't
      tell with his spinning head, or the sleep that came over him and made him
      imagine things in astounding reality what hadn't actually happened yet as R.E.M
      visions tried to claim him. He pushed the breath from his throat, went to growl
      her name, but she was still moving, about to close the door. She was smiling
      at him, waving a little goodbye.


      It closed with a clunk. He blinked, frowning.


      With a sigh of effort, he threw his head back onto the pillow, weariness from
      the day battling with his urge to get up, race down the hall and stop her.
      This was wrong, this was bad - she was getting the wrong idea entirely. She
      thought this was the drink - it wasn't the drink - no he was drugged - but it
      wasn't the drugs. He breathed carefully, trying to think, trying to plan,
      trying to make sure he had a way of letting her know, trying to...

      Perhaps he had breathed a little too carefully, a little too slowly. Perhaps
      he'd let his body relax a little too much as he let his brain take over.
      Either way, no amount of willpower or urging himself would wake him from the
      slumber he'd let himself slip into. His body won the battle, and his mind would
      have to make do when he awoke - whenever that would be.


      Rogue smiled as she entered the female-crowded kitchen, the girls in there
      chattering and making tea and coffee. A few men rested on sideboards - Hank,
      Scott, Bobby, Johnny - but the younger boys soon evacuated the room that smelt
      of perfumes from showers, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and herbal brews. The
      expansive kitchen echoed with the cooed voices of the women, the strong tones of
      opinion, the confident barking of laughter. It was set in to harmony with the
      deeper voices of the men, Scott wry, humourous, yet ever tender, and Hank with
      his Forsythean tones that screamed of intelligence and wit. For a moment, Rogue
      listened to them, to Storm chatting about the charming Mr. Carter and his sweet
      accent and the apparent dinner he asked Storm out for (You go girl, Rogue
      thought), to Jubilee about how nothing really that rude happened at the back of
      the bus she swore on her mother's grave. Kitty frowned.

      "I thought our mother was still alive," she said.

      "Yeah, ain't life a bitch?"

      Amongst all of this, Scott glanced up, sitting at the work-table in the middle
      of the room, hands wrapped around a mug of steaming somethingerather. He smiled
      as he noticed Rogue hiding in the doorway.

      "Hey Rogue - you look about how I feel."

      She shook her head, walking into the room, "No. You can't possibly. Leading a
      drunk Logan around by his collar is the kind of exhausting you don't wanna

      Jean grinned, pouring her something into a mug. "Here - hot chocolate."

      "Oh yes please," she groaned, "That sounds wonderful."

      Jubilee sat in the corner, smirking secretively into her mug, shaking her
      head. "Man - I got enough blackmail material on Logan from today to last me a

      Kitty gave a thumbs up, "Oh yeah! Lap shot number one for starters!"

      Jubilee cackled with glee, nodding and nudging Kitty, whilst Rogue just blushed.

      "He was tired! Leave the poor guy alone - apparently he had enough rubbin'
      alcohol to kill a small elephant."

      "That's our Logan," chuckled Jean into her tea.

      Rogue saw the amusement around the room at the situation, Cyclops grinning back
      at his wife. This wasn't funny, thought Rogue, and with a cross of her arms
      she frowned at everyone.

      "Now see here," she said, "He could have been really hurt! Ah was scared to

      Jean nodded, patting Rogue's shoulder, "I know I know, we shouldn't laugh..."

      Jubilee sighed with a fawning look.

      "He was just so cute and cuddly!" she said.

      "Like bringing a cat home from the vet after it's been spayed," giggled Kitty.

      Jubilee's laughter took a turn for the shrill and Rogue just shook her head.

      "Next time you get put under for something in the infirmary and you start
      swearing about the smurfs again - watch me laugh at you!"

      "Okay okay," Jubes nodded, "I was kidding - I'm sorry. Really. I'm sorry. It
      was very scary."

      Rogue looked up at Jean, pursing her lips in thought.

      "Jean... what's gonna happen to the guy that did this to him?"

      With a suddenly serious sigh, Jean shrugged.

      "I don't know Rogue. We can keep tabs if you like - you might be asked to be a
      witness if he goes to trial."

      "Yeah but..." Rogue's eyes narrowed, "The judge won't care will he? The
      judges never care when it comes to mutants."

      Jean blinked sadly, meeting Scott's serious gaze.

      "We don't know that Rogue. All we can do is hope for the best."

      "Hope Logan doesn't remember the guy's face that did this to him," Scott added

      Rogue took a tentative sip at the hot chocolate Jean had poured her, the sweet
      warm milk melting down her throat. It wasn't rare for a judge to deliberately
      move against mutants in the courts. In divorce settlements, the mutant parent
      would lose all, and most certainly any children in the dissolving marriage, in
      most petty crimes the mutants would get harsher penalties (for more muties away
      in jail meant safer streets for all). It was a well known fact - there was no
      justice for mutants. That's why the X-Men were around.

      "If the courts act up, you can promise I'll be after the jerk myself," said

      "Right behind ya," Kitty nodded.

      "Yeah," agreed Jubilee, "We'll handcuff the bastard naked to a street lamp and
      write 'Mutie-Hater' on his ass!"

      "You'll do nothing of the sort," Scott said firmly as he glared at her from
      behind ruby lenses. Jubilee frowned, fingering the rim of her cup.

      "You're no fun."

      Leaning against the sideboard next to Jean, Rogue closed her eyes, trying to add
      up all the craziness of the day and come up with something. All she got was
      muddled memories and an ache for her bed. She looked to Scott.

      "Hey, is Max gonna start school here now?"

      Scott looked thoroughly pleased as he nodded.

      "Yeah. Next week."

      Sighing with relief, Rogue smiled. "Great. Logan'll have a new friend too."
      Rogue laughed softly, "Gosh - you should have seen those two after Logan figured
      out his problem. Like he found his long lost kid brother or something - peas
      in a pod - that sort of thing."

      Scott looked up at her then, "Does that mean I should look forward to having
      this kid in my classes or not?"

      Rogue smiled knowingly, "I wouldn't make him angry."

      Looking down to her cup, Rogue decided to knock back the last of the hot
      chocolate, her weariness overtaking her. A shower, a long long nap. A nap
      would be so nice. Downing the rest of the drink, she placed the mug in the
      sink, rinsing it

      "Thanks Jean," she said, "That was really nice."

      Jean smiled back at her. "It's no problem, Rogue."


      Rogue looked up to Jubilee.

      "You and Logan were looking pretty snuggly on the way to the bus today, what was
      up with that?"

      Smiling a little, Rogue shook her head.

      "I think it was just the druggin' affectin' him," she said, shrugging as she
      spoke, "You know him - he's never usually like that."

      Pursing her lips askew, Jubilee leant on tilted hips. "I dunno..."

      Tapping her lips with a finger in thought, Rogue pointed to Jubilee, amusement
      in her voice.

      "Ya know what was really cute?"


      "Just before he hugged me - he said he loved me!" She blinked suddenly, waving
      her hands around in a gesture of dismissal, "I mean - I know he meant
      platonically and all that but still - it was nice to hear it."

      Jubilee's mouth was edged open a little, a look of disbelief on the girl's
      face. Before she could speak, Rogue sighed.

      "Okay - I'm off for a shower. Night everyone."

      Whilst those around Jubilee all called goodnight, Rogue trudged from the room.
      A strangled gasp of disbelief fell from Jubilee, and she pointed at the door
      that Rogue had just walked out of.

      Scott looked up, "Got something to say, Jube?"

      "Unhh!" She waved a hand, "He told her he loved her!!"

      Jean smiled, "Yeah but you hea-"

      "No!" Jubilee shook her head, "No. No no no no. This is Logan we're talking
      about here - LO-GAN!"'

      >From Scott, "So?"

      "So!" Disbelief of the reactions around her fuelled Jubilee's more shrill tones
      of voice suddenly, "He LOVES her - like LOVES and she totally didn't get it!"

      Jean looked patient, "Jubilee..."

      Putting her mug down suddenly, Jubilee straightened. "I gotta tell her! I
      gotta set this right! This is wrong!"



      The girl glared at Scott, who had issued the negative.

      "They gotta sort it out themselves, Jubes. You can't solve their problems for
      them - that's not the way it works."

      Jubilee gave a staggered gasp, "But they're in LOVE dammit! You're telling me
      not to help them out? That's like telling me to let Romeo poison himself!"

      "Yeah well," Scott shrugged, "Life sucks like that sometimes-"


      Scott levelled his look at her, bringing the mug away from his mouth. "Look - he
      has to find the balls to tell Rogue about it himself. It's up to him. You -
      you stay out of it, and have your fun with Remy. If you get involved, things
      will just get unnecessarily complicated."

      Jubes opened her mouth but Scott raised a commanding hand.

      "That's an *order*, Jubilee."

      Folding her arms with a low growl, the girl scowled at her leader.

      "Sometimes it royally *sucks* to be an X-Man!"

      At that she stormed from the room in a string of muttered curses, and Kitty
      frowned to Jean and Scott apologetically.

      "She hates the original version of the Little Mermaid story too. I think she
      petitioned Romeo and Juliet to be made into a Disney Movie recently - you know
      what she's like."

      With that the girl followed her best friend, leaving Jean and Scott alone with
      Hank to ponder the situation. The telekinetic looked to her husband, brow
      furrowed in thought.

      "Honey, did you mean what you said with the 'complicating things' comment?"

      "Yeah," Scott nodded, "I also thought if Jubes is right, and Logan is gonna
      start chasin' after Rogue - don't you think she deserves a running start?"

      With a knowing smile, Jean held down a laugh, which Hank gave openly.

      "I guess you're right."

      Pulling a five dollar note from his pants, Hank looked to Scott. "I'll place my
      wager with the Wolverine."

      The End.

      Ending notes: You know, after reading this story, I realised how much it flies
      in the face of 30 years of comic canon. Isn't it great?! Anyway - if I get
      enough feedback I may write a sequel, and I was thinking of making it a special
      "Cheeto-Run Style" illustrated story. Tell me what you think.

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      People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott!
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      "If Logan & Rogue were supposed to be a sibling-like,
      then Hugh and Anna didn't get the friggin' memo..."
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