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FIC: Blackout (7/7)

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    Disclaimer, etc., in Prologue ~*~*~*~*~ My idea of heaven has always been a little different than everybody else s. Instead of a bright light and fluffy
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2001
      Disclaimer, etc., in Prologue


      My idea of heaven has always been a little different than everybody
      else's. Instead of a bright light and fluffy clouds, I imagined the
      gentle light of a full moon and stars, surrounded by quiet snow and
      wrapped in the warmth of Logan's arms.

      But I was wrong. There was a bright light, so bright I refused to open
      my eyes. And there was pain. I did a mental check, and it seemed there
      wasn't an inch of my body that didn't hurt. It was horrible, but I
      couldn't seem to find the strength to cry. Maybe I wasn't in heaven, I
      decided. I tried to be good, but maybe I ended up somewhere else.

      Then I heard the low voice. "Please, Marie. Don't go. Please. I need
      you." It was Logan, and I wanted to smile, though I couldn't seem to
      make myself do it. I sighed instead.

      "Marie? Kid, please. Open your eyes." I wanted to, I really did. But the
      light was so bright. I knew if I opened my eyes, the light would burn
      them right out of my head. And I was afraid that if I opened them, I'd
      find out that Logan was just a figment of my imagination. Or, even
      worse, I'd find that he was dead, too.

      Then I felt it. Logan was holding my hand. My bare hand was clutched in
      his. Skin to skin.

      I opened my eyes.

      Logan was there. He looked terrible. Sick, tired and more scared than
      I've ever seen him. But very much alive.

      "Marie," he breathed, pulling my hand up to his lips and kissing it.

      I was wrong. I was in heaven after all.


      When I woke up again, I was alone. I stared at the ceiling and tried to
      remember what happened. A few minutes later, Jean came in.

      She smiled. "Rogue. How are you feeling?"

      "Like I got run over by a truck," I rasped.

      Jean poured me a glass of water and let me sip from a straw.

      I smiled gratefully and eased back into the bed. "What happened?"

      "You don't remember?"

      I closed my eyes. "We were on the roof. Spark was going to kill Logan. I
      ... I shoved her off the roof."

      She reached out and ran a hand lightly over my hair. "You BOTH went over
      the roof. You don't remember?"

      I thought back, and while I vaguely remembered sailing into empty air, I
      couldn't recall what happened after that.

      "It doesn't matter," Jean said. "You're OK now."


      "He's fine," she said softly. "He's sleeping. You were out for four
      days, and he wouldn't leave your side. Once you woke up, we finally got
      him to get some sleep." She wrinkled her nose. "And a shower."

      I laughed, then groaned. My entire body hurt. But I was alive, so I
      laughed again.


      Logan was mad at me.

      He came in to see me later that day, but once he confirmed that I was
      going to be fine, he left before we could talk.

      Jean came back in again. "It will be fine, Rogue," she said. "You just
      scared him. He's not used to it."

      "Jean," I said. "I know I was pretty out of it, but I thought ... Logan
      was touching me."

      She sat on a stool beside my bed. "Spark's power changed you. Or him.
      We're not sure which. Once you're back to full strength, we're going to
      run some tests. But yes, Logan is safe from your skin."


      Like I said, my memories of New Year's Eve were murky at best, and
      everyone had a different version of what happened. We got something
      resembling the truth when we all assembled in the professor's office a
      few days later. I hadn't been able to leave the med lab, and Logan
      hadn't been to see me again. As soon as I was well again, I was planning
      to kick his ass.

      Jean led me into the office and sat next to me on the couch, and Logan
      sat in the chair next to her. He didn't say anything to me, and when I
      stared at him, he looked away. Yep, I decided, I was going to have to
      beat him into submission. That set off a whole different line of
      thinking, and I felt myself blush. I sure hoped the professor wasn't
      doing any random scanning of thoughts. Since I'd found out I could touch
      Logan, my fantasies had been keeping me pretty entertained, but that
      didn't mean I wanted to share those thoughts with Professor X.

      The professor came in then, followed by Scott, Storm and Remy, and he
      asked for our report. I let Logan talk, and he was doing pretty well, up
      until he got to the actual attack. Then it went something like this
      (edited for content).:

      LOGAN: I had things under control.

      ME: Ha!

      LOGAN: Can I finish telling the [expletive deleted] story?

      ME: Fine.

      LOGAN: That [expletive deleted] Spark was about to attack me again, when
      Rogue tells me she [expletive deleted] LOVES me ...

      SCOTT: (laughing) She WHAT?

      LOGAN: Shut the [expletive deleted] up, One-Eye. That's between Marie
      and me.

      ME: Logan ...

      LOGAN: Then she runs toward Spark, and there's a bright flash, and they
      both fly off the [expletive deleted] roof. [A string of expletives of
      uncertain origin and meaning deleted]

      PROFESSOR X: Logan, please. Rogue is fine now. What happened next?

      ORORO: Gambit and I got there just as the women went off the roof. The
      three of us ran to the edge, and we saw Rogue and Spark. They were
      hanging onto a banner that hung across the front of the building. We
      managed to pull them up, but they were ...

      REMY: Stuck. Together. Like magnets or somethin'.

      ORORO: We pulled them apart, and they both passed out. Logan tried --

      LOGAN: I touched Rogue, to try and give her my healing power. But ...
      nothing happened. I thought ... I thought she was dead.

      Logan stood up and let the room. I wanted to follow him, but I also
      wanted to find out what had happened to me. I looked at Jean, who shook
      her head, and I stayed put.

      Apparently Jean and Scott had shown up right after that, and Jean
      pointed out that I was alive, though unconscious. Nobody was entirely
      sure what had happened, but Jean theorized that my body chemistry had
      changed when I absorbed Magneto's powers years ago, and that change had
      somehow protected me from Spark's power.

      She also believed that Logan was the only one who would be able to touch
      me, although nobody else had tried so far. As soon as I was feeling
      better, we were going to test out that theory.

      Spark had also been affected by our connection. She was in some kind of
      coma, only she hadn't come out of it yet. When she did, they were
      keeping a nice customized prison cell for her, much like the one Magneto
      was enjoying.

      The meeting broke up, and I went to find Logan. My brain must have been
      a little fried from my encounter with Spark because it took me 20
      minutes of searching before I realized where he would be.

      He was sitting on our bench on the roof. It was freezing outside, but he
      wasn't wearing a coat. Luckily, my scattered brains had remembered for
      both of us.

      I sank down on the bench next to him and handed him his jacket. "It's,
      like, a degree out here," I said. "Put on your coat."

      He put it on, staring at me but not speaking.

      I sighed and sank back into the seat. My little search had left me
      absurdly exhausted, and that weakness just pissed me off more.

      "So," I said, when it was obvious he wasn't going to speak. "You wanna
      save me the trouble of kicking your ass, and tell me exactly what's
      going on?"

      "You scared the hell out of me," he said quietly.

      "I know."

      "No. You don't know." He growled and stood up, pacing. "What the hell
      were you thinking? You could've been killed!"

      "I --"

      "Let me finish!" he ranted. "You wanna know what's going on? Fine! You
      were just going to throw your life away! You're not even 21 years old,
      and you were going to throw your life away. For what?"

      "For you."

      He stopped dead and sighed. He walked back and sat next to me again.
      "For me. It's not worth it," he said, quiet again. "I'm not worth it."

      I laughed. "Logan, you did the same thing for me before you even knew me
      at all. How could I not want to save you? I love you."

      He stared at me for a moment, then smiled. My heart sped up as I saw
      something I'd never really seen in Logan before. Hope. "Say that again."

      "I. Love. You."

      Gently, he reached out and trailed his fingers over my cheek. I closed
      my eyes and sighed. "Well," he said. "That sounds a lot better when it's
      not followed by you jumping off the roof."

      "You know what makes it even better?" I asked, grinning. "When it's
      actually ... returned."

      He cleared his throat, and I swear he glanced around the empty roof to
      make sure nobody could overhear him being all mushy. That's my Logan. "I
      love you, Marie," he said, in that breathless, growly kind of voice that
      I heard in my fantasies.

      He leaned in and brushed his lips across mine, gently, as though I might
      break from the contact. I thought I might. I slid a hand into his hair
      and tried to pull him closer, but a second later he was standing with me
      in his arms.


      "You're exhausted," he said, carrying me down the stairs and through the
      kitchen. "You've got to get some rest so we can start experimenting on
      your skin."

      "Yeah," I sighed, leaning into him and rubbing my face against his neck.
      "Jean has a whole list of tests she want to do when I'm feeling better."

      We entered the elevator, and Logan grinned at me. "I'm not talkin' about
      Jeannie's tests."

      "Then what ...?" Like I said, my brain was kind of fried. It took me a
      second. "Ahhhh ... well, Dr. Logan, I'm afraid those tests are going to
      be extensive. And time consuming."

      "What can I say," he told me, brushing a kiss across my forehead. "I'm a
      slave to science."

      And they say laughter is the best medicine.


      To everyone who stuck with me to the end, and especially those who sent
      feedback, I give a big e-hug. :-)



      LOGAN: You gonna tell me to stay away from your girl?
      SCOTT: If I had to do that, she wouldn't be my girl.
      ~~ "X-Men"
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