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Red Hair & Quesadillas, John Wayne's Teeth, & Challenge...

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  • Minisinoo Girl
    Or, to rephrase that subject line, this is a miscellaneous note about a couple stories. :) 1) I have a new story in The Man Behind Red Shades series. I ll
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2001
      Or, to rephrase that subject line, this is a
      miscellaneous note about a couple stories. :)

      1) I have a new story in "The Man Behind Red Shades"
      series. I'll (try to) upload it in a bit, but given
      my past batting average, we'll do the same thing we've
      done before. (See below, #3 for the summary.) Here
      is the link to the pretty HTML page (with nice

      Also, now that there are 3 stories, I decided to give
      that whole little series it's own subpage on the site,
      so if you want the full notes and to read the rest,
      you can go directly here:

      2) I'm working on John Wayne's Teeth. Up through
      chapter 2 is done, but I won't begin to post it until
      I can see light at the end of the tunnel. This is a
      full-fledged (if short) novel, which means it's
      *long*, and I hate to force folks to wait weeks and
      weeks from start to finish. HOWEVER, for the curious,
      I have done up the "cover" picture and summary:

      3) THE CHALLENGE.... As before, I'll post the *notes*
      to "Red Hair and Quesadillas" here. Notice that there
      is a little *challenge* at the end, for anyone else
      who wants to take me up on it. :):)


      Summary/Pairing: Scott and Jean have an afternoon to
      themselves in town. Scott on red hair, ice cream, and
      Mexican food. Jean makes an announcement that takes
      him by surprise.

      Warning: Vanilla and cream with lots of sugar. Some
      generic or allusive discussion of sex, but the real
      warning is that this is about as close as I get to
      sweet fluff. It might give you a cavity. ;>

      Series: The Man Behind Red Shades. But these stories
      are mostly independent. In the MBRS series, I present
      Jean and Scott's relationship as more mature than in
      other things I've written (e.g. Heyoka).

      Notes: This little romp is ALL SHANNON'S FAULT. It
      started as a tossed-off comment via email about Scott
      and red hair. And I needed a break from John Wayne's
      Teeth. Shannon, this is for you.

      That said, the other motivation is that I've read a
      lot of sweet treatments of Jean and Scott as a couple
      in moviefic � which I like! � but these stories often
      focus on someone else and Jean and Scott function to
      give comment on the main characters. I wanted to do a
      Scott-and-Jean-as-a-pre-existing-couple story in which
      no one else figures and they have a conversation that
      isn't about anyone at the mansion, and even have a
      little quarrel in which Logan's name doesn't appear
      once. ;>

      In fact, I throw that out as a CHALLENGE. Anyone want
      to take me up on it? :):):)

      (Ulterior motive: I get to read lots of stories about
      Jean and Scott. I hope.)


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