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"To Be an X-Men..." Series PG

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    Author: Kitty Lee Fic: To Be An X-Men..... Rating: This be PG, but it might go up. Pairing :Scott and Rogue, friendship for now. Disclaimer: It s all Stan,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      Author: Kitty Lee
      Fic: "To Be An X-Men....."
      Rating: This be PG, but it might go up.
      Pairing :Scott and Rogue, friendship for now.
      Disclaimer: It's all Stan, Bryans and 20th Century Fox's. Don't sue, unless
      you like poodles and milk.
      Summary: A few select students are picked to become future X-Men. Each of
      them has a mentor of sorts, Scott is Rogues'.
      Notes: This is fer my lily flower and her new list ScottandRogue. Why not?
      C'mon people, fic is fic! Scott isn't in this yet, but will be in the next, I
      just wanted to send this off tonite.
      Feedback: I love, I crave, I need.

      "Professor? It's Rogue." Rogue knocked on the door softly, thinking how
      silly it was to say her name at the door of a telepath.

      "Come in," Xavier looked up. "Thank you for coming Rogue. I understand you
      and Bobby were involved in a very lethal game of foosball." Rogue smiled
      shyly and shrugged.

      "I woulda' beaten him." She said, sitting in one of the several chairs
      facing his desk.

      "I have no doubt." Xavier smiled.

      "Am..am I trouble for something?" Rogue asked nervously.

      "No..no, not at all. This is a very delicate matter." Xavier paused for a
      moment. "When the school opened six years ago we had only seven students.
      Jean and Ororo being two of them. Two years later there were eighteen, only
      Scott stayed on. Now we have a graduating class of thirty six. Twenty three
      of them would like to stay on and be an X-Men. This…is not possible. It is
      important we keep the group small, but powerful. Many of our students' powers
      are not entirely useful in…"

      "Fighting?" Rogue supplied.

      Xavier smiled. "Well yes. And making sure they are placed in important
      roles in society, is just as important as…fighting. Many of our students have
      become successful scientists, journalists,businessmen, even a few
      congressmen. All able to help us in continuing our ability to help other
      mutants, raise awareness that we too, are still people. All of our graduating
      students would be useful in one situation or another, which is why we call on
      a few at times, but not all are needed full time. Yet there are a few who
      would be a wonderful addition to our group. We would like to start a program
      here, to somewhat groom a handful of students to be an X-Men by the time they
      are eighteen. You are one of those students Rogue."

      Rogue looked at him, horrified. "You want me to..to kill people?"

      "No, Rogue, that is never what we want. We avoid it at all costs. But with
      time, you could learn to control your powers in strength. To where a brief
      touch would simply render them unconscious. And on the other hand.." Xavier
      paused and looked deep into Rogues eyes. "there have been a few students who
      could not live a regular life. Because of their physical mutations,
      Sabretooth for one, they could not lead regular lives."

      "Sabretooth went to this…." The color drained from her face. "You think I
      won't be able to live out there." She said bleakly.

      "You would always be in danger, and….a danger to other people. Getting a
      job that would accept a woman completely covered, religious reasons aside,
      would be difficult. Especially now with a mutant hunt going on, any
      abnormality is suspect." Xavier stopped as Rogue covered her face with her
      hands. Xavier rolled around the desk in front of her. He took her gloved
      hands in his. "If you stay on, there is a chance you can lead a life free of
      fear and suspicions. You can help fight for the cause, pave the way for
      mutants that are not even born yet. In time perhaps we can find a way to
      control your powers." When Rogue refused to lift her head, Xavier sighed and
      whispered, "Not many will understand what you're going through." Rogue lifted
      her head, tears shining in her eyes.

      "Logan said that to me…when he found me on the train." She sniffed, wiping
      her eyes.

      "Logan would know. He has faced a lot of prejudice, had to hide a lot. You
      don't have too. Even if you choose not to be an X-Men, at least think about
      becoming a teacher." Rogue nodded unhappily.

      "I knew all this…having a normal life was out of the question I just…I
      guess I'm just facing it now." She smiled weakly. "If you think I could help,
      then I would be proud to be an X-Men."

      "Are you sure?" Xavier questioned. "It will not be easy, I thought you
      might want some time to think it over."

      Rogue shook her head. "No, I want to help you, you saved my life-"

      "This isn't about me. This is about your life." Xavier said.

      "I know, but, Magneto almost used me to kill a lot of people. If I could
      ...help regular people, mutants, the next person who has my powers, I want
      too. I'm sure professor."

      Xavier remained looking perplexed but nodded. "I have a few more students
      to talk too, we'll be meeting soon. If you change your mind, don't hesitate
      to talk to me." Rogue nodded and rose.

      "By the way professor, " she said, pausing by the door, "are you going to
      ask Bobby to be in the program?"

      "No." He answered her next question. "Bobby's power is remarkable, but it is
      something that Storm can do also. Bobby can freeze things, and Storm can send
      out a fifty below gust, which would do the same thing." Rogue nodded.

      "He…he'll be disappointed."

      "Yes, I know." Xavier said softly. "But Ororo has already been talking to
      him about teaching English here, or writing pro-mutant articles on the
      outside. He has quite a talent for writing, that, as I said before, is very
      important to us."

      Rogue nodded again. "Goodbye professor. Thank you again."
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