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[xmenmoviefanfic] FIC: "Torn Between Two" (1/?) [PG]

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    TITLE: Torn Between Two AUTHOR: Ania RATING: PG for now SUMMERY: Logan comes home to discover things have changed ARCHIVE: Ask and you shall recieve
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2001
      TITLE: Torn Between Two
      AUTHOR: Ania
      RATING: PG for now
      SUMMERY: Logan comes home to discover things have changed
      ARCHIVE: Ask and you shall recieve
      DISCLAIMER: Own nothing, not even the shirt on my back.
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is very short. It's kinda my first xmen fic, I'm not
      sure if I should continue it or not. Send me some feedback to encourage me
      and let me know there is someone out there who likes my writing.


      I hate it. I hate the fact that no matter what happens orwhat he does; I still
      want him. He came back you know. I thought he cameback for me. But that was
      just another dream I am chasing. Sitting here,listening to the rush of the
      water below my feet. The way the water crashesinto the banks, the direction
      it all goes.
      Have you ever watched salmon go up stream? They fightagainst the current,
      against all odds because it is in their nature. It is intheir nature to go
      somewhere, a place that the river doesn’t want them to go.They swim upstream,
      and it just makes them even more vulnerable. There arebears waiting for them,
      to catch them as they leap to their destination. It isreally sad when you
      think about it.
      Logan came home last week. He came home, and I wasoverjoyed. I never thought
      I could be so happy. Then it all came tumbling down.He didn’t come back for
      me. He never would. I was just a kid. Nothingmore, nothing less. But he
      doesn’t know. He doesn’t know I no longer am sweetlittle innocent Marie. I
      am and always will be Rogue.
      I can’t help who I am or what I feel.  I just want it all to go away. I
      hatefeeling this vulnerable. I hate it.


      It’s harder than I thought. When I first came back, Iexpected her to want me
      like I want her. I pictured this whole reunion scene onthe drive back. I
      would walk through those doors, and she would be standingthere waiting for
      me, because she knew I was coming back. And when oureyes would meet, we
      wouldn’t need to say any words. There wouldn’t be a needfor words. She would
      run into my arms and tell me she missed me and wanted melike I wanted her.
      Nothing ever really happens like you want it to. Everythingwas going
      smoothly, up until I stepped foot inside the mansion. There was noone waiting
      for me. I was ok with this, I mean sure I was hurt, but I figuredmaybe they
      went out to town. I walked to the kitchen, and there she was. Threeyears can
      make someone forget. She was making a sandwich, and she was humming.I don’t
      know what she was humming, but it was pretty. Hell, anything that comesfrom
      her is pretty. I was leaning against the doorframe just soaking her in.All
      the changes, all the curves I failed to notice before. I don’t know how
      Icould have missed those.
      She looked up at the moment, and I couldn’t help but noticethe softness of
      her face, the way the light shone off her hair. It was utterbeauty.
      To say she looked shocked to see me is an understatement.For a moment I
      thought I saw fear, but it quickly passed and she smiled at me.
      “Hey,” Rogue said.
      “Hey yourself kid,” I said with my arms across my chest,trying to look like
      a bad ass, and not some pansy who was in love.
      Rogue winced when I said kid. Boy was I kicking myself inthe ass for that
      one. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Things between us seemed a littleawkward. Just
      then someone came into the room. I tore my eyes away from Rogueand looked at
      the intruder. He walked up behind Rogue, my Rogue, and put hisarms around
      her. And kissed her. What the hell did he think he was doing? WhenI found out
      who that was…
      “Did you get the sandwiches?”
      Scooter? One-eye? Cyclops? He had his arms around Rogue. Ithink I may have
      startled them when I unsheathed my claws, cause Rogue seemedto jump a mile
      high and remember I was in the room.
      “Logan,” Scott said glaring at me, like I had intruded onhis moment of peace
      and happiness. I didn’t do anything wrong, he was the onewho wrongfully had
      his arms around Rogue. He had no right.
      “Scooter,” I said back. We both stood there staring each otherdown. Waiting
      for the other to break. I think Rogue got tired of it.
      “Scott, why don’t you finish the sandwiches, and I’ll gooutside and wait for
      you.” And then she turned to face me, “Logan, why don’tyou go and get
      settled into your old room. Everyone else went into town, so youhave free
      reign to do whatever you want.”
      And with that she turned and walked out the door,leaving Scott and me alone.
      In the kitchen.

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