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Fic : Hope 4/4

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  • s.riley@southampton.gov.uk
    For info etc see part 1. Charles smiled in spite of himself. His suspicion aside, the boy was still willing to listen. He had been right about him. Give him
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2001
      For info etc see part 1.

      Charles smiled in spite of himself. His suspicion aside, the boy was
      still willing to listen. He had been right about him. Give him
      choices, hope that he had a future without hurting others and he was
      prepared to take that step even now. They still had a long way to go
      in establishing any kind of trust or bond between them but Charles
      was confident it would come. He was already beginning to feel a deep
      affection for the boy. "This may sound a little silly Scott but I'd
      like your word that you won't try to hurt yourself again without
      speaking to either Hank or myself first. It doesn't matter what time
      it is or what we are doing, I want you to talk to us."

      "Who is Hank anyway?"

      "A good friend of mine, a doctor and a fellow mutant. He's the man
      who treated you and brought you here. Now, are you done changing the
      subject, may I have your word ?"

      "You won't try to talk me out of anything ?"

      Xavier snorted. "Well of course I will. I promise you that I will not
      lie to you Scott, nor will I sugar-coat the truth. I will respect
      your intelligence and freedom of choice but please don't expect me
      not to at least try to talk you out of something if I feel you are
      not considering all your options wisely."

      "Sounds reasonable enough in theory I suppose. Okay I can do that.
      What else ?"

      "You will resume your schooling here in the fall when the new school
      year commences."

      "Here ?"

      " This is a school, or at least it will be by then. You are the first
      student as such but I am looking for others just as I was looking for
      you. You will be able to study a normal curriculum as well as learn
      to control your less mainstream abilities. I hope to equip you to
      better deal with the outside world and make informed choices about
      what you want to do as an adult. As Hank and I are the only teachers
      at the moment your initial classes will be somewhat small in size,
      but I can assure you that the homework will be just as demanding as
      you will find anywhere else!"

      Anything else?" Scott asked sourly.

      "I will need your help if we are to seek a way to control your power.
      We will need to build a medical database on your abilities and map
      the extent of your power into a useable profile. Henry , as our
      doctor, will conduct most of the tests with my assistance. "

      "So you want to stick me full of needles and basically do the lab rat
      thing. Do I get a little wheel to run around in ?" The bitterness was

      " I think Henry has had more than enough of your blood Scott so I do
      not foresee a vast array of needles in your future. I was referring
      more to x-rays and cat scans and monitoring your body chemistry. That
      can all be done quite painlessly. I think you've had enough pain
      already, don't you ?" he added gently.

      Charles waited patiently while Scott considered all that he had
      learned. The boys brows knitted together as he frowned.

      "This Hank…will I like him ?"

      "I don't know Scott. He seems to share your somewhat…depreciating…
      sense of humour. I like him." He risked a quick glimpse of the boys
      thoughts. There was still some resistance to the idea there, he
      didn't really dare to believe that he could begin to belong here.
      There was a certain longing to trust Xavier tempered by bitter
      experience. * This boy needs a home * he thought sadly. "Would you
      like me to show you this place now ?" he asked calmly.

      Scott shook his head and for a moment Charles feared he had somehow
      misread Scott's decision. "I think I'd rather wait and see what it's
      like with my own eyes."

      "I understand." His voice full of warmth he told Scott to rest, that
      they would begin looking for answers together in the morning if he
      felt up to some very minor tests. When he offered to stay Scott told
      him rather bluntly that he had given his word not to do anything so
      not to stand guard over him. As he wheeled to the door Charles felt
      the tension that had run through his body for the best part of the
      last month ease. Scott was with them now. Their work was only just
      beginning but now there was something that hadn't been given tangible
      form for the future. Hope. So small a word with such a powerful
      meaning. He turned back toward Scott. " Can I get you anything before
      I leave ?"

      Scott hesitated, obviously wanting something but not sure how to
      ask. "Which way to the bathroom?" he asked at last.

      "There is a door behind you to your left. Try not to wander about too
      much though, you do need to rest. Anything else?"

      "The Kitchen ?"

      Charles chuckled as he pulled the door closed behind him. For all the
      problems Scott had faced and would face again in the future some
      things held true whatever the situation. Teenagers


      The next installment will be posted next weekend (I've got to
      actually do more at work than sit at my desk and daydream this week !)

      Feedback and ideas for the kind of chaos Scott can cause while he's
      finding his feet in Westchester would be most welcome (my Scott has a
      rather more colourful past than is implied in the comics or his
      rather more serious adult persona !).
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