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Fic : Hope 3/4

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  • s.riley@southampton.gov.uk
    For info etc see part 1. The guy in the motel… Scott s voice trailed of quietly. Will live. For as long as it takes for him to receive the death
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2001
      For info etc see part 1.

      "The guy in the motelÂ…" Scott's' voice trailed of quietly.

      "Will live. For as long as it takes for him to receive the death
      penalty." At Scott's' startled expression he continued, "He abused
      and murdered several young men. I arranged for the police to
      investigate some of his land holdings. They will find all the
      evidence they need there of his past activities. You acted in self
      defence Scott. I appreciate that may be little comfort to you but
      consider.. if you had not acted as you did you would be among those
      poor souls he destroyed and he would have continued. You would not
      have been his last victim."

      "Yay, me the hero, " Scott muttered without conviction.

      Charles did not miss the sense of relief that underlay the sarcasm.
      He had not killed and that meant a great deal to him. Scott's' next
      words were expected if not welcomed. This would be the most difficult
      part of the process.

      "Which brings me round to why the hell should I trust you any more
      than him ? If you're the all knowing telepath you'll understand where
      I'm coming from here."

      "I understand, but I have no answer for you Scott. I can't give you
      trust it will have to come from within yourself. All I can do is ask
      you to once again take that risk, despite all you have already been
      through, and then judge me by my actions." The long silence that
      followed his soft words was painful. Charles was truly at a loss as
      to what more he could say that would not sound like an empty
      promise. "Would it help if you could see where you are?"

      Scott smirked. "Not really. If I `saw' where I was I can pretty much
      guarantee it wouldn't be there any more!" Xavier didn't miss the pain
      in the boys' voice.

      "I can show you this place through my minds' eye Scott. As for your
      inability to see, that is something I sincerely hope we can remedy. I
      can make you no more promises than I have already offered, but I
      assure you that Hank and I will use everything in our power to work
      on finding a way for you to open your eyes again."

      "You can cure me, I'd actually be able to see again?" In his
      excitement Scott shot bolt upright in bed. A wave of dizziness and
      nausea drove him back down, panting.

      "You're still very weak Scott, please don't over exert yourself."
      Xavier wheeled closer and poured a glass of water which he tried to
      press into Scott's' hand. "Drink this slowly, " he cautioned.

      Scott pushed the glass away urgently. " CAN . YOU . CURE . ME!" he
      almost shouted.

      "No Scott, I can't." Charles was startled by the weariness he heard
      even in his own voice. Scott slumped despondently and plucked
      listlessly at the bed covers. "Your mutation is not an illness, it is
      a part of you. A gift that you may be able to learn to control. I
      want to help you find a way to control it so that you no longer feel
      you are a danger to others and still allow you to see again. I'm not
      saying it will be easy or even guaranteeing it will be successful,
      but surely that is better than giving up without trying."

      "Do you think you can, find a way to control it, I mean?" Scott's'
      voice sounded desperate, needy in its quiet intensity.

      "I do, Scott. I really do. But I will need certain promises from you
      if we are to try this."

      "What kind of promises?" the suspicion was back full force.
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