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FIC: An Unusual Situation Part III: 2/3: PG-13: Rogue, Jean, L/R, S/J, others,all

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  • Jenn
    2/3 Logan, if you don t cool down, you can damn well sleep on the roof. The idea is damn tempting. He was talking between his teeth, glances going
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2001

      "Logan, if you don't cool down, you can damn well sleep on the roof."

      "The idea is damn tempting." He was talking between his teeth, glances
      going periodically at the door, and Marie sighed, removing her gloves and
      extending one hand mutely.

      "Logan, please--at least try to think. We've got more to worry about than
      you playing the part of a animal whose territory has been invaded. Cool

      A spin and he dropped on the bed, giving her a long, level look.

      "Fuck off, baby. I'm not in the mood."

      Marie sighed as he took her hand.

      "Get over it. They have a very nice little place you'll love--call it the
      Danger Room or something. You'll never wanna leave. Animatronics. Better
      than any simulator I've ever seen." She watched him take a breath, cooling
      down as quickly as he'd heated up, something she'd learned to expect.
      Logan did not do his best normal thinking in a temper. "Tell me what you
      found out in Vancouver."

      "Depends on how well you can explain fucking around Laughlin." Fingers
      covered hers briefly before removing one glove, running an absent finger
      across her face when she nodded that she was concentrating. Then a curve
      down to her chin, sliding into her hair--and he leaned forward, covering
      her mouth with his, and Marie stopped thinking, stopped breathing, just
      took in everything--*God* she'd missed him. The brush of his tongue across
      her mouth, sliding over her lip, and she let him press her backwards,
      winding her arms around his neck. Without thinking, she locked a leg
      around his thigh, arching her back up against him, moaning softly when he
      let his full weight on her, deepening the kiss. Then a nip to her lower
      lip and he lifted his head, bracing himself on his elbows over her.

      "Shouldn't have done that, baby." And she watched him take a deep breath,
      then another, then try to lever himself up. Instantly, she locked her
      other leg around his waist and grinned at his expression before he sat up,
      dragging her up with him. "Don't even think it. You're not well. Tell me
      what you were doing in Laughlin. Now." Fingers tangled in her hair,
      drawing her head up so she had to meet his eyes.


      "You take orders very badly."

      "Look who I learned from." She snorted at his expression and lowered her
      head. "Look, I'm sorry--"

      "We'll discuss it later--in detail. Tell me what happened since you got
      here." All business, and this was the part of him that no one ever saw
      except her, when he seemed to snap into another personality entirely,
      evaluating every word and measuring it against some inner standard. It
      never ceased to surprise her, the different facets of his personality.

      Marie gave him the short version, watching his expression, before he
      untangled her hands--a hint of a smile at her protest, and laid her back
      down, giving a quick glance to her abdomen. But he was thinking, she could
      see that, and couldn't quite suppress her relief.

      "You don't look as twitchy as I thought you'd be about this place,
      considering how you've reacted every time I bring it up."

      She didn't ask about Scott either--it didn't look like Logan recognized
      him, though that circumstance was at best fleeting.

      A sigh and she felt him twist a strand of her hair through his fingers--she
      remembered the first time he'd done that, absently, watching a movie in an
      Anchorage motel, and she'd held to her pretense of being asleep for all
      that she was worth, hoping he wouldn't notice.

      "I talked to a few--graduates." A grunt that could have meant anything.
      "They told me that if I wanted to know about the Brotherhood, I should come
      here. When I went to pick you up--well, baby, next time you leave a note,
      be damned sure I don't have to rip apart the place to find it."

      Marie turned her head away and instantly, he bent down, looking into her

      "Don't do it again. Ever."

      "You don't own me." She tried to put some kind of heat in her voice but
      failed. God, she must have scared him.

      "Depends on what you call owning. Your stuck with me--the least you could
      do is spend some time taping a piece of paper somewhere visible. Leaving
      it lying on the desk--uh-huh, no." A growl. "You know how much I had to
      shell out to pay for the damage to the motel?"

      "You need to practice keeping your temper."

      A soft growl, and Logan shook his head shortly, dismissing an argument that
      they had pretty regularly anyway.

      "How much do they know?"

      "I didn't tell them much. I didn't know how much would be safe or if I'd
      be staying." A grimace. "Of course, I didn't know my stomach would be so
      fucking screwed up. Creed's hide is gonna make me a fine pair of gloves,
      sugar, that I'll guarantee you."

      "If I leave that much of him."

      That made her grin and she closed her eyes, finally feeling every muscle in
      her body begin to relax when leather-covered fingers slid down to the back
      of her neck, rubbing softly.

      "You need sleep." A light touch against her face. She breathed out

      "I *was* sleeping until some idiot broke in my window." But she didn't
      protest when she was lifted up and the blankets turned back, then crawled
      across to the pillows, collapsing with a sigh. "Come on, lay down. If
      it'll make you feel better, mark your territory, break a few more things
      and howl or whatever it is you do when you gotta show off your manliness."

      "You're pushing it, you know that?"

      "I think it's cute. Really."

      Another growl and she grinned into the cotton pillowcase while listening to
      him go around the room in usual Logan-type reconnaissance--habit was hard
      to break, she guessed, as she pulled up the sheet and heard him drop his
      jacket on the chair. "There are some clothes that'll fit you in the

      "You're taking a lot for granted." But she heard the grin he was dead
      refusing to let her see.

      "The roof is cold and so am I--get your ass in bed. Please."

      A grunt and she heard him open the closet door, rummaging through. "Shit,
      Marie, what'd you do, go shopping?"

      Rolling on her back, she crossed her arms behind her head and looked up at
      the ceiling.

      "It's a school--they have lots of clothes. Jean and I raided the supply
      closet. You're an easy size."

      "Jean. Hmm. The doctor?" A muffled sound from inside--she'd guessed he
      found something he liked.

      "You have a weird thing for redheads, you know that? It'd be enough to
      give me a complex." She watched him come out, sorting through the drawers
      quickly, finding the shirts she'd put in there that day. Smiled while she
      watched him strip, piling his clothes neatly in the chair from habit.

      "What is she?"

      "Mutant?" she answered, a little caught by the flex of muscles in his back.
      He turned half around and Marie drew in a long breath, letting it out
      slowly. She wasn't well. She was not well enough to do anything. At all.

      But God, did he look good.

      "You're funny, Marie. Really."

      "Telekinetic. A little telepathy--not like the Professor." Marie rolled
      onto her side, enjoying the show when Logan pulled on the white
      t-shirt--she could do that. Watch. "You'll like him."

      "My batting average for liking these people is one, and that's only because
      she got you sewn back into one piece." His voice was muffled and she
      watched as he ducked into another drawer.

      "I figured you'd like her."

      A pause.

      "I don't need someone wandering around in my head. I got you pulling out
      things at random, thank you." He pulled on the sweatpants and Marie felt a
      familiar warmth in her stomach, the smile on her face begin to change.
      When he turned around, he took one look at her and shook his head. "No
      fucking way, baby. Told you already."

      Marie lifted herself on an elbow, twisting a piece of her hair across her
      face. Another slow shake of his head, and he crossed the room, killing the

      "I'm fine."

      "Move over and no, you are not." Pouting, she slid over and watched him
      sit down.


      "Don't start. Go to sleep."

      With a sigh, she rolled onto her side, feeling his body slide up behind
      her, and took a long, deep breath, all the tension draining out of her.
      God, she hadn't realized how worried she'd been. An arm slid around her
      waist and she groped for her gloves, pulling them on blindly, covering his
      fingers with hers, laced against her shirt-covered stomach.

      Then a long pause.

      "I missed you."

      She laughed softly.

      "I can't believe you're admitting it."

      A growl, then she felt him smile into her hair, pulling some away from her
      shoulder and biting her lightly through the cloth. "I've gotten to like
      not sleeping alone. Bad habit."

      "I'm glad you're here," she breathed against the pillow as he settled
      behind her, feeling his leg pressed against hers, the arm beneath her head
      curving over her shoulder.

      "Always, baby."

      A pause, and Marie stared at the far wall briefly.

      "Logan, you didn't say anything--"

      "I recognized him."

      Marie didn't say anything else about it, shutting her eyes.

      * * * * *


      --When I watch that scene I do not think "Oh, he's such a good father

      --It was incestuous pity weird surgical glove wearing sex.--Reasonable

      --Hi, My Name Is Jenn, and I have Serious Issues with Marie wearing gloves
      to bed. On Principle.--Sare on "Evil Plot Bunny #1: The Evil Sare
      Tortures Jenn Via AIM One Night"
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