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FIC: An Unusual Situation Part III: 1/3: PG-13: Rogue, Jean, L/R, S/J, others,all

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  • Jenn
    Title: An Unusual Situation Part III: Incidental Matters Author: jenn (jenn@igg-tx.net) Codes: Rogue, Jean, L/R, S/J, other, all Rating: PG-13, NC-17
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      Title: An Unusual Situation Part III: Incidental Matters
      Author: jenn (jenn@...)
      Codes: Rogue, Jean, L/R, S/J, other, all
      Rating: PG-13, NC-17 overall
      Summary: In which Logan appears and a few things come to light. We're back
      in the present, ladies and gents.
      Author notes, archiving, dedication, disclaimer in Part I. I'm lazy. :)

      * * * * *
      {Present Time}

      She knew she heard something.

      Almost indistinguishable from the normal sounds of the night, and if Marie
      hadn't been only half-asleep, she never would have stirred at the slight
      noises. The soft sound of metal sliding through skin--booted feet walking
      so lightly on loose tile--God, he had amazing balance, she'd seen the slope
      of that roof.


      He was early.

      Marie came fully awake, every sense on alert, feeling the smile turning up
      her mouth. Slowly, knowing he was listening for her, she slipped her feet
      to the floor on the soft rug. Got up, grabbing her gloves to pull them
      back on, knowing somewhere downstairs, security was probably going haywire
      and not much caring. Quickly, she made it to the window, pushing it open,
      looking outside with a giggle she couldn't quite suppress.

      "Took you long enough."

      He looked at her like she was crazy and she couldn't help the laugh that
      bubbled out of her then, even as he stepped inside, engulfing her in a hug
      that took her breath and lifted her off her feet, the arm around her waist
      tight, fingers sliding through her hair, pressing her close. She buried
      her head against his shoulder, taking in a long breath, closing her eyes,
      flooded with utter relief that she'd never, ever let Logan even guess. She
      could just *imagine* his reaction to the idea she'd been worried.

      "Planes aren't easy to follow, kid." He pulled back, letting her on her
      feet, staring at her face, gloved thumbs tracing her cheekbones. "You all

      "Fine." Anticipated his next question. "They're okay--though I'm guessing
      we only have a few minutes before they figure out where the security risk
      went." She shook her head. "What, couldn't use the front door?"

      A lopsided grin, before his hands slid back down to her waist, across her
      back--as much to check her for injury as to simply touch her.

      "More fun this way--thought I'd surprise you." She shook her head, leaning
      into him, then she was suddenly off her feet and felt him deposit her on
      the bed while he looked down at her. Instantly, the grin disappeared when
      she winced and she felt him sit down, running a hand down her side, then
      across her stomach. Every muscle in his body tensed under her fingers
      against his back "Shit. Fucking--who the hell--"

      "They didn't." She covered his hand, trying to sit up, but a strategically
      placed hand met her forehead and neatly pushed her back while he lifted her
      t-shirt, checking the damage himself, tracing the line of the bandage. A
      soft hiss, and Marie covered his hand with her fingers. "Creed." The
      hazel eyes met hers. "Logan, don't. Just cool down. Anyway, they picked
      me up--God knows how they found me or why the hell they were even
      there--but they brought me back here." Reaching up, she traced his face
      with one hand. "Damn good doctor, I think--I checked in the mirror. I
      don't think there'll be any scars. You even try to touch me to speed this
      along, I'll knock you out, got it? I'll be fine. It's almost healed."

      His weight shifted and she turned her head so she could look at him--even
      in the dim light, it was comforting to see him there, the thoughtful frown,
      and he lowered himself down on one elbow to look at her, the hand on her
      stomach absently drawing soft circles. She studied him--he looked
      exhausted, which probably meant he hadn't slept in a couple of days. Damn.
      Gently, she traced the lines of his face, running her fingers across his
      jaw and smiled when he bit her lightly.

      "You scared me, baby." A breath against her skin and she smiled at that.
      "Why the fuck were you in Laughlin? When I got back--"

      "Just information," she answered vaguely, knowing he'd get the whole story
      out of her eventually, but not really wanting that now. "Not a big deal
      anyway. How'd you find me?"

      "Easy." A slightly amused breath. "You had quite a crowd there to watch
      the show--and they sure as hell were willing to talk with the right

      "You threatened them." Marie stared at the ceiling. "This is what happens
      when I go on vacation."

      "Your own fault."

      "Fuck you."

      "You like it when I do that."

      She felt herself flush and dropped her eyes.

      "Do you ever think of anything else?"

      Another grin, and she shook her head, felt the strong fingers curl in her
      hair, pulling her closer.

      "I don't have any control right now. Don't tempt me." A brush of lips
      against her hair, then his arm went around her waist, pulling her against
      him and she grinned a little, burying her head against his arm. "Logan--"

      "You wanna go now?" Obviously, he did, and it showed.

      "Not yet." She felt him stiffen, looking down at her for a moment. Eyes
      narrowed with thought, with that edge of distrust--not of her, but of any
      circumstance that he felt was threatening. Marie was used to that--had
      *many* kinds of gratitude that his instincts were so good. Just wished
      right at this moment, they'd shut down, because Logan working off instinct
      was pretty damned stubborn.

      "You like them."

      "They're--they're good people." Marie focused her gaze on the wall behind
      him, knowing his reaction.

      "This I know." A moment of silence, and he levered himself up, glancing
      around the room briefly. "And fucking idiots. You know the rep as well as
      I do--I don't want you mixed up in their crap."

      "I'm already mixed up in their crap, sugar. Eric directed it--he gave the

      Silence, and then Logan turned away, staring at the far wall. His hands
      clenched and Marie simply waited, knowing his temper had to run itself out.

      "How much've you told them?" Quiet.

      "Not much--but there are two telepaths in this house, and both of them are
      suspicious. We can't keep it hidden forever--and it's gonna come out,
      Logan. If Xavier hasn't heard rumor--" she stopped, looking at him for a
      moment. "You didn't have a choice, sugar. I know that. But we gotta come
      clean eventually--or when they figure it out, it'll be that much harder to
      explain. Xavier has contacts all over--if he gets interested enough, he
      can find out most of it, and probably not the best version of it either."

      Almost absently, he rubbed the bridge of his nose, then looked at her. He
      was thinking it over, and half the battle was already won. Marie relaxed,
      reaching out to cover his hands with hers, fingering the knuckles softly
      until the tension decreased and he turned his hand over, lacing his fingers
      through hers.

      "You're worth it. If this place is our best bet, I'll take your word for
      it--though their security ain't that great." And a soft sigh, that meant
      at very least he was filing her information away for future reference.
      "Give me the short version of your little--fuck, I think the welcome wagon
      just arrived."

      Before he even finished the words, Logan was on his feet and the door
      opened, spilling light and about six rather disheveled people into her
      room, still in their pajamas, looking a cross between sleepy and alarmed.

      When she saw Scott in front, however, she paused, wishing she'd remembered
      this all important bit of information--and hoped to God that Logan was so
      taken with having Several Possible Hostiles in the room that he wouldn't
      focus too much on a single one. Because that was something Marie just
      *didn't* feel like she could deal with right now.

      "Rogue?" It was Jean, coming to the forefront, forehead creased with
      obvious effort, and Marie guessed she was keeping rapport with Scott, to
      keep him from overreacting or doing something that they would all quickly
      and thoroughly regret.

      Then she grinned, couldn't help it, seeing the looks of utter shock on the
      faces of the X-Men as they took in the scene. Their security actually was
      pretty damned good, truth be told, and she knew that Scott would be
      obsessing about this for several weeks to come. Before anyone got any odd
      ideas, Marie got to her feet, meeting Jean's startled eyes and putting
      herself physically between Logan and the X-Men milling in bewilderment at
      her door.

      "Hey." A quick look around the room, reaching out a gloved hand and
      catching Logan's fingers in hers, palm covering his knuckles--just in case.
      Then looked straight at Jean, willing her to do something--anything. "This
      is Logan. Logan--" and her smile widened as she took in the faces, "meet
      the X-Men."

      * * * * *

      If anything could make the X-Men nervous, it was the man standing in
      between them and Rogue. Jean, after several moments of thought, decided it
      was his distrust that was putting them all on edge--she got the distinct
      impression the only thing that was stopping him from picking up Rogue
      bodily and walking out was the fact that it was obvious she was no where
      near ready to be moved. That didn't mean he had to like the restriction,
      though, and he made that plain, with every look, every growl, and every
      movement of his body.

      Jean took a moment to take in the posture as he leaned against the
      footboard, his gaze never leaving any of them, though not settling on any
      one of them either. She felt the measuring glance run over her and fought
      to stay still under it--this was a suspicious man.

      "She's okay?" The question was grudging at best, spoken low, and Jean saw
      he was rubbing one knuckle distractedly. A quick glance back at Rogue,
      then his gaze circled the room again.

      "She'll be fine in about a week. It was a clean wound," Jean answered
      quickly, keeping her voice calmly professional, knowing somewhere in the
      back of her mind that she'd be having headaches for the next week from the
      feeling she was getting off of Scott. Or Scott would be spending his
      nights in Xavier's shielded rooms; either one worked. She wasn't going to
      be picky.

      Logan nodded, glancing back, and Jean watched Rogue's slow smile--and one
      gloved hand reached out, covering his on the bed, a quick, almost invisible
      shake of her head. Interesting.

      "Maybe we can do the introductions tomorrow," Jean said finally, giving her
      husband a long glance before reaching for his arm. "Rogue needs her rest."

      Scott looked like he wanted to say something, but Ororo, being quick on the
      uptake, came to Jean's aid.

      "That's a good idea."

      :::Jean, I would suggest you have a long discussion with Scott before he
      meets with Logan tomorrow.:::

      Jean jerked a little at the sound of the Professor's mental voice--then
      nodded. Should have guessed he wouldn't miss this.

      :::I'm not sure that will be enough.::: A glance between the two men--if
      Scott froze any more, she'd have to get John to defrost him. :::I'll try.
      Something else is going on here, at least with Logan, though damn if I can
      figure out what.:::

      :::Until I know why Magneto wants them, they need to be here. I suggest a
      talk with Rogue as well--I am receiving the impression that the antipathy
      is mutual.:::

      Both interesting and true, and Jean wanted to explore that--Rogue had had a
      similar initial reaction to Scott, though far more muted.

      :::You'd be correct.::: Jean sighed softly and looked at her husband.
      "Let's go, Scott."

      A long glance that didn't take any psychic ability at all to interpret.

      "We'll get you a room," Scott said slowly, and Logan stiffened. Before
      Jean could interfere--and what the hell was up with him tonight
      anyway?--Rogue lifted herself easily to her knees, one hand lightly resting
      on Logan's shoulder. Jean was sure she was the only one close enough to
      see the girl's knuckles go white, fingers pressing down with a lot more
      strength that she would have suspected existed in her body.

      "He'll stay here." Matter-of-fact, neither apologizing nor defensive.
      "Thanks, Scott, Jean, Ororo," her smile took in the rest of them and a
      quick, almost dismissive nod, but Jean didn't miss the desperate look Rogue
      threw her way. "I'll see you in the morning." Without hesitation, Jean
      gave Scott's arm a jerk.

      "Good night, then." And all but dragged her fuming husband out the door.
      The others came out behind them, still a little bewildered, and Jean closed
      the door quickly, hearing the sounds of something breaking--something
      wooden, perhaps, from the splintering sound.

      "Who the fuck does he think he is?"

      Logan meant them to hear that. She turned, setting the example, and led
      Scott to their room.

      * * * * *


      --When I watch that scene I do not think "Oh, he's such a good father

      --It was incestuous pity weird surgical glove wearing sex.--Reasonable

      --Hi, My Name Is Jenn, and I have Serious Issues with Marie wearing gloves
      to bed. On Principle.--Sare on "Evil Plot Bunny #1: The Evil Sare
      Tortures Jenn Via AIM One Night"
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