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Fic: Comfort Food

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    I don t remember if I ever sent this out, so here it is. :) Hope you enjoy it. Come to think of it I hope you remember who Delphi is! ~Ephiney Title: Comfort
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2001
      I don't remember if I ever sent this out, so here it is. :) Hope you enjoy
      it. Come to think of it I hope you remember who Delphi is!


      Title: Comfort Food
      Author: Ephiney
      E-Mail: ephiney@...
      Disclaimer: Only Delphi is mine, Lottie is hers. Everyone else belongs to
      Stan Lee, Marvel, Brian Singer, and Fox.
      Summary: While dealing with a fussy baby Delphi comforts a student who won't
      be leaving the school to go to college with her friends.
      Rating: PG

      Good God, Rogue, it's two o'clock in the morning. What are you still doing

      Well, for one thing those are the same clothes you were wearing yesterday.
      Now what's wrong, honey?

      Okay, this is going to be a conversation with our friends, Ben and Jerry. I
      think there's some Cherry Garcia in the icebox. Could you get it while I get
      Lottie in her high chair?

      Her cookies! You are a saint, you know that right? Who knew she'd develop at
      an advanced rate?

      Yes, I had heard that Logan offered to get her a raw hide chew toy. I'm glad
      you think that this is funny. Now about what's keeping you up, since it sure
      isn't a teething baby...

      Sarah Laurance is a good school. Trust me, Empire State is not all it's
      cracked up to be. I give Jubilee two weeks before she's back here for either
      real food or people who understand her. And have I mentioned that trying to
      hide a mutation in a dormitory is damned near imposible?

      Okay, okay. So mine is more obvious than yours, that doesn't really matter.
      You know the Professor would cheerfully pay for you to have an apartment if
      you wanted to go away to school.


      Logan would follow you to Hell for spring break if you just smiled at him,
      honey. What say you tell me what this is really about before my mother
      wanders down here to make coffee?

      Oh, sweetheart, you don't have to be afraid of change. Sometimes it makes
      things better. I know that Kitty and Bobby are going to be far away, and
      Jubilee isn't going to be around as much as she has been, but this is going
      to give all of them a chance to grow up. A chance to find out who they are
      without leaning on each other.

      Actually, it will make them more effective when they rejoin the team.

      Rogue, you're already more effective than I am.

      Don't laugh, I'm serious. I'm a den-mother at heart. Why do you think I only
      go on contact missions?

      Uh-huh. Thank you so much.

      You haven't been a kid in a long time, honey.

      You're Rogue, the girl who wrapped the Wolverine around her little gloved
      finger, the young woman who took down Ms. Marvel when blondie went bonkers.
      You're my friend. You're one of the X-men. You're Lottie's favorite Auntie.

      You're Marie.

      Glad I could help, honey, now go get some sleep.
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