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On chatting live with y'all... (apologies for the crosspost!)

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  • .-= Kielle =-.
    I ll be happy to set up two chatrooms on IRC Dalnet for y all! These rooms are: #Wolverine&Rogue #X-MovieFiccers If you can get onto IRC already, sign into a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      I'll be happy to set up two chatrooms on IRC Dalnet for y'all!
      These rooms are:


      If you can get onto IRC already, sign into a Dalnet server
      and go to the rooms any time you like. They exist, you can
      open them and talk to anyone else who shows up, I just haven't
      finished configuring the security yet. (This is a good
      thing, as it means that regulars can be recognized by the
      service and given the ability to boot out trolls and such --
      and that the room topic will stay even if no one's in the room.
      Nifty stuff like that. Trust me. :)

      If you don't have IRC, I have a download/set-up tutorial
      online at http://www.subreality.com/cfan/fictalk.htm. Some
      of the directions are specific for how to get into the chatrooms
      I frequent (#subcafe etc.) but you can just ignore those bits
      and go into the rooms listed above instead. Don't forget
      the # at the beginning of the name!

      I will also try to be available on IRC tonight between 7 pm
      and 10 pm PST if you have questions or need to be walked
      through. (I will also be on ICQ under the name "Kielle"; I
      tend to be invisible, so even if the service says I'm not
      there fire a message at me anyway.) Don't worry, IRC is a
      very easy service to use -- you'll be chattin' like a pro
      in no time!

      Atcher service,

      NOTE: You can also sign into Dalnet chat without the
      program (as long as your computer can support Java):

      Go to http://www.dal.net/
      Click "Chat" on the sidebar
      Enter the name you want (make it unique, there are a
      LOT of people on the service!) in the space provided
      and click "Go!"
      Type or paste in one of the following messages exactly as
      you see it:

      /join #Wolverine&Rogue
      /join #X-MovieFiccers

      Random sidenote: If no one's there but you still want
      to meet comic ficcers and you're willing to brave meeting
      the loonies who've been writing all that X-Men fic before
      the movie ever existed, try

      /join #subcafe

      Be nice, be on your best typing behavior (ie, no all-caps,
      all-lowercase, or kewlSpEaK -- some of 'em get tetchy about
      it) and tell them Kielle sent you. :)

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