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(X-Men--Nightcrawler) "Masks" (6/6)

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  • Mina-Clare Moseley
    Masks (6/6) By Mina-Clare Moseley Synopsis: Kurt becomes friends with a strange, young woman. But how long can he hide his true appearance from her? Jean
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      Masks (6/6)
      By Mina-Clare Moseley

      Synopsis: Kurt becomes friends with a strange, young woman. But how long
      can he hide his true appearance from her? Jean and Scott prepare
      for their wedding.

      Rating: PG-13. Language

      See part one for Disclaimer and Author's Notes.

      The bar always made Michaela feel uncomfortable.

      There were times when her powers were like a gift. She felt the joy of
      others, the thrill of passion without feeling it herself. The emotions of
      others could be a drug, one that was quite addictive.

      Now, in this place, Michaela would have given anything to be rid of her
      empathy. Logan liked this place because no one bothered him. Michaela knew
      that was because they were too busy with their own pain.

      Random mutterings filled her head. Pain.... Abandonment.... No, she wasn't
      going to feel this.

      It was so hard to shut off these emotions. Emotions worked on a strange
      level. If Michaela let herself feel emotions, she opened herself up to all
      of the others around her. Shutting herself off hurt, yet it was so
      necessary. An active social life was not one of Michaela's priorities. In
      fact, it was the last thing on her list. But right now, she needed her
      empathic skills.

      Gritting her teeth, Michaela was purposefully up to the end of the bar.
      Logan was hunched over, his hand firmly locked on the handle of his beer

      "Mind if I sit?" she asked.

      He didn't even raise his head. "Figured you'd be at the bridal shower."

      "I was worried about you."

      Logan grunted. "Why?"

      "Because you're not going to the wedding."

      Throwing back his head, Logan downed his beer. "What makes you think that?"

      "I'm a student of human nature." Michaela ordered a drink. "Why are you
      skipping the wedding?"

      "Figure it out, Doc."

      "Logan, they have been together for as long as your have known them." She
      touched his hand, a feather-light touch. "You never had any claim to Jean."

      "This isn't about Jean."

      "I don't believe that for a second."

      Logan jerked his hand away, shying from her touch. "Maybe I liked flirtin'
      with her. She's hot, who wouldn't? And maybe I liked to piss Cyke off by
      doin' it. But...."

      "A real relationship with her would never be possible."


      "Because she's in love with Scott!" Michaela exclaimed. "She's been in love
      with Scott since they met. And he loves her. They are two of a kind. It's
      no use trying to get between them."

      "Jean makes me feel something that few women ever have...." Logan
      whispered. "She challenges me, does so much.... I don't want to let that

      "You have to. She's not yours. She's marrying Scott tomorrow. You have to
      let her go, find someone else."

      "I ha...." he turned his head. "Go away, Darlin'."

      "It's a free country," Michaela said. "I can stay if I want."

      "Go away, or I'll hurt you."

      Standing up, Michaela put some money on the table for her drink. "Just
      think about coming to the wedding, Logan. Jean would be hurt if one of her
      best friends missed it."


      Having only three fingers on his hand made it hard to write. Kurt looked
      over the sloppy handwriting, wrinkling his nose. He wished it looked
      better. He read over it:

      //(*translated from German) Dear Jimaine,

      I hope this letter finds you well. I hope this letter find you at all. I am
      not quite sure where the circus is right now.

      I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I miss the circus, mother,
      Stefan. Most of all, I miss you.

      Xavier's is an interesting place. I have met so many people like me. I am
      starting to feel.... Normal.

      I never told you this, but when I was at the circus, I was desperately in
      love with you. I was too afraid to tell you. If things had been different,
      maybe I would have told you.

      I don't know what possessed me to tell you this. I guess I needed to tell
      you, so I could move on. There is a girl here, she likes me. Because of my
      feelings for you, I have tried to push her away. Came up with every excuse
      to distance myself from her. I cannot deny it. I like her. If I want any
      chance with her, I needed to move away from my feelings for you.

      I miss you so much. Please write me back. I would like to hear from you.

      I love you,


      Just as Kurt was reaching the end of the letter, he heard the door open.
      Turning, he saw Bobby and Remy enter.

      "Hey Elf," Bobby said. "What's up?"

      "Not much." Kurt replied, folding the letter. He slipped it into the
      envelope. He would send it to Jimaine's friend in Winzeldorf. Hopefully, it
      would reach her. "Writing a letter."

      "So...." Remy said, sitting next to Kurt. "How are you?"

      "Creeped out because my roommates are actually getting along." Kurt gave
      both boys glances. "What's wrong?"

      "We're worried about you," Bobby said. "Is this about Shauna? Things still

      "I'm going to talk to her at the reception." Sighing, Kurt smiled. "She
      doesn't seem like the type to stay mad long."

      "So.... Why are you not all moody any more?" Bobby asked.

      Pressing the letter to his heart, Kurt felt tears well in his eyes. "I
      moved on."


      Scott fidgeted as he stood up at the altar. Hank was next to him, waiting
      for Jean.

      Jean was walking down in aisle, led by Professor Xavier. She looked radiant
      in her white gown. Looking over the crowd, she frowned. Logan was not
      there. She had wished he would have come.

      Scott and Jean joined hands when she reached the altar. Father Riley looked
      over the assembly of friends and family. "Dearly Belov--"

      The doors of the church opened, a muscular figure standing there. The whole
      crowd stared at Logan. He looked embarrassed as he slid into the pew in the
      back. Michaela and Rogue looked at him.

      "Couldn't disappoint Jeannie," he grunted. "Did I miss anything?"

      "Some ass interrupting the ceremony," Michaela whispered. She smiled.
      "We're all glad you're here, Logan."


      "Dat's beautiful," Remy said, watching Jean and Scott share their first
      dance as man and wife. "Two people so in love. It really gives you a

      Rogue blushed. "That's beautiful, Remy."

      He smiled at her. "Gambit has a soft spot for true love." A blush entered
      Rogue's cheeks. "Dat is a beautiful dress, Chere. You be giving Jean a run
      for her money."

      She smiled. "Thanks Rem...."

      Bobby put a hand on Rogue's shoulder. "Rogue, can I talk to you?"

      Remy growled softly as Rogue got up, walking away with Bobby.

      "What is it, Bobby?" Rogue asked.

      "You want to be here with Remy," he said softly. "Don't bother denying it.
      It's kind of obvious."

      "Bobby, Ah'm sorry.... Ah really like him."

      "I know." Smiling softly, he felt his heart sink. "I'm getting used to
      girls I like falling for other guys."


      "Hey, I'm Bobby Drake, the Iceman. I'll bounce back."

      Rogue wrapped her arms around Bobby, hugging him carefully. "Ya'll are one
      of my best friends."

      "If he breaks your heart, I'll kill him."

      The pair returned to the table. Rogue smiled at Remy. "Wanna dance, Cajun?"


      "Come on."

      Extending a gloved hand to Remy, she led him to the dance floor. Bobby
      sighed, falling back into his chair. "Just you and me, eh Elf?"

      "Huh? Ja, ja...." Kurt was staring at Shauna, who sat sedately behind her

      "Just go talk to her," Bobby said. "She doesn't look mad."

      Shauna's eye caught Kurt's. She smiled softly. 'Hi,' she mouthed. She
      gestured for him to come over to her. He held back.

      Rolling her eyes, Shauna went to the microphone as the song ended, "I hope
      Scott and Jean won't mind if I play a song of my own choosing. Don't worry,
      it's romantic."

      The song started playing, a pop song. The lyrics were in a foreign language.

      Sie liebt dich, yeah, yeah, yeah
      Sie liebt dich, yeah, yeah, yeah
      Sie liebt dich, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

      Du glaubst, sie liebt nur mich
      Gestern hab' ich sie gesehen
      Sie denkt ja nur an dich
      Und du solltest zu ihr gehen

      Oh ja sie liebt dich,
      Schsner kann es gar nicht sein
      Ja sie liebt dich
      Und da solltest du dich freuen

      Kurt smiled, the music filling his ears.

      "What is that?" Bobby asked.

      "The Beatles did two songs in German. This is one of them...." he felt his
      heart swell. "'She Loves You'."

      Standing up, Kurt prepared to walk to Shauna. he turned back to the table,
      taking a rose from the centerpiece. In a puff of smoke, he teleported next
      to Shauna. He ran the petals over her cheek.

      "I told you I'd always bring you flowers," Kurt whispered. He knelt in
      front of her. "Are you still mad?"

      "The song didn't tip you off?"

      "Why didn't you call me?"

      Shauna became flustered. "I didn't know the phone number here, and you guys
      are unlisted. I would've told Rogue, but I wanted to tell you myself.... I
      would've come over, but I got nervous and kept chickening out then it was
      getting la--"

      Kurt pressed his lips to Shauna's, firmly kissing her. She seemed to melt
      into his arms, the kiss growing more and more passionate.

      After a long moment, they came back to reality... And to the silence in the
      hall. Turning to the dance floor, they saw everyone was staring.

      "Maybe it's time for the best man's speech," Shauna murmured into the

      Hank smiled, standing up. "Good idea, Miss."


      "All right," Shauna said into her microphone. Kurt's arms were firmly
      around her waist. "Jean has just told me she and Scott are ready to throw
      the bouquet and garter."

      A chair was set out on the middle of the dance floor. Jean sat in it, Scott
      kneeling at her feet. Shauna put 'The Stripper' on. Seductively, Jean
      raised her skirt up to mid-thigh. Scott leaned in and, in a very bold move,
      removed the garter from her shapely leg with his teeth. The male students
      catcalled as he triumphantly held it up.

      "All the single guys will, get onto the dance floor." Shauna said. Almost
      every male moved onto the floor. "Wow... So many good looking single guys.
      Darn it, what a time to hook up with the Elf." Kurt nudged her playfully,
      hopping down to join the other guys. "Okay, Let'er rip, Scott!"

      Scott tossed the lacy garter over his head to the crowd of guys. It fell
      into the back. The crowd dispersed to see who had caught it.

      Logan wrinkled his nose, holding up the piece of lingerie. "What the hell
      am I suppose to do with this?"

      "Okay girls," Shauna said. "It's your turn now." All of the girls got onto
      the dance floor. Some of the younger students look quite eager. "Okay,
      okay... Some rules. I've been to a lot of weddings, and you chicks can get
      bloodthirsty. No flying, teleporting, telekinetically drawing the bouquet
      to you or anything other mutant power. Let's leave this up to fate."

      Jean turned away from the crowd, closing her eyes. She threw the bouquet in
      the air.
      It landed in the arms of Michaela.

      "Whoa... Is this fate or what?" Jubilee giggled to Kitty. "Maybe Logan and
      Michaela will get married next."

      "You'll get married before they do, Jubes." Kitty said.

      Jean and Scott pushed Logan and Michaela together. "It's tradition for the
      man who catches the garter to dance with the woman who catches the bouquet."

      "I don't dance," Logan said gruffly.

      "Come on, I won't bite." Michaela said, taking Logan's hands. "But then,
      you may like that."

      Shauna cued up another song. As the haunting melody began, Logan and
      Michaela began to move. He awkwardly tried to follow her. Gracefully, she
      glided across the floor.

      There's such a sad love
      Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel
      Open and closed within your eyes
      I'll place the sky within your eyes

      Scott swept Jean up, holding her close. "Care to dance, Mrs. Summers?"

      Smiling, Jean wrapped her arms around his neck. "That's Dr. Summers, buddy."

      Sharing a tender kiss, they swayed to the music.

      There's such a fooled heart
      Beating so fast in search of new dreams
      A love that will last within your heart
      I'll place the moon within your heart

      Remy held out his hand to Rogue. "May I have dis dance, Chere?"

      Accepting his hand, Rogue stood up. "Ya old smoothie...."

      As the pain sweeps through
      Makes no sense for you
      Every thrill has gone
      Wasn't too much fun at all
      But I'll be there for you-oo-oo
      As the world falls down

      Jubilee sighed as Piotr took Kitty out on the dance floor. Well, Jubes, she
      thought, looks like you're alone again. She looked over at Bobby.

      (As the world) Falling down
      Falling in love

      Ororo smiled at Beast. "Would you like to dance?"

      "I would be delighted, Ororo." Taking her small hand in his large, furry
      one they went to the floor.

      I'll paint you mornings of gold
      I'll spin you Valentine evenings
      Though we're strangers till now
      We're choosing the path between the stars
      I'll leave my love between the stars

      "And the cheese stands alone," Bobby said with a sigh. He put his head in
      his hand.

      "Bobby," Jubilee said. "Come on." She gestured for him to come onto the floor.

      "You want to dance with me?"

      She pulled him up. "Yeah. Now let's dance, ice cube."

      As the pain sweeps through
      Makes no sense for you
      Every thrill has gone
      Wasn't too much fun at all
      But I'll be there for you-oo-oo
      As the world falls down

      Shauna smiled at Kurt. "You should go and dance."

      "I don't want to dance," he whispered back. He tickled his nose with his
      tail. "I want to stay here with you."

      Looking surprised, Shauna grabbed the attacking appendage. "You have a tail."

      "You didn't notice before?"

      "Nope." A wicked grin spread across her face. She giggled, "sorry. Just had
      a really dirty thought."

      "Oh really?" He took her hands. "So where do we go from here, Shea?"

      "To the Village."


      "There is a small movie house there. Next weekend, they're showing 'Captain
      Blood' and 'Robin Hood'. I think we should go together."

      "I'd love to." Kurt kissed Shauna's hand, smiling at her. Being normal did
      not seem so important anymore.

      Falling in love
      As the world falls down

      Falling in love
      As the world falls down

      Makes no sense at all
      Makes no sense to fall
      As the world falls down
      Falling in love


      Song Notes: The first song: "Sie Liebt Dich" was written by John Lennon and
      Paul McCartney. It is a German version of "She Loves You". It was released
      as a single in Germany, along with "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" ("I Want to
      Hold Your Hand")

      English Lyrics (Well, only a little bit. It's a pretty famous song):

      She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
      She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
      She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

      You think you lost your love,
      When I saw her yesterday.
      It's you she's thinking of
      And she told me what to say.
      She says she loves you
      And you know that can't be bad.
      Yes, she loves you
      And you know you should be glad. Ooh!

      The second song: "As The World Falls Down". It was written by David Bowie,
      for the movie "Labyrinth".

      Nightcrawler: "Katzchen... are you okay...?"
      Wolverine: "Fresh as a daisy, bub... but if you call me Kitty again, I'm
      gonna break my rule about slappin' around furry invalids."

      Mina-Clare Moseley
      AIM: MinaClare

      Personal Homepage: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/dear_girl/index.html
      MOON ILLUSIONS-- The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Web Magazine
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